Free Fonts For T-Shirt Design

If you’re into t-shirt design and creation, then you’ll be needing a source for fonts. In this post we’ve got a list of sites with free fonts.


Fonts are created by people and are therefore their intellectual property. You will need to find out which license a font has before using it, whether it’s free only for personal use or for commercial use as well.


The YouTube videos that are below will show how to install fonts either onto a Mac or onto Windows. There are a ton of other videos on YouTube to help you install your font onto your computer if you get stuck. Now, let’s get into the list of free font sites!



The Hungry Jpeg


Chances are that you have already heard of They sell high quality design resources for all uses:

  • crafters
  • new and old graphic designers
  • t-shirt creators
  • and basically everybody else with a love for design!


Every Wednesday a new ‘Weekly Freebie’ is available for download. This is a free font with a complete commercial license (like all of their fonts on the website), meaning you can use it on items you plan to sell.


They also have special font bundles each month. This is a package of extremely discounted fonts, usually a really good deal. On top of all this, they have a great selection of $1 deals each month. Click on the link above to explore their site!




Dafont is a source for a ton of free fonts. However, many of them are only ‘free for personal use’ and cannot be used commercially without the author’s permission. Unless it is listed as free to use commercially you will need to contact the author and have that conversation with them.



Font Squirrel


Totally free fonts that have all been licensed for commercial use –! As you might imagine, they tend to be fairly standard and simple fonts, but a lot of the time that’s all you really need or want.


Font Spring is Font Squirrel’s sister site. These fonts are not free, but many are very cheap and come with a ‘worry free font licensing guarantee’.



Google Fonts


Google fonts is another must see on the free font train. All of their fonts are free and open source, meaning you can use them how you like without paying or giving attribution. There are hundreds and hundreds of free fonts for you to get lost in. These will likely be high quality fonts as well, meaning you don’t need to worry about incomplete curves etc. when they’re being cut out.





You should be able to make a good start with the free fonts from these websites. If you would like some further information on licensing then see this article. If you would like to read about a font lawsuit, check out this article. is another good place to go for information on fonts, or to ask any tricky questions. You might even be able to find help matching a font there.


If you’re new to t-shirt creation and you’d like to heat transfer your designs onto t-shirts, check out this article on the five best cheap 15 x 15 heat presses, and this article on cheap vinyl cutting machines to help you get started. We also have many other useful resources on our site, so be sure to have a look around!


Thanks for reading – please leave us a comment with your favourite font site and we might be able to add it to the list!


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