The Best Rhinestone Heat Transfers – Ready To Press!

Where can you find the best Rhinestone heat transfers?


There are plenty of online retailers that stock ready-to-press rhinestone transfers, but there’s one spot in particular with the biggest range and best prices! We’ll share that with you in just a minute!

Rhinestones Iron On Transfers


rhinestud heat transfers

What are Rhinestones heat transfers?


Rhinestone transfers are heat applied designs made up of small colorful stones. These stones are usually made of a resin, acrylic, or glass, but are made to look like diamonds. A good rhinestone should be very sparkly!


You can make your own rhinestone iron on transfers, or you can purchase them all made up and ready to press. We’re focusing on the ready-made variety in this post, but if you skip ahead to the bottom you’ll find a section on making your own.


With a pre-made rhinestone transfer, all you need is a heat press, EasyPress, or iron, and you can apply it onto whatever type of garment you like!


Let’s take a look at where you can find them.


Buy Rhinestone Heat Transfers


rhinestone ironon


We’ve found the best range of ready made Rhinestone transfers over at Pro World!


There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from, and the more you buy the cheaper each unit becomes. This is great for those in t shirt business who want to list certain designs for sale and then keep many in stock.


Pro World has a range of different categories of rhinestone transfer:

  • font designs
  • celebrate USA designs
  • Christian rhinestone designs
  • special occasion designs for moms, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc


Their affordable options make it easy just to buy a few to try out for yourself or your business. If you live in an area where people like to sparkle, then you’ve got to give it a go!


Other spots you can pick up ready-to-press Rhinestone heat transfers:

  • Etsy – support these small at home businesses
  • Amazon – a good range of options
  • Ebay – plenty to choose from


How To Apply Rhinestone Transfers



In this video you will see how easy it is to apply a Rhinestone heat transfer – it’s really just the same as applying HTV!


Danielle, using the TransPro heat press, takes us through the process:

  1. set heat press to 327 degrees
  2. set timer to 13 seconds
  3. pressure at medium/heavy
  4. pre-press garment
  5. peel backing off transfer
  6. place transfer on tee and close press
  7. remove, allow to cool, and peel


There is no real difference in the application process of a rhinestone transfer, other than being a cold peel where most HTV can be peeled hot. But there’s nothing overly complicated if you’re used to heat pressing t shirts. The complicated option is making them yourself!


How To Make A Rhinestone Transfer


diy rhinestone transfers


If you have a vinyl cutting machine you can make your own heat transfers.


It simply involves cutting out a rhinestone template, filling the template with hot-fix stones, and then applying heat transfer tape. The transfer tape that you use for rhinestones is different from the transfer tape for adhesive vinyl.


rhinestone transfer tapeRhinestone transfer tape is what you need for transferring your sparkling design onto a garment.


This tape is heat resistant and will not melt and catch fire when pressed, like adhesive vinyl tape will. You can purchase this in rolls or sheets, and it can sometimes be re-used for multiple transfers.


As an example, check out this video on how to make a rhinestone transfer with the Silhouette Cameo.



Brother Scan N Cut DX also has a range of dedicated products for making these types of transfers.


For example, the Brother Scan N Cut Rhinestone Kit is a popular product that many have used to make their first glittering rhinestone iron on design. The kit comes with everything you need to get started with these transfers, but is not compatible with Silhouette or Cricut machines.


Rhinestone Heat Press Transfers


Before you start making your own, why not buy a ready-made transfer and give it a go first?


This might be easier than buying all the supplies you need (rhinestones, transfer tape, vinyl, etc) and then finding out it’s not really your look. Better to test first, then when you know you love it, get everything you need!


Again, we recommend Pro World’s Rhinestone range – quality transfers at a good price!


Happy pressing!



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