Best Vinyl Cutting Machine – Cricut To Graphtec & Everything In Between

Which is the best die cut machine?


With so many good brands out there, it is hard to know! Should you get a Cricut, a Silhouette, A Brother Scan N Cut… or, are you better off with a entry level professional plotter like a Vinyl Systems or Graphtec LITE?


Whatever stage you are at, one of these quality vinyl cutting machines will be for you.


The Best Die Cutting Machine



The best die cutting machine?


Depends on what stage you’re at and what you want it for… Are you into crafts? Do you want to start making your own t shirts and need to learn about machines like Cricut? Or, is this for business and you need something a bit bigger?


These are the machines we’ll be covering.


Cricut Maker

  • Cut more materials quicker & easier
  • Rotary & Knife blade for more projects
  • Scoring wheel for best folds
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Cricut Explore Air 2

  • Duel tool holder
  • Use for business
  • Bluetooth capable
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Silhouette CAMEO 3

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Dual carriage for multiple tools
  • Contour cut printed htv
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Brother Scan N Cut 2

  • Cuts fabric, vinyl, paper
  • Built in scanner
  • Built in designs for use without computer
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Sizzix Eclisp 2

  • Precise cutting
  • Cuts paper, fabric, chipboard, vinyl, cardstock, vellum and adhesive sheets
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Vinyl Systems Cutters

  • Well priced entry level & professional cutting machines
  • Wider than the craft cutting machines
  • Bundle packages available
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GCC Cutters

  • Expert & Pro level cutting machines
  • Range of price points, sizes, features
  • Bundles available, including training
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Graphtec Plotters

  • Top of the line pro cutters
  • Entry level machines under $1000
  • For t shirt & signwriting business
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Older models of these vinyl cutting machines are often still available for purchase (for example, the Cricut Explore Air); but in my opinion, it is best to go with the most current model.


The exception to this is with Cricut. The Cricut Maker is the best vinyl cutting machine (at least for crafts and home use), but it is more expensive. The Explore Air 2 is an excellent machine if the Maker is beyond your budget. We have and still use both of these machines.


Die Cut Machine Features


The main feature of a die cut machine is fairly obvious: they cut!


But that’s not all they can do. These machines can also etch, draw and score. The Brother Scan N Cut can even scan.

  • Etching (or engraving) – often used on metal surfaces like dog tags, plaques and jewelry
  • Drawing – write and draw designs on paper and cardstock
  • Scoring – used especially for creating fine folds in card making


Home vinyl cutters can cut many materials including:

  • Adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl
  • Cardstock and paper
  • Fabrics and leathers
  • Some bonded fabrics

The Maker can cut the greatest range of materials, from balsa wood & chipboard, to silk & burlap.


1. Cricut Cutting Machines


First, I want to share 2 Cricut cutting machines with you: the Maker & the Explore Air 2. Both of these machines are good for home craft use, or for small home craft business use.


Here’s a summary of why we prefer Cricut machines for home & craft use.


1. The Look

Cricut machines just look better… especially when compared with the Cameo 3! Not only can you choose from a great range of colors (Explore Air 2 colors), but they are just prettier than other cutting machines.

2. Innovation

Cricut are constantly innovating both their die cut machines, and the related products. Each year there are developments to get excited about – most recently Cricut Infusible Ink.

3. Features

I believe the features are better with Cricut. In particular, the Cricut Maker is a higher spec machine when compared with other craft cutters. It’s not a professional shop plotter, but an incredible home cutter.

4. Software

I prefer Cricut’s web based Design Space. And while there are sometimes Design Space problems, it’s an intuitive, easy to learn, and effective tool for craft cutting.

5. Performance

The Maker & Air 2 perform better than the Cameo 3 & Scan N Cut 2. They are capable of cutting a wider range of materials quicker. There are more available accessories (like blades).

6. Online Resources

There is such a huge resource of Cricut YouTube tutorials and other Design Space Tutorials available online. I don’t think other cutters have quite the same community around them.


Let’s take a closer look at the Maker & Air 2.


The Cricut Maker

machines like cricut

The Cricut Maker was released before Christmas in 2017, and quickly became known as the best craft cutting machine. Ask anyone in the know, ‘what is the best cutting machine?’ and I don’t doubt they’ll say, ‘the Cricut Maker’.


