The Best Rosin Press Machines – Rosineer & RosinTech Heat Press Machines

In this article we’re looking at Rosineer heat press machines for producing rosin.


Before we go any further, I’ll readily admit that the ins and outs of oils, waxes, rosins, resins, or shatters are not my area of expertise. I don’t use rosin myself. However, I know a lot about heat press machines, and I will give you valuable information on them.


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Rosineer RNR-MV1 Manual Rosin Press Machine


Rosineer Rosin Press Machines


Rosineer heat press machines press rosin from plant matter and make medicinal oils


Wikipedia’s definition of rosin goes like this: “a solid form of resin obtained from pines and some other plants“.


The ‘some other plants’ is the reason these machines have become so popular. They are, of course, speaking of cannabis and/or hemp. Most people purchasing rosin machines on Amazon, for example, are those wanting to extract their own cannabis or CBD oil. This oil can be used both medicinally or recreationally.


For more information on the medicinal uses, see this article on non-psychoactive CBD Hemp Oil. This oil is one way to get the medicinal benefits of the rosin or oil, without getting the high.


How Is Rosin Taken?


rosineer heat press machines for rosin can be taken in capsule form


Rosin tends mostly to be smoked by recreational users. Medicinal users might instead opt to take it in pill form. Those who produce their own rosin might also suck up the oil with a needleless syringe and then simply push a little out to be taken as need be.


How Are Rosin Machines Different From T-Shirt Press Machines?


Heat presses for pressing plants to make rosin are a bit different from t-shirt pressing machines in a number of ways.


Here are some of these differences with reasons why you should get a dedicated rosin machine over a t-shirt heat pressing machine.


    1. Heat presses for pressing rosin tend to have two heat platens, whereas on the other, only the top heats up. Dual heat platens are better for extracting the oil from the plant.
      There are heat press machines on Amazon describing themselves as ‘rosin heat press’ when they only have a single heating platen. You would be best to get one with dual heating platens, unless you were considering doing t-shirts as well!
    2. Rosin machines have small heat platens. They tend to be from 4 x 3 inches to 6 x 8 inches. You do not need a large heat press for pressing rosin – at least you don’t if it’s just for personal home use. If you were a rosin producing company, or thinking about that, you might need a commercial sized rosin machine.
    3. Many rosin presses are pneumatic. This means they contain or are operated by gas or air. The cheaper pneumatic machines for sale on Amazon, like the Rosineer machines we’ll look at below, require air compressors to work. Pneumatic presses (or manual presses with hydraulics) can generally apply more pressure than a traditional t-shirt press.
    4. Genuine rosin machines tend to have different (and dedicated) sellers from the tradition t-shirt presses on Amazon. There are some sellers who sell machines for garments that are marketing their single heat platen machines as ‘rosin’ machines, like this one. They’re just hoping to pick up a few people searching for that keyword. These machines can be cheaper but they are not going to be as good for pressing rosin.


Apart from these things, the two types of presses are fairly similar. They look alike, they both reach the same temperatures, and they are both heat presses.


Should I Get A Manual Or Pneumatic Rosin Press?


Once finding out there are these two types of heat press for making rosin, you’ll likely be wondering, ‘should I get a manual or a pneumatic press?’


A manual press is operated by pulling down a lever on the side of the unit, while a pneumatic press works at the press of a button, but needs an air compressor to work. The air compressor must be bought separately – most of the cheaper rosin press sellers do not supply these themselves.


Pros Of Manual Presses


  • Manual presses tend to be the cheaper machines – if you’re on a small budget, you may need to opt for a manual. This is especially the case when you factor in the need for an air compressor as well
  • They are less complicated without the need of an air compressor and there is less that can go wrong
  • There is less to set up when you’re gearing to go
  • Takes up less space


Cons Of Manual Presses


  • Number 1, they aren’t quite as cool
  • You probably won’t be able to extract as much with a manual press
  • Manual presses are a little more work – obviously you are having to clamp down the press yourself rather than pressing a button. There can be some cranking up and down with the manual presses until you have it really tight


Pros Of Pneumatic Presses


  • With the press of a button you are away laughing (once everything has been set up that is!)
  • Higher yields


Cons Of Pneumatic Presses


  • Quite a bit more expensive when you factor in the price of the compressor
  • More that can go wrong with it
  • More dangerous to use, especially if you are impaired
  • Takes up more space


Although when you look at these pros and cons lists, there seem to be more pros to going manual, that’s not what most users would conclude. Because with a pneumatic press you get a higher yield, they would say go with that one. The higher yield outweighs all the other possible negatives.


