5 Reasons To Get A Heat Press Machine

Have you been asking yourself this question – should I get a heat press machine?


I don’t think you really need me to convince you to get one, because you’ve probably already determined it’s the right thing to do. I mean, who wouldn’t want one!?


Perhaps, in this post, we’ll be able to hasten the day that you and your new heat press machine are united in creative bliss and harmony. These are 5 reasons why you should get a heat press machine, today!


5 reasons you should get a heat press


Five Reasons To Get A Heat Press


There are many reasons to get a press, but here are our top 5. Let us know of any others in the comments below, we might be able to add them to our list!


#1 You Can Make Money


A heat press machine is not merely an expense, but rather an investment. The purchase of a press can not only provide you with entertainment and be a really cool hobby, but it might also be a way to generate an income. There are church groups, sports groups and other individuals that are looking for someone to make them t-shirts with a heat press – why can’t it be you?


#2 You Can Make The Best Gifts


A heat press machine is a fantastic way to make amazing personalized gifts for your friends, family and acquaintances. You can press their favorite animal onto a t-shirt, or turn an inside joke into a heat transfer on the back of another tee. You might make amazing onesies for all the newborn babies! If you purchase a mug press you can make hilarious gift mugs for everyone. See our post on ten cheap and easy gifts you can make with a heat press for more gift ideas.  


#3 You Can Be Productive With Your Time


We’ve all got to fill our spare time doing something. Some of us have more and some of us have less, but regardless, we gotta be doing something. Making stuff with a heat press is a fun and productive way to fill that time. And of course you can do it while listening to podcasts, music or watching Netflix.  


#4 Increase Your Human Capital By Up-skilling


There are a number of skills you will learn when you get a heat press machine for making t-shirts. You might learn some design skills if you create your own designs; you will learn how to use a cutting machine or printer to produce heat transfers; you’ll learn how to transfer onto garments. Once you’ve become proficient at producing tees, you’ll need to learn a bit about business, marketing and sales. Buying a heat press might be the best way to challenge yourself to become a better you! Your ability to create, market and sell a product will look great on your resume.


#5 You Can Get A Much Better Result Compared With Using An Iron


The final reason why you should get a heat press relates to those who are perhaps already doing heat transfers, but with an iron. You have much more control over three essential ingredients of the perfect press – heat, pressure and time. With a heat press you set all three of these functions to the transfer manufacturer’s specifications, granting you the best possible adhesion of transfer to t-shirt.


Why Do You Want A Heat Press?


So there you have our top 5 reasons to get a heat press. If now you’re wondering which heat press to get, check out our article on the best heat press machines or on multifunction heat press machines. There might be a heat press among them for you. Alternatively, browse the rest of our site for dozens more articles on these great machines.


Let us know below, what is (or was) the reason you are thinking of buying a heat press machine?

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