Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl: Easily Cut, Weeded & Pressed

Siser EasyWeed is an Amazon best seller in the vinyl department. It’s a brand of heat transfer vinyl (HTV) which can be cut in a cutting machine and pressed with a heat press machine to your garment or other suitable substrate. If you do not have a heat press you can also use an iron to do the transfer. Read on to find out all about this top selling product.




What Is Siser EasyWeed Vinyl?


This vinyl is differentiated from other vinyls in the market because it is high quality and easily weeded.


What Is Vinyl Weeding?


After you have cut a design into a sheet of vinyl, all of the excess backing vinyl must be removed, leaving only your design. This includes removing the cavities from within your design or lettering. A letter ‘O’ for example, must have its center ‘weeded.’


Siser have developed a vinyl that makes this process easier. Some vinyls will not cut well, meaning that when it comes time to weed, it is more likely you will pull up your design as well as the excess vinyl.


The trick to making this product even easier to weed, is to weed it on a warm surface. You can close your heat press for 2 or 3 seconds and then place the cut vinyl down on the warmed lower platen. The residual heat will soften the adhesive and make the vinyl very easy to weed.


If you are using a household iron you can run it over the ironing board for a few seconds and then do the same thing.


The EasyWeed starter bundle is a glossy vinyl that is safe to be used on children’s clothing.


Siser EasyWeed Colors


There are a wide variety of colors available in EasyWeed vinyl. You can see some of them here.


The Siser App (see below) is the best place to view all of the color and type options that are available.


There are:



This is a total of at least 94 different colors of EasyWeed Vinyl!


If you are buying it in a bundle like this one, beware that you may not get the exact colors in the picture. See the complaints section below for more information on this.


Siser N.A. HTV App


The Siser App ought to be the place you go to for all the information you need to complete the job. In the app you will find the application instructions for all the Siser vinyls.


For example:


This image is a screenshot taken from the Siser app.


The App contains lists of the different Siser Vinyls that they supply, along with the varying colors (as was mentioned above).


You are also able to:


  • Click through to all of the Siser produced YouTube videos
  • View an image gallery with design ideas
  • Read testimonials
  • Connect with Siser on social media


It does not cost you anything to try it out, so search for Siser in your app store and download it to give it a go.


Here are the links to the app on Android and iPhone:



Siser EasyWeed Project Ideas


Check out this article on great gifts you can make with heat transfer vinyl and a heat press, or have a look at these YouTube videos for more ideas and advice:


How to add Siser EasyWeed Foil to a shirt:



How to apply Siser EasyWeed Stretch on performance wear:



How to apply Siser EasyWeed Extra on a windbreaker:



How to properly iron-on Siser heat transfer vinyl:





The main complaint buyers have when purchasing the Siser EasyWeed 12×15″ vinyl 12 color starter bundle is not getting the colors they were expecting. This would be such a pain if you were needing a specific colored vinyl for a particular job!


The colors specified are:


  • White – 01
  • Black – 02
  • Royal Blue – 03
  • Orange – 08
  • Yellow – 06
  • Silver – 13
  • Sun Yellow – 28
  • Flor. Pink-19
  • Flor. Green – 18
  • Light Pink – 65
  • Red – 05
  • Gold – 12


However, it is also stated that on the rare occasion that one of these colors be out of stock, then another color will be substituted. This has unfortunately happened to some purchasers and has greatly inconvenienced them.


The Verdict


Overall, this is a fantastic vinyl to use for your heat transfers. It is of a high quality and will save you time on production because of its easy weedability. You can’t go wrong giving it a go.


Thanks for reading this article all about Siser EasyWeed. We hope you found it helpful and informative. Please leave a comment below if you have used this vinyl and let us know what you think of it!


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