Insta Heat Press Machines – Everything You Need To Know

Insta Heat Press Machines are a premium US made heat press.


Insta manufacture a number of machines in different styles and sizes, for commercial t-shirt printing and sign-writing businesses. Their range also includes large format heat press machines.


Insta Heat Press Machines

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Insta Heat Press Machines are incredibly reliable and durable, and they are well known for their fast recovery times. That means, that once a transfer has been completed, the temperature barely wavers, allowing you to continue pressing quickly, not wasting time waiting for it to heat up again.


Insta Presses have cast in tubular heating elements that are superior to other alternatives on the market. This style of heating element provides even, consistent pressure across the entire platen, right into each corner.


All Insta presses are UL, CuL & CE approved;  RoHS/WEE compliant. Here is their range of machines, with more information about each press below.


Insta Model 256

  • 16 x 20 inch heat press
  • Swing away style
  • Swings 180 degrees for excellent access
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Insta Model 718

  • 15 x 15 inch heat press
  • Fully adjustable pneumatic heat press
  • Swing away upper platen
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Insta Model 728

  • 15 x 20 inch heat press
  • Fully adjustable pneumatic heat press
  • Same as 718 but with larger platen
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Insta Model 828

  • 20 x 25 inch heat press
  • Fully adjustable pneumatic heat press
  • Largest of the 3 full size Insta presses
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Insta Model 418 Cap Press

  • Upper platen: 4.5 x 6.75 inches
  • Lower platen: 3.25 x 6.75 inches
  • Made of cast aluminum
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Insta Model 907 Label Press

  • 6 x 6 inch heat platen
  • Best label press machine
  • Dual lower platens for fast processing
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Insta Model 1020 Large format Press

  • 40 x 48 inch large format Insta press
  • Pneumatic heat press
  • Great for all over sublimation
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Insta Heat Press Model 256 Swing Away


Insta Model 256 16 x 20 Swing Away Heat Press Machine


The Insta Swing Away Press is an extremely popular large heat press. It is a manual machine that comes at an affordable price.


This machine is excellent for small or home business, and will allow you to achieve the best transfers for your customers, friends, and family. It has a 16 x 20″ platen that swings away 180° (to the right) for the best access to the work space.


This machine is especially good for pressing thicker substrates like glass & wood as it opens wide and pressure is applied over the center.


Specifications & Features:

  • Cycle counter
  • Stainless steel wrap-around handle makes use much easier
  • Interchangeable platens: 6 x 6”, 6 x 9” & shoe platen (bought separately)
  • Dimensions: Depth – 40” (101.6 cm); Width – 32” (81.3 cm); Height – 22” (55.9 cm)
  • Power: 120 volt; 1750 Watts; 14.6 Amps



Insta Heat Press 718, 728, & 828


Insta Model 828 20 x 25 Heat Press Machine


The next 3 Insta pneumatic presses are very similar: the 718, 728, & 828.


These machines are good for t-shirt businesses, reducing user fatigue by being automatic. They are easy and comfortable to use – an all around joy to work with.


Specs & Features:

  • Digital controller with cycle counter
  • Protective heat shroud
  • Can take a range of interchangeable platens (bought separately)
  • Fully adjustable pneumatic pressure control
  • Strong, durable cast aluminium construction
  • Dimensions: Depth – 30” (76.2 cm); Width – 33” (83.82 cm); Height – 25.75” (65.4 cm)
  • Power: 120 volt; 1750 Watts; 14.6 Amps


The Insta 718 is the smallest of the full sized automatic presses at 15 x 15 inches.


The Insta Press 728 is the next size up. This machine has larger platens sized 15 by 20 inches. This machine, as with the others in the 700-800 series, is able to take a range of interchangeable platens.


The Insta Heat Press 828 is the largest at 20 x 25″ inch heat platens. This machine is great for all over sublimation, given the large platen size and the even pressure from corner to corner.


Insta Model 418 Cap Press


Insta Model 418 Cap Heat Press Machine


The Insta Cap Press is a premium, multi-purpose cap and heat press machine. While it has been designed for pressing transfers onto the brims and bills of caps, it also makes for an excellent label, logo, and size press for t-shirts.


This quiet machine is reasonably compact, and can be transported easily.


Like other Insta heat presses, this machine has cast-in tubular heating elements within the platen. This produces a consistent, even, and accurate heat, with fast recovery.


Specs & Features:

  • Made of durable cast aluminum
  • Strategically designed cap hold down device
  • Integrated digital controller which features controls for time, temp, & auto-shut-off
  • Protective heat shroud
  • Strong warranty  (lifetime on upper heating element)
  • Upper Platen Size: 4.5 x 6.75”
  • Lower Platen Size: 3.25 x 6.75”
  • Power: 120V; 1750W; 14.6 Amps


Insta Model 907 Dual Label Heat Press Machine


insta label press


Need a high speed solution to pressing labels? The Insta Dual Label Heat Press is the answer.


It is a pneumatic, air operated, label press with 2 lower platens. The top heat platen swings over both, and is brought down by pressing the two side buttons simultaneously (for safety reasons).


Specs & Features:

  • 6 x 6″ lower and upper platens
  • Interchangeable lower platen to 2.5 x 2.5”
  • Cast aluminium frame painted and baked in enamel
  • Over the center pressure distribution
  • Adjustable pneumatic controls
  • 5 programmable presets
  • Cycle counter
  • Dimensions: Depth – 29” (73.66 cm); Width – 31.25” (79.37 cm); Height – 35” (88.9 cm)
  • Power: 120 volt; 1750 Watts; 14.6 Amps



Insta Heat Press 1020 40 x 48


insta heat seal machine



The Insta 1020 is a 40 x 48 Large Format Pneumatic Heat Press Machine press for bust t shirt businesses.


It is perfect for all over sublimation because of the large printing surface, and allows for efficient work due to being fully automatic and with a dual shuttle.


Specs & Features:

  • Dimensions: Depth – 107” (275 cm); width – 60.5” (170 cm); Height – 55” (150 cm)
  • Temperature range: 0 – 425°F
  • Fully automatic
  • Reciprocating dual tray system
  • Small footprint (compared to some other large format machines)
  • Even pressure across the platens
  • Quiet operation



The Best Price On Insta Heat Press Machines


To find the cheapest Insta Heat Press Machine, I highly recommend visiting Heat Press Nation here. They have a Best Price Guarantee, so you can be confident you are getting the best deal. If you find a lower price anywhere else, they will do their best to match it, beat it, or to include some freebies instead.


There are a ton of other benefits of buying from Heat Press Nation as well, not least of all because of the great customer service and support. Their knowledge and expertise makes buying from them an added advantage. If you’re looking for the best Insta heat press retailer, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Insta heat press machines come with a lifetime warranty on the heating element; a 1 year warranty on the parts & components; and a 90 day warranty on labor.


Thanks for checking out this article, please leave any comments or questions down below.


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