Heat Press Nation Review & Range – Read This Before You Buy!

In our opinion, Heat Press Nation is the best spot to buy a heat press online!


If you are wanting a quality machine, friendly support, and an engaged community, there is nowhere else quite like it – you’re certainly not going to find that on Amazon!


Heat Press Nation sell a wide range of their own branded heat press machines (eg. the HPN Black Series), while also stocking all of the US heat press brands as well.


Heat Press Nation


Heat Press Nation Review
  • Range
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  • Buying Process
  • Customer Service
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Heat Press Nation Summary




Heat Press Nation is by far the best place to buy a heat press!

They stock a huge range of heat press machines (listed further below), at different price points, for different requirements. They have every type of heat press you are likely to need or want.

They have warehouses located across the country to ensure your heat press, cutting machine, vinyl, or other supplies, will arrive quickly.

HPN are constantly putting out engaging online content through their social channels and on YouTube. This is encouraging, inspiring, and motivating, especially for those just starting out with a new heat press machine.




  • the best heat press machines
  • top quality control
  • great support
  • help buying a heat press
  • all the supplies & accessories
  • competitive prices
  • the best heat press brands
  • great community
  • good warranties & gaurantees
  • expert advice
  • quick delivery
  • and more!



  • machines are more pricey
  • reports of shipping issues from time to time




Heat Press Nation is around 10 years old, and they’re well known for their high quality heat press machines, and friendly customer service. And, let’s not forget their knack for making heat pressing fun and exciting (as it should be)!


The HPN Facebook Page is full of lively Facebook videos, presented primarily by Jared & Estevan. For example, this “lively” Facebook Live held during their Black Friday Sale (you only need to watch a minute to get a feel):



See what I mean!


And while they are known for having tons of fun, they do take heat press machines seriously. The other thing that HPN is well known for, is great heat press education! For example, this recent YouTube video:



The Heat Press Nation YouTube Channel is full of amazing resources, teaching everything from ‘Everything You Need To Know About Sublimation’, to individual heat press reviews, such as the ‘HPN Black Series Clamshell Overview’.


It’s great stuff!


Heat Press Nation Range


As mentioned above, HPN have their own range (or series) of heat press machines, while also stocking other machines manufactured in the US by companies like Stahls’ Hotronix and Hix heat press machines.


These machines are more expensive than the cheap heat press machines on Amazon, however, they are also much better! Better both in quality of product, and in the support, service, and accompanying resources you will receive.


Here is the range of heat press machines that they stock (in order from the least expensive to the most expensive). The more expensive the machine, the higher the quality of components, the nicer it is to use, and the faster your workflow will be.


The HPN Mpress Heat Press




The Mpress Series is the cheapest line of machines that HPN offer.


The machine pictured above is the 15 x 15 inch clamshell heat press, which is priced $279.95. Smaller models in the Mpress line are cheaper.


Your choice in the range includes:

  • the Mpress 9 x 12 inch swing away press
  • the Mpress Clamshell in 3 sizes: 15 x 15, 16 x 20, 16 x 24
  • the Mpress mug press machine


The Mpress Heat Press is good for the following people and purposes:

  • as an entry level or beginners heat press machine
  • use as a home crafting press
  • for a small home t-shirt business
  • for those with a limited budget


The HPN Craft Pro Heat Press




The HPN Craft Pro heat press machines are specifically designed for crafters. The 2 machines in the range are sure to keep even pressure and temperature for every press.


It’s available in:

  • a 13 x 9 inch clamshell
  • a 15 x 15 inch clamshell


A top feature of this machine is the slide out draw. This makes it very easy to lay out garments and transfers without needing to worry about bumping your hand on the heat platen.


The HPN Black Series


heatpress nation


The HPN Black Series heat press machines are the next step up in quality and price. They range in price from $229.95 for the 9 x 12 inch clamshell, to $720 for the 8 in 1 multifunction heat press machine.


The HPN Black Series of heat press machine come in the following styles and sizes

  • Standard Clamshell in 9 x 12, 15 x 15, 16 x 20 & 16 x 24 inches
  • Auto-Open Clamshell in 15 x 15 & 16 x 20 inches
  • Swing Away in 9 x 12, 15 x 15 & 16 x 20 inches
  • The 8 in 1 Multifunction Press
  • A variety of cap, hat & label presses


This machine is great for craft and small business use. It’s durable and dependable, and if the style and size of machine you need is available in this series, and it’s top of budget, I wouldn’t hesitate.


