ePhotoInc Swing-Away 10×12 T-Shirt Heat Press Machine Review

Today, we’re taking a look at the popular ePhotoInc 10 x 12 inch swing-away heat press, not long after reviewing their 15 x 15 inch heat press here.


For many of you, a small heat press is what you need – not a large and bulky 15 x 15 inch press – and that’s why we want to check this one out. The ePhotoInc 10 x 12 is a cheap and reliable machine that will no doubt suit many of you. Read this review to find out if you’re one of them!

ephotoinc 10 x 12 inch swing away heat press machine review HTV on t-shirts



What Can You Do With Small Heat Presses?


There are, of course, a ton of projects you can do with small presses. You are really only limited to the size of transfer that you can press. You are still able to do a small transfer onto a large shirt, for example.


  • You are able to press logos or personalized size tags onto your t-shirts
  • These are perfect for kids clothes and baby onesies
  • Good for pressing onto small plaques or bits of (appropriately prepared) wood
  • You might like to press your kids names onto their school bags
  • Make small personalized puzzles as gifts


This section should have also given you a good idea as to who this machine is suited to. It is more for craft and hobby use, rather than the Adidas t-shirt factory. It is a fun machine to experiment with and, as I always say, a good way to make affordable and special, high quality gifts for your friends and family.





  • The ePhotoInc 10 x 12 is a swing-away style press. These are quite good if you like the extra work space on your lower platen. It makes it slightly easier to lay the transfer onto the substrate and keeps you from burning your knuckles. This style can also sometimes allow for better pressure seeing it is directed straight down upon the substrate, unlike the clamshell style machines.
  • A small heat press, size 10 x 12 inches, making it good for doing smaller transfers on smaller items.
  • This machine has a teflon coated heat platen which makes it non-stick and easier to clean. I would still use an extra teflon sheet to be safe.
  • Adjustable pressure knob to accommodate substrates of different thicknesses.
  • It arrives ready to plug and play – though you are going to have to sort out your own transfers – whether you use a cutting machine and vinyl, or print your own onto transfer paper.


This machine does not have two heat platens, only the one is required for t-shirt heat transfers. Nor does this machine take additional attachment presses – it is not a multifunction heat press machine.


Types of Transfer


This machine will be able to press:


And will press onto:

  • Cotton and polyester, or blended garments
  • Tote bags
  • Poly coated ceramic tiles
  • T-shirts or sweatpants
  • Sublimatable jigsaw puzzles
  • Mousepads
  • Baby one pieces
  • Children’s clothes

And many more surfaces!


ePhotoInc 10 x 12 Technical Specs


This machine has similar specs to many of the others in this size range. They are as follows:

  • Reaches a top temperature of 500℉
  • The timer can be set up to 999 seconds – though I don’t think there’s any transfer which takes even a tenth of that amount of time!
  • This is a 1200 watt machine
  • With a 100 volt power input
  • A weight of 33 pounds – about the weight of an average 3 year old child


The warranty on this small press is 3 months long – so make sure you get it up and running as soon as it arrives! You want to be sure there are no issues before the warranty expires. There are always extended warranties available fairly cheaper through Amazon as well or add the 2-Year Protection Plan as you check out (it’s so cheap it would be rude not to!).


The size of the ePhotoInc 10 x 12 may put you off if you sometimes want to do large transfers. However, you can still press transfers larger than 10 x 12 if necessary. You would just do it in stages – press the top and then the bottom. It doesn’t matter if a small area in the middle of the transfer ends up getting pressed twice.


What Are ePhotoInc Like As A Seller?


ePhotoInc have a website which is a really good sign because it usually means their contact details are readily available. They have their phone number, address and email all listed here.


This means that if you have any fault with your machine, or any questions, you are easily able to make contact. Some Amazon sellers do not list their contact details anywhere and it is difficult to get in touch – you must go through Amazon contact forms in this case, which takes time and you are not always guaranteed a response! (This would not be Amazon’s fault or responsibility, but rather the seller’s).


ePhotoInc generally have very good reviews on their products, leading me to think they are serving their customers well. There is always going to be the odd technical difficulty with some of these cheap Chinese manufactured machines. In my experience, 9 out of 10 machines perform wonderfully without any issues. But 1 in 10 is going to cause some problems.


My advice is to get plenty of use out of it during the period where the warranty is active, to ensure it’s not one of the duds! Either that, or extend the warranty as mentioned above.


Compared To Other Small Machines


The Promo Heat 12 x 10 inch press, which we have reviewed here, is another attractive option when looking for a small machine.  It is an extremely similar machine – you could simply check which is cheaper and go with that!


The Zeny 12 x 10 is another example of the same machine which you could compare prices with. Sometimes the hard thing is knowing which heat press seller you should choose to buy from!


As far as the performance and technical specifications of the heat presses mentioned  just here, they are all the same. If you were wanting to go absolutely gourmet, I’d check out the Hotronix Maxx 11 x 15 – it’s small, but it’s powerful.


What Else Do I Need?


To begin using your press, you will need some further equipment. If you would like to press vinyl transfers, you will need a cutting machine and vinyl.


If you would like to do sublimation transfers you will need a printer like this with sublimation ink and transfer paper.


You should do further research before choosing either of these, but my own advice for beginners is to get a cutting machine and start with vinyl – especially if you are into crafting on the whole. There are so many other things you can do with a cutting machine besides cut vinyl for heat transfers.




This is a very basic, cheap and easy to use heat press. Great if you’re only looking at using it in a limited capacity. If you have the odd one-off project, or run of up to 10 or so t-shirts, it should do you well. If you’re thinking of doing something more significant than that, you might like to get something a bit better, like the USCutter 15 x 15 heat press.


When you’re looking for a press at the low end of the price scale, there is not a huge amount of difference between them. You are as likely to do well with this ePhotoInc heat press as you are with many of the others.


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