Here are its special features:

  • Cuts hundreds more materials, from the finest paper to heavy fabrics
  • The rotary blade used for cutting fabric (from canvas to cotton)
  • The knife blade used for thicker materials (chipboard or balsa wood)
  • A scoring wheel for sharper and finer folds
  • A digital sewing pattern library – access to hundreds of fabric plans to cut instantly
  • All controlled digitally (no dial on the machine)

For the full range of features, see the Cricut Maker overview.


The Cricut Explore Air 2


the cricut explore air 2 mint cutting machine

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a cheaper cutting machine than the Maker. With it you can create a huge range of projects. I use mine most often for cutting vinyl and iron-on.


Check the full range of features and specs.


2. Silhouette CAMEO 3


the silhouette cameo 3 cutting machine


The Cameo 3 is up next. There is a bigger leap in performance between this one and the Curio. As you go up in price, you get a more precise and faster cut. They are also able to perform more tasks.


The Cameo 3 is Silhouette’s latest cutting machine. The main difference between this machine and the Curio is that this one can be used wirelessly and can hold two tools. It has the largest cutting space of all their machines.


Find the cheapest Silhouette Cameo 3 here.


3.  The Brother Scan N Cut 2



brother scan n cut 2 cutting machine and scanner

The Brother Scan N Cut 2 is unique as it not only draws, etches, & scores, but also scans.


With this you can hand draw whatever you like, scan your image and then have the machine cut it (as seen in the video below). This machine does not use software and connect up with a computer, it is stand alone with a touch screen. You can bring in outside images via a USB.


This machine, as with the others above, can cut heat transfer vinyl for heat pressing onto t-shirts, etc. We have a written a complete review of the Brother CM350 ScanNCut2 here



4. Sizzix Eclips 2

The Eclips 2 has a cutting area of 12 x 12 inches. Perhaps if you’re thinking of doing small transfers on small items of clothing, like baby onesies or children’s t-shirts, this might be for you.



5. Vinyl Systems



Vinyl Systems Cutters are Heat Press Nation’s cutting machine brand. The smallest size has a 14 inch cutting width, while the largest has a 52 inch cutting width.


The larger machines (with contour cutting stepper motors) are great for sign-writing businesses, and/or those who are doing a lot of print & cut t-shirt transfers.


The 3 series of plotters are:

  • Vinyl Systems Specialist (14″, 28″, 34″, 52″)
  • Vinyl Systems Edge (28″, 52″)
  • Vinyl Systems Evo (28″, 52″)


These are good entry units for when you’re ready to delve into the world beyond craft die cut machines. In the following video, you can see Estefan using the Vinyl Systems Specialist for its first cut. You can see the Vinyl Systems Edge & Evo in action as well on this playlist.



6. GCC Vinyl Cutter


gcc cutter review


GCC Vinyl Cutter machines are the next level up in quality and features. You can expect great results with these plotters. They feature smooth ease of use, advanced contour cutting systems, long tracking, and have stepper motors.


The GCC cutter is available in 5 different series:

  • The GCC AR-24 (24″)
  • The GCC Expert 24 (24″); or the Expert 52 (52″)
  • The GCC Puma (24″, 52″)
  • The GCC Jaguar (40″, 52″, 72″)
  • The GCC RX (24″, 40″, 52″, 72″)


The following is a video on how to set up the GCC Expert 24, but I’ve set it up to show you what it’s like doing a contour cut around a printed logo. Just press play!



7. Graphtec Cutting Machines




Graphtec Plotters are top of the line commercial cutters.


These machines are not cheap, but they come with features designed to save you time and money, as well as get a better result.


Features are different across the 3 series of Graphtec cutter, but include:

  • Graphtec ARMS 5.0 for contour cutting
  • 4 point, dual axis skew correction
  • Tangential control
  • Compatible with both Mac & Windows
  • Plugins to use with Coral Draw & Adobe Illustrator


And a whole lot more… find out all about what these features mean in this Graphtec Plotter Review.


This is the entry level Graphtec machine, the CE LITE-50.



Best Vinyl Cutter


Those are all the machines that we will look at in this post. The Vinyl Systems, GCC, and Graphtec cutters are best for commercial use in a busy shop, while the craft cutters are good for craft and small/home business use.


Let us know what you think of them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!




(Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy here.)


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