The Three Best Cap Press Machines: Multifunction & Stand-Alone

A cap press machine can be a wonderful addition to your business or craft room. With a heat press for caps you can transfer vinyl (HTV), images and other heat transfers onto caps and hats. If your customers are asking for caps, or if you’ve simply got a desire to make them, let’s find out all about them and discover which are best.


the three best cap press machines: multifunction and stand alone


Two Types Of Cap Press


You can either get a cap press as part of a multifunction heat press machine, or as a stand-alone machine. The multifunction presses are reasonably priced and come with a variety of other pressing abilities, while the stand-alone machines take up a lot less space and are easier to use. There are many more pros and cons to each option which we’ll now consider.


The Multifunction Option



A multifunction heat press usually has 5, 6 or 8 attachments. These include a t-shirt press, a cap press, a plate press, and a mug press. A press with more attachments has extra styles or sizes of those attachments. Usually there is only one size of cap press attachment.


To use the cap press option,  you must remove the flat upper and lower platens from your heat press. You then screw in the cap press attachments, plug it into the power unit on the heat press machine, and you’re away.




  • You get multiple presses
  • The cheaper machines are not much more than a stand-alone machine
  • A multifunction machine takes up far less room than were you to get all the stand-alone alternatives




  • Difficult to change attachment platens
  • The multifunction machine can deteriorate quicker through constant platen and plug changes
  • It tends to be difficult to hold the cap and transfer in place in the press to clamp it shut – help is sometimes necessary
  • The cap press as part of a multifunction tends to be of lower quality than a stand-alone machine


We’ve written more about multifunction heat press machines here.


The Stand-Alone Option


The other option is a stand-alone machine. This heat press is specifically designed to do heat transfers on hats and caps. However, you can sometimes make them work for putting labels or other small transfers onto other substrates.




  • A higher quality press that is easier to use and produces a better transfer
  • No need to spend time changing platens over, etc.




  • Takes up more space to have individual machines than a multifunction
  • Can work out to be more expensive
  • Unless you are using it often it’s a whole lot of machine for little use


With these things in mind, I want to list the 3 best stand-alone machines and the 3 best multifunction machines which include a cap press.


The 3 Best Cap Press Machines: Stand-Alone


Stand-alone machines are a good way to do cap and hat pressing. They will be good for you if:

  • You have spare room for this and other stand-alone machines (if you are needing them as well)
  • You will use it enough to make it worth it
  • You have enough in your budget for not only a cap press, but a t-shirt press as well if you were needing one


The following table has our three favorite and affordable dedicated cap press machines:

Superland Cap Press MachineCheck Price On Amazon
Mophorn Cap Press MachineCheck Price On Amazon
Siser Digital Cap Press MachineCheck Price On Amazon


Or for those of you with a big budget, take a look at the Hotronix Cap Press – it’s nice! Here it is in action in this video:



The 3 Best Cap Press Machines: Multifunction


You will notice that most of the multifunction machines look very similar, or even identical. Many of them are the same design, possibly built in the same factory, but imported and branded by different companies and individuals. Therefore, the goal in this situation is about choosing the best seller with the best reviews.


The following are our favorite multifunction presses. You should consider these if:

  • You have limited space
  • Your budget is limited and you want to try pressing tees, cups, mugs, plates AND caps
  • You have someone that might be able to help you press caps if needed – sometimes you need more than two hands to hold everything in place to do the press!


Power Press 5 in 1 Multifunction heat pressCheck Price On Amazon
F2C 5 in 1 Multifunction heat pressCheck Price On Amazon
Mophorn 5 in 1 Multifunction heat pressCheck Price On Amazon


It might be a telling sign that the US manufacturers of heat press machines do not make multifunction presses.


To Finish Off


In summary, I think the best idea is to go with a stand-alone machine if you are serious about pressing hats! They are a better machine that will be easier to use. But, if you are simply wanting a cap press to play around with – to test out the odd cap here and there, I would go for a multifunction. That way you can play around with all the different presses!


Let us know what you think in the comments section below. We’re always happy to hear from you.


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