USCutter Auto-Opening Clamshell 15×15 Heat Press Machine Review

The USCutter 15 x 15 inch auto-opening heat press machine is sold and shipped by USCutter, an established company in the garment design industry.  


Based in Seattle, USCutter is a well known and reputable company that has been serving the t-shirt community for well over ten years now.


They began by supplying vinyl cutting machines in 2005, and have expanded their range from there ever since. While their main interest remains with vinyl cutting machines, heat press machines also feature among their line up.


You can visit their Amazon Storefront to view their entire range available there. You will see their cutting machines, vinyls and heat presses.


The machine that we are writing about here is an inexpensive auto-opening clamshell press. It’s the auto-opening feature that got me interested!


Continue reading to discover the further features and details of this machine.






This machine is a 15 x 15 inch press. This is a good size for doing basically all t-shirts while not taking up too much space. It is a clamshell style press which is also something of a space saver – the top heat platen raises up as opposed to swinging away.


Other features include:

  • ¼ inch steel frame for great durability and making it commercial grade
  • Digital LCD time and temperature display
  • Foam grip – it makes a difference!
  • Non-stick coated heating platen but I’d definitely pick up some spare teflon sheets as well


And of course, this machine has a magnetic auto-opening feature! We’ll get into more detail about that next.


The Auto-Opening Feature


Not all machines have this super helpful feature. This USCutter machine is one of the cheaper heat presses to have it.


The auto-opening feature may sound a bit superficial or insignificant the first time you hear it, but trust me, once you’ve used a machine with it, you won’t want to go back to a manual machine quickly.


It means you don’t have to wait beside or rush back to the machine when the press is finished. If you are doing many t-shirts at once you can go and prepare the next one and not worry about opening it when the time is up.


This feature will save you time and (therefore) money!


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How Does It Work?


This machine, and other machines with this feature, employ an electromagnetic locking system which keeps the ‘clamshell’ shut tight until the timer runs out. When the time is up the magnet releases and your machine opens.




  • Voltage – 110V
  • Power – 1400W
  • Temperature range – 0 – 399 ℉
  • Time range – 0 – 999 seconds


Free Vinyls Included



On top of getting a great press at a great price, this machine comes with bonus HTV vinyls as well! It comes with a 6 pack of 12 x 20 vinyls.


The colors include:

  • Rainbow White
  • Rainbow Aqua
  • Neon Rainbow Orange
  • Neon Rainbow Pink
  • Black
  • Jade


You can see these colors here on Amazon. On Amazon you will see what they usually cost and the added value you are getting when you receive them with this press. Whatever you buy, it’s always exciting to receive an added bonus, isn’t it?


Who Is This Machine Good For?


This USCutter machine can be used both as a craft/hobby/home press or also in a small business.


I probably wouldn’t go for it if I was in a super busy business and it was going to be in constant use (I’d go for an even better model then). I would be happy to purchase it for use in a small business context.


It is a good sized machine for doing most jobs and will be a reliable machine. As we go into below, USCutter has good customer service and tech support ready for you. If you have any faults or flaws with your press then it will be easier to get in touch with this seller than many others.


This heat press comes fully set up and ready to plug in and go. It’s easy for beginners to start and learn with. It’s simple to use – you can’t go wrong!


Heat Press Cheaper On Amazon Than Through Their Website!


Believe it or not, you can get this heat press machine for cheaper on Amazon than you can even on their own website! Have a look.


When I see this I think Mumma-jolly-mia! It must be a real good deal if they sell it on Amazon for up to $100 less than they do on their own site. I mean, they’re paying Amazon a premium as well! Yet still they can sell it cheaper. Must be a deal.


Customer Service


The customer service and technical support that comes with USCutter products is an added benefit of buying from them.


You can email, call or even visit them if you really want to! Their contact page has all the details. When you call (during business hours) you will be able to speak with someone in the US who will help solve your problem or answer your questions.


USCutter On YouTube


USCutter have a ton of helpful videos on their YouTube channel. They have information on how to use their products, project ideas and a whole lot more. You can search ‘heat press’ on their page to find those videos too.






I really like this machine and think it is well worth it for the price. It has great reviews from its users who are super happy with it.


It is slightly more expensive than the cheap heat presses we’ve looked at in the past, but I think that the added features and the USCutter brand are worth paying a little bit more for.


If you’re ready to spend $200, what’s another $100 for a much better experience over time? Head on over to Amazon to read the user reviews or to make the big purchase when you’re ready!


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