Industrial Quality Heat Press Machines

People are frequently searching online for the terms ‘industrial heat press.’


Perhaps that’s how you’ve arrived at this page?


The questions I would like to discuss and answer here include:

  • What does the term ‘industrial’ mean?
  • Why do so many heat presses listed on Amazon include this word in their heading?
  • What are the best industrial heat presses?


You can see what I mean about the term ‘industrial’ being used on Amazon here. To be more specific, many of the listings actually use the term ‘industrial quality.’


industrial quality heat press machines



What Is Industrial Quality?


When I hear the words ‘industrial quality’, I think of usefulness for business. I envision a strong machine lasting a long time while being very durable and hardy. I get the impression of a machine that is high quality and built to perform at a superior level.


Is that what you think of and expect when you see this label applied to a heat press?


What does it really mean?


The Cambridge Dictionary defines industrial as ‘in or relating to industry,’ and quality as ‘a high standard.’


We can therefore surmise that ‘industrial quality heat press’ means something along the lines of ‘a heat press used for and by the heat press industry, which is of a high standard.’


Is that what we can expect and see from heat press machines with this label?


What Can We Learn About These Machines?


Heat press machines that have the term ‘Industrial Quality’ in their title on Amazon actually tend to be among the cheapest available.


For example, a popular cheap industrial heat press is the PowerPress heat press, which is usually around a couple hundred dollars. The Happybuy Industrial Heat Press is available on Amazon for a little more than that, and let’s not forget the Diamond Industrial Quality Heat Press which has the very long winded title on Amazon of “Heat Press T Shirt Professional Thermal Transfer Quality Industrial LED Triple Digital Display Machine Rosin Clamshell 15″ x 15″ Black NEW UPGRADED VERSION – CE Approved” and which is available for a similar price.


So one common denominator is that these so-called industrial heat presses are cheap.


What else do they have in common?


They are all made in China – at least the ones which I’ve listed above. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but simply something else worth mentioning.  


They are also, for the most part, entry-level machines. They have a very similar, if not identical, look about them. Their essential features are the same. They do not tend to have any bells or whistles such as a digital pressure read. They are cheap heat press machines.


Are The So-Called ‘Industrial Quality Heat Presses’ Industrial Quality?


When it comes to many of the machines listed above, I would not be comfortable calling them industrial quality – at least not as I understand the term.


These heat presses are basic entry-level machines that are best for home use. They are perfect for those with a limited budget, or with limited use in mind. They are great for crafters and those starting out in heat pressing, but I would not recommend them for ‘industrial’ use.


The term is used in this context to give the appearance of quality and authenticity. It is given because it can be applied to anything really. Even the cheapest of heat presses is likely being used by someone somewhere in the industry. They might even be having great success with it. But does that mean these cheap heat presses should be given this label?


Perhaps the main reason sellers use this term is because that is what people are searching for. It’s possibly the phrase you are searching for. The term ‘industrial’ is added in order to rank in Amazon’s search for those keywords.  


I would suggest that you disregard this term when it comes to looking for your new machine, and at the very least don’t let your search end there.  


True Industrial Quality Heat Presses


Here are some examples of machines that I do consider to be industrial quality.


These are, of course, more expensive than the machines mentioned above.


Hix Heat Press Machines, which we have written an article on, are of a high standard and are used by those in the industry. These machines can do long runs, pressing many garments day in and day out. They are a much better quality machine, to say the least. Their cheapest 15 x 15 inch machine is a bit more pricey than the cheaper machines previously mentioned.


Stahls’ Hotronix Heat Presses, which we also have written an article on, are very high quality machines. Stahls’ is one of the more respected heat press brands, if not the most respected. These machines are for the serious business person who truly wants an industrial heat press.


Geo Knight Heat Presses are the last of my high standard examples. Again, they are more costly, but if you are serious about your business, the return on your investment will outweigh the upfront cost.




Don’t worry too much (or at all) about the term industrial quality!


Think about which heat press is right for you at this time. Consider your needs and budget and go from there.


A cheaper heat press may be right for you – you can see our article on this topic here for more information on when and when not to buy one.


If you’re likely going to be using your machine a lot, and you hope to make a thriving business out of it, definitely consider buying a more expensive and better quality machine. You might even need to simply save up for a while longer first?


We hope this post helps you make a little more sense out of those Amazon listings and that it encourages you to be industrious!


Thanks for reading this post. What’s your preferred industrial quality heat press machine? Leave a comment below!


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