Heat Press Nation Signature Series


heatpress nation


The HPN Signature Range of heat presses are HPN’s best heat press machines (HPN branded that is, they also supply US made machines, listed below). There are at least 20 different machines in the Signature Range!


This will give you a good idea as to what’s available:

  • Draw Style Press in 15 x 15, 16 x 20 & 16 x 24 inches
  • Auto Open Draw Press in 15 x 15, 16 x 20 & 16 x 24 inches
  • Swing Away Style Press in 12 x 15, 15 x 15 & 16 x 20 inches
  • Multifunction Heat Press as 8 in 1 & 12 in 1
  • Cap, Tag & Label Press Machines
  • Mug Press Machines with variety of sizes up to 6 in 1


These machines are priced mid-range and are more than suitable for advanced small business operations.


In the following video, Estevan and Jared give a further overview of the HP brand heat press machines from the HPN showroom. It’s set up to start just before they introduce the MPress, so just press play!



Stahls Hotronix Heat Press Machines


heatpress nation


Stahls’ Heat Press Machines are the gold standard in US made heat press machines (in my opinion). These are extremely high quality machines, with fine attention to detail.


Prices start at $700 for the 11 x 15 inch Hotronix Maxx Press pictured above. One of the more serious machines in the Hotronix range is the Hotronix Fusion – a supreme t-shirt press for business!


Hix Heat Press Machines


hpn heat press reviews


Hix heat press machines are another top US made machine stocked by Heat Press Nation. They have a very affordable 9 x 12 inch hobby press for little over $300.


HPN stock a range of Hix heat press machines in Swing-Away, Auto-Open, & Clamshell styles, as well as being in a range of sizes.




Geo Knight Heat Press Machines


heat transfer nation


Geo Knight heat press machines are yet another US made heat press with a distinctive look about them.


While they come in the usual range of 15 x 15, 16 x 20, etc machines, they also supply commercial heat press machines costing $30,000+ (check out one here!). This is known as a large format heat press for an extremely busy t-shirt operation.


However, Geo Knight also have presses for sale under $300 that are great entry level machines.


Insta Heat Press Machines


heat press nation reviews


Insta heat press machines are one of the lessor known US made heat press machines.


Insta machines are not really for hobby, craft, or small home business variety (unless you’ve got a good budget)! These machines are made for advanced business. You can read our full Insta heat press review here.


What To Expect From HPN Heat Press Machines


You can expect HPN machines to be fault free, durable, hard-working heat presses. This is a bit of a novelty when compared with other heat press sellers!


HPN performs tests on each of their machines before shipping:


heat nation press


You can expect the US made machines to also have been extensively tested by the manufacturer as well.


These testing procedures give the buyer peace of mind, knowing that any defects or operation faults will be extremely unlikely. You don’t want to loose time shipping things back and finding replacements.


What Else Do They Stock?


Heat Press Nation not only sell heat press machines, but a huge range of other related products… you can even pick up a rosin heat press!

Cutting Machines

Heat Press Nation have a range of high quality and popular cutting machines. Brands include Graphtec, GCC, Vinyl Systems, and Silhouette.



HPN sell everything you need to get started (or to advance) with sublimation. This includes sublimation printers, ovens, inks, paper, and more. We have an article with more info on sublimation printers.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

HPN stock every HTV under the sun from Siser, Specialty Materials, & Silhouette. Vinyl can be purchased in large or small quantities depending on your need. Choose from Flocked, Foil, Metallic, Reflective, and every other HTV you can think of!

Heat Press Accessories

You can pick up heat press accessories including heat press pillows, heat tape, heat press stands, cleaning products, additional or replacement platens, and so much more!


HPN Heat Press


So should you purchase your heat press from Heat Press Nation??




They are a fantastic company. They are extremely knowledgeable about heat press machines AND t-shirt business, they look after their customers, and they stock and sell quality products.



At the start of this post we shared a little something from HPN’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. You might also be wondering, ‘what’s their Instagram like?!’ (I’m sure you are…).


We’ll, here’s a small taste of that for you:



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Thanks for reading this Heat Press Nation review (or overview). Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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