Rosineer Rosin Press Machines


Now we are going to take a look at the Rosineer brand of rosin pressing machines.


Rosineer RNR-MV1 Manual Rosin Press Machine


Rosineer RNR-MV1 Manual Rosin Press Machine

The Rosineer RNR-MV1 is the entry-level machine and is the cheapest from this brand. This is a manual machine which does not need a compressor. It does not have the option of taking a compressor either.





  • 3 x 4 inch dual heat platens
  • A hydraulic press with mechanical lever for achieving great pressure
  • Dual heat platens for the most efficient press – the platens have a temperature range of 0-750℉
  • Each platen has its own time and temperature display and settings
  • An adjustable lower platen – raise or lower it according to how much you are pressing
  • Achieves pressure of up to 700 PSI
  • Instruction manual (though there are plenty of better how to’s on YouTube)
  • Tools for lowering platen
  • 2 backup fuses


So this is a good machine to play around with. It perhaps doesn’t achieve quite the same yields as a pneumatic press, but it is simple and easy to use, and is not going to cost you nearly as much.


I’d say the number one negative of this machine is the time and effort it takes to shift the lower platen.


HEAT PRESS NATION: See The Full Range Of Rosin Press Machines


Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual Rosin Press Machine


Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual Rosin Press Machine

This is the latest manual model from Rosineer. It’s updated features include being able to give the temperature reading in fahrenheit.


Rosineer RNR-PV1 Pneumatic Rosin Heat Press Machine


Rosineer RNR-PV1 Pneumatic Rosin Heat Press Machine

The RNR-PV1 is Rosineer’s first pneumatic press. This machine is similar in many ways to the RNR-MV1 above, except it is pneumatic.


Please ensure you watch some videos on YouTube before unpacking and starting to use.





  • 3 by 4 inch dual heating platens
  • Separate time and temp displays for each plate
  • Robust Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Maximum pressure of 150 PSI


This machine also has a special feature to ensure you don’t turn your fingers into oil: you must press the buttons on either side of the machine at the same time in order for the press to initiate. Because it takes two hands to get going, there won’t be any fingers under the press. Make sure your buddies hands are out the way too!


HEAT PRESS NATION: The Best Rosin Heat Press Machines


Rosineer RNR-PV2 Pneumatic Rosin Press Machine

This is the final machine we’ll mention today, and it is the latest machine from this company. Again, it is very similar to the PV1, it simply can achieve a higher pressure. Why does this matter? Well, the lower the temperature but the higher the pressure is how you gain the best product. With machines that cannot achieve a high pressure, you must increase the temperature to compensate, which results in a lower quality rosin (or in technical terms, it can destroy some terpenes).




As mentioned, this machine is basically the same. The PV2 is simply an updated, newer version. Updates include things like the temperature readings now being in fahrenheit rather than celsius.


Air Compressors


Here are some ideas for air compressors to accompany your Rosineer press. You want a compressor able to reach at least 150 PSI.

porter cable air compressor for use with a rosin heat press machine
PORTER-CABLE Pancake Compressor 


dewalt air compressor for rosin press machines
DEWALT 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor 

powryte air compressor for rosin press machine
PowRyte Elite Pancake Portable Air Compressor 


Best Rosin Press Machine


If you are looking for rosin presses under $1000 then Rosineer machines are a great choice. Their machines work well, do as advertised, and Rosineer seem quick and eager to help anyone with problems.


There are a ton of helpful videos on YouTube to help you get started. Most users say there is a bit of a learning curve while you are getting used to the machine, but once you know what you’re doing, they’re fantastic machines.


Compare them with others which are available and make your choice!


HEAT PRESS NATION: Heat Press Machines For Making Rosin


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