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Where can you find the best sublimation blanks?


If you are short on time, and just want to know the best place to go, we recommend Heat Press Nation.


Heat Press Nation stock a huge range of quality sublimation blanks:

  • sublimation mug blanks, and other drinkware
  • sublimation puzzle blanks
  • ready for sublimation photo panels, tiles, and picture frames
  • and so much more


However, they don’t stock blank sublimation shirts. We will cover blank sublimation t shirts in another post.


Sublimation Blanks Wholesale

blank mugs wholesale sublimation blanks


What can you press sublimation transfers onto?


Garments: most garments made with 100% polyester can be sublimated. However, some 100% poly garments have had other chemicals added during manufacturing which makes them unsuitable.


Hard Goods: you are able to sublimate items that have a poly-coating. The are many products with this coating applied for dye sublimation.


We’ll be focusing on the hard goods in this article. Remember, you will also need a good sublimation printer and heat press machine.


Sublimation Blanks Suppliers


Here are some sublimation blanks suppliers for you to consider. As already mentioned, I think Heat Press Nation are the best. Due to their great support and range of products available, they are the obvious choice.


Here is an idea of the type of sublimation blanks Heat Press Nation stock.


>> Click Image To See Full Range <<


best photo tile for sublimation

Sublimation Photo Tiles

sublimation keychain dogtag jewlery blanks

Sublimation Tags

blank sublimation license plates hitchcovers

Blank License Plates


blank message board for sublimation

Sublimation Boards

sublimation phone case for iphone

Blank iPhone Cases

blank sublimation mouse pad

Sublimation Mouse Pads


blank sublimation travel mug

Blank Travel Mugs

blank mugs for sublimation

Blank Mugs

blank sublimation travel mug

Sublimation Coasters


Here are some other supplies of sublimation blanks – some are wholesale prices and are available in bulk, other can be purchased in smaller numbers.


HPN are great for bulk sublimation blanks, but if you are wanting smaller quantities then Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy have a good selection.


Heat Press Nation

  • Blank mugs & drinkware - many sizes
  • Sublimation photo panels, tiles, & plaques
  • Bags, tags, license plates, & pet products
Heat Press Nation Blanks


  • Sublimation mugs, drinkware, beer coolers
  • Puzzle blanks - various shapes & sizes
  • Sublimation socks, tote bags, & pillow covers
Blanks on Amazon


  • Wooden boards for sublimation
  • Sublimation puzzles, pillow covers, & mugs
  • Blank baby onesies, ornaments, & plaques
Etsy Sublimation Blanks


  • Blank dog tags & key chains
  • Blank mugs, cups, bottles
  • Signs & flags for sublimation
Sub Blanks on Ebay


Sublimation Mugs & Drinkware


best sublimation mug blanks orca ceramic poly coated


Blank coffee mugs are one of the most popular items to sublimate. They are a great item to sell for business (if your designs are good/interesting), but they also make for fantastic gifts.


You want your mugs for sublimation to be both microwave and dishwasher safe. Mugs from HPN definitely are, but double check if you’re buying off Amazon or Ebay. You might also want to check what sort of finish the mugs you choose have – it could be gloss or matte. Which do you prefer?


If you are looking to sell sublimated mugs, make sure you select a premium hard coated blank, and only use quality paper and ink.


HPN have a range of:

  • quality blank coffee mugs in different sizes and styles
  • sublimation travel mug blanks
  • stainless steel travel mugs


Check out the following retailers for their range and prices for blank ceramic mugs for sublimation.


Sublimation Puzzle Blanks


sublimation puzzle blanks

Sublimation puzzles are popular product that customers love to put their own photos onto. They make for great gifts, and are a treasured memory for a long time.


They are available in many different sizes: I’ve seen small 12 piece sets, or those with many hundred pieces. They also come in different shapes: grab some love heart shaped blank puzzles for valentines day!


Puzzles that are ready for sublimation are poly coated and can withstand the heat of a heat press machine during transfer. The better the quality of the blank, the more vibrant your colors will transfer.


Check out the sublimation jigsaw puzzle blanks at these retailers.


Sublimation Tiles


cheap sublimation photo tiles


Sublimation tiles are easy to make with the right sublimation set up. As with mugs and puzzles, they are a popular gift item, especially around Christmas time.


Making sure you have the right sublimation tile blanks is essential for a quality and vibrant finish. And as with most items in the sublimation blank space, you will find a huge variety of sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and finishes in tiles.


Check HPN for a range of:

  • sublimation photo slates
  • jewelry box with blank tile lid
  • sublimation ceramic tiles as well as frames for the tiles



Wholesale Sublimation Blanks


Where can you get wholesale sublimation blanks?


Some of the prices on Amazon are close enough! And if you buy in large enough quantities, HPN prices are also very good.


Where is your favorite place to buy sublimation blanks? Let me know in the comments below!



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