Sizzix Machine Guide – Big Shot, Foldaway, Plus, & Sidekick!

Sizzix Die Cutter Machines – should you get one?


Let’s take a good look at each Sizzix machine to determine whether or not one is right for you!

Sizzix Machine Review


sizzix machine review


All of these Sizzix models are manual cutting and embossing machines. They are generally a lot cheaper than electronic cutting machines, and are good for those wanting to stick to scrapbooking and card making.


The benefits of using these manual machines include:

  • no computer or software programs needed
  • smaller, more portable and easy to store
  • quicker to pick up and get started


Here are all the different Sizzix machines that are available today!


Sizzix Sidekick

  • The smallest & cheapest Sizzix machine for embossing items up to 2.5 inches
  • For scrapbooking & cardmaking
  • Includes cutting pads and dies
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Sizzix Texture Boutique

  • Small, affordable Sizzix for adding textures to cardstock
  • For cardmaking and embellishing - does not cut
  • Varying inclusions depending on retailer
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Sizzix Big Kick

  • A die cutting & embossing machine
  • Works for items up to 6 inches wide
  • One of the older machines with less buying options
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Sizzix Big Shot

  • A larger manual die cut & embossing machine
  • Can be used with different materials
  • Bundles & starter kits available
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Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway

  • Similar to the big shot but it folds away cleaner
  • Great for a range of papercrafts & scrapbooking
  • Works with a large range of Sizzix materials
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Sizzix Big Shot Plus

  • Cut & emboss a huge range of materials up to 9 inches
  • Works with the smallest to largest of Sizzix Thinlets
  • The best Sizzix machine!
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The Sizzix Sidekick


sizzix sidekick review


This is an entry level Sizzix die cut machine, that makes for the perfect gift for teens. It’s great for beginners, or those who just need a handy little machine for those small tasks.


One of the big benefits is that the starter kit comes with basically everything you need to get going – just supply the materials and you’re away!




  • the cheapest Sizzix machine
  • embosses & cuts
  • takes up little space
  • easy to use
  • great for kids & teens
  • good for small projects


  • cannot do large pieces of card – only 2.5 inches
  • will not work with larger embossing folders


The Sizzix Texture Boutique


Sizzix Texture Boutique review


The Texture Boutique machine is an embossing only machine – it is not a die cut machine. However, there are videos on YouTube showing how you can use it for cutting, but remember it’s not designed to do so!


There are a huge range of embossing folders for use with the Texture Boutique, giving you endless design options.




  • create beautiful embossed designs for cards & scrapbooking
  • larger than the sidekick at 4.5 inches
  • quick to set up & start using
  • super easy – no learning curve


  • still a small embossing machine
  • complaints that it’s easily damaged


The Sizzix Big Kick

sizzix big kick review


The Big Kick is larger than the previous machines, but it is an older machine with limited availability these days.


Unlike other Sizzix machines, there is very little content supporting the Big Kick, and it is no longer promoted as the best option. The Big Shot machine is a far better alternative to the Sizzix Big Kick.


The Sizzix Big Shot

sizzix big shot machine


The standard Big Shot machine is a 6 inch wide manual embossing and cutting machine.


The Big Shot range are the best Sizzix machines, and are still very affordable when compared to the likes of the Cricut Maker. It can also cut a wider range of materials than previous machines listed, including, vellum, thicker cardstock (like glitter), craft foam, vinyl and HTV, felt, and much more.




  • a wider cutting area for larger projects
  • cuts a greater range of materials
  • stronger casing & roller system
  • carry handle
  • easy to use
  • range of colors


  • still a much smaller cutting area than most electric cutting machines


The Big Shot Foldaway

sizzix big shot foldaway review


The Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway is the best option if you want the easiest die cut machine to store away! This option folds away smaller than the standard Big Shot.


This is the same size (6 inches) as the Big Shot, but it’s much more compact. This machine also has a little more pressure.




  • folds away easily
  • less bulky
  • uses all the same dies
  • storage compartment
  • button goes away with the click of a button


  • buy dies & embossing folders separately


The Big Shot Plus

sizzix big shot plus review


The Sizzix Big Shot Plus is the best manual die cut machine – especially if you get one of the bundles!


The main difference between the Plus and the standard Big Shot is the size. The Plus is 9 inches wide, compared with 6, allowing you to do much larger cuts. It can cut the same materials as the Big Shot, but can work with the biggest Sizzix Thinlets.




  • largest Big Shot machine
  • good for beginners & advanced crafters
  • use specific products for the Plus
  • plenty of supporting content online


  • the priciest machine


Sizzix Project Ideas


So those are all the different Sizzix machines!


Take a look at the following projects you will be able to complete with a Sizzix machine. So many fun and amazing craft projects!


A post shared by Sizzix (@sizzix) on

3D Paper Crafts.


Intricate card designs.


Beautiful card and paper cut-outs.


A post shared by Adrie Iftita (@adrie_iftita) on

Cardstock embellishments.


Iron on vinyl.


Party favor packaging!


Wonderful pieces of art.


A post shared by Shiho Kuriyama (@greenwood.ave) on

3D party favor bags.


A post shared by M. (@sternchenstempelt) on

Paper and card flowers.


A post shared by Gabi Rowlands (@gabirowlands) on

There are so many custom cards you can make!


Best Sizzix


So you see, there are so many different things you can create with your own Sizzix Machine – imagine it and make it!


The Big Shot is definitely the recommended option (either the Standard, Foldaway, or Plus), as you can do so much more with them. And, it’s not nice being so limited in size with the smaller machines.


You might also want to compare Sizzix with Spellbinders machines – another type of die cut machine!



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