Fancierstudio’s 15 x 15 Power Heat Press Machines

It looks as though the Amazon #1 Best Seller in the heat press department – The PowerPress Heat Press – has had a name change!!

The “PowerPress heat press” has now become the “Fancierstudio Power Heat Press.”

We previously wrote an article on this machine when it was called the PowerPress. We have also written an article comparing the PowerPress with the Promo Heat Press.

In this post we are just wanting to state that yes, the name has changed! We are also going to compare two of Fancierstudio’s machines that have very similar names.



Fancierstudio’s Confusing Listings!


There are two machines listed on Amazon with very similar titles. As I wrote above, before June 2017 they were known as the PowerPress Heat Press, but are now titled Power Heat Press. The links to Amazon below will take you to the machines in the spotlight today.


POWERHEATPRESS 1 (PHP1): Fancierstudio Power Heat Press Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press, Black 


POWERHEATPRESS 2 (PHP2): Fancierstudio Power Heat Press 15x15A BLK Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press, 15-Inch-by-15-Inch 


Both of these machines are shipped and sold by the same supplier: Fancierstudio. But what are the differences?

For the rest of this article, let me refer to these machines as I’ve done above. PHP1 is the Amazon #1 Best Seller. PHP2 is the other.


What’s The Difference In Amazon Reviews?


To begin with, there is quite a difference between the amount of reviews and the star ratings of the two products.

PHP1 has over 800 reviews and a 4.4 star rating (at the time of writing – June 2017).

This is a very good star rating to have after so many reviews. At this stage it will be an accurate assessment of the product. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great product compared to all other heat presses, but it means that for its price people are happy with what they are getting.

PHP2 has far fewer reviews at just over 40. It has a 3.7 star rating (at the time of writing – June 2017).

This rating is something to be a little concerned about, though it’s always hard to get an accurate and fair feel of a product until it has over a hundred reviews. However, the negative reviews are pretty bad!

I think just going on the reviews alone, if I were tossing up between these two machines, I would have to go with PHP1. But first let’s consider their other aspects and features.



Appearance: What’s The Difference Between The Fancierstudio 15 x 15 Power Heat Presses?


It’s not just the difference of the number of reviews between these machines. Despite the very similar names, the machines themselves are indeed different. Have a look at the following pictures to see the differences in appearance.








They have different bases, different handles, different time and temperature displays, and so on. They are quite different machines, yet they have very similar listing titles on Amazon, making it difficult to differentiate and choose between the two.  

Which looks better? It’s hard to decide!

I think I like PHP1 better. It looks a bit sturdier!


What’s The Difference Between The Features?


There are not a whole lot of feature differences between these two heat presses.


Both of them:

  • Are clamshell style machines
  • Have digital time and temperature displays
  • Have a manual pressure knob
  • Have a silicon base mat
  • Come with a free Teflon sheet
  • Have a coated heat platen
  • Have a top heat platen
  • Are made in China


Both of these machines will be able to press the same transfers onto the same surfaces – something which we have covered more in depth in our previous article on PHP1.


Neither of these machines:

  • Are able to take attachment presses (such as a mug press)
  • Automatically open or close – you must manually do this
  • Automatically switch off – you need to remember to turn it off!


Differences include:

  • A slightly different base – I consider PHP1 to have the more solid of the two
  • Overall different appearance (as discussed above)
  • Different location of pressure knob. PHP1 has its knob on top of the unit, while PHP2 has its knob on top of the heat platen.


In terms of one being able to do something the other cannot, there isn’t anything. They are both equally able to do the same jobs.

The biggest difference for me is between the reviews. Fancierstudio Power Heat Press 1 has been the favorite for a while!


What’s The Difference In Specs?



NameWeightTemperature RangeTime RangeVoltsWattsDimensions
PHP156.9 lbs0-500°F0-999 secs110 Volts1800 Watts28 x 17 x 16.5 inches
PHP253 lbs0-500°F0-999 secs110 Volts1800 Watts29 x 18.5 x 15.5 inches


As you can see, there is very little difference between these machines when it comes to these 5 areas of comparison. They are very similar underneath the surface.


Who Are These Machines Best For?


These machines are fantastic for the following:

  • Beginner/learner
  • Craft use
  • Use for making gifts for friends and family
  • Use for a small online store
  • Somebody on a very limited budget
  • Homeschool projects


Many people do use these machines for commercial use as well, but I would be hesitant to do so unless I had to.

These machines can and do break down more regularly than their US made counterparts. They are more prone to error and malfunction. They are a good deal for the money, but they are not the best quality machines available.


Making A Decision


My advice, if you are tossing up between these two machines – The Fancierstudio 15 x 15 Power Heat Press Vs the Fancierstudio 15 x 15 Power Heat Press – would be to go with PHP1.

I would go with the best seller. It has a much better star rating and has been tried and tested by hundreds, if not thousands of users.

But! Before I went ahead and bought either of these machines, I would check out How To Heat Press’s review on the new Promo Heat 15 x 15 Heat Press Machine.

The Promo Heat unit is a machine in a similar price bracket to these Fancierstudio presses, but I think it is a bit better than them. It definitely looks a lot better! It also has some added features.

We have compared the Promo Heat machine with the Power Heat Press Machine (AKA PowerPress!).  

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What Else Do I Need With A Heat Press Machine?


If you would like to do vinyl transfers, you will need vinyl and a cutting machine. We have articles on Siser Easyweed Vinyl and the Cricut Explore Air 2 Cutting Machine, but there are many more options around.

If you would like to press images to your t-shirts, you will need either an inkjet or laser printer, along with the appropriate inks and transfer papers.


Thank you for reading our article here today, please leave any thoughts or ideas you have below. We look forward to reading them.


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