Cricut Maker Review: Pros & Cons Of The New Cricut Machine

The Cricut Maker is the newest Cricut machine.


We’ve been using the Maker for a couple of years now, completing all sorts of projects using HTV and vinyl, cork and felt, cardstock and paper, and so much more!


In this review we’ll take a look at the features, tell you what it can and can’t do, and share where you can find the cheapest Cricut Maker!


Cricut Maker Review


cricut maker review


This Maker is Cricut’s top-of-the-line cutting machine. It can be used for craft & hobby applications, as well as small business application. Hundreds, if not thousands of people, are making an income with the Cricut Maker, selling products on Etsy or FB Marketplace.


The Cricut Maker was released in late 2017 and was an immediate hit with crafters, bloggers, and creative folk all around the world.



  • Best craft cutting machine
  • Beautiful design
  • Quality components
  • Works smoothly
  • Quiet
  • Cuts hundreds of materials
  • Good for business
  • Easy to learn how to use
  • Great support & community
  • Create amazing projects


  • Pricey if only for occasional use
  • Design Space Software can be slow
  • Only comes in 12 inch wide


What Can The Cricut Maker Cut?


cricut maker reviews


Personally, we use the Maker mostly for cutting vinyl and iron-on, but there are so many things you can cut with it!


Compared with the Cricut Explore Air 2, it can cut much lighter and thinner materials such as delicate paper, or harder and thicker materials like leather and chipboard.


Here’s an idea of some of the more unusual materials which can be cut with the Cricut maker.


Fabrics like:

  • sailcloth
  • terry cloth
  • light cotton
  • velveteen
  • garment leather
  • tooling leather
  • nylon
  • bonded polyester
  • muslin

Interesting materials:

  • washi sheet
  • shrinky dink
  • acetate
  • 2.4mm basswood
  • chiffon
  • damask chipboard
  • rice paper
  • moleskin
  • tulle


I’m sure there are a few materials that the Cricut Maker can cut in that list that you’ve never even heard of! I had to look up Shrinky Dink – it’s a type of polystyrene that does some amazing things when heated!


But I’m sure you can see that the Maker is capable of cutting a huge range of fabrics, vinyl, craft boards, papers, and more.


Cricut Maker Projects


Here are some of the projects we’ve made with the Cricut Maker over the past 6 months.


We’re very much into using heat press machines, so you’ll notice they’re mostly heat transfer vinyl projects! Click the image to see the full projects.


cricut maker review what can you make with cricut maker

Easter Onesie

make headbands with cricut maker review


stencil paper cricut maker review

Stencil Paper

cricut maker review what can you make with cricut maker

Glitter HTV

cricut maker review glitter HTV

Kids Tees

cricut maker review cutting iron on

Dad Tees

cricut maker sportflex project


knee patch sweatpants htv

Knee patches


There are so many craft projects that can be done with the Maker. Other popular things people make include:

  • intricate paper flowers
  • quilts
  • soft toys
  • wood model animals
  • scrapbooking decals
  • stencils
  • complex cards & boxes


Cricut Maker Tools


cricut maker review blades


In order to cut all these wonderful materials, there are 6 blades that can be used with the Maker.


The first 3 blades listed below can also be used with the Explore Air 2, while the last 5 blades are exclusively Cricut Maker tools.


The Premium Fine Point Blade – is used for standard materials like HTV and adhesive vinyl

The Deep Point Blade – is used for thicker materials like corrugated paper and thin leather

The Bonded Fabric Blade – is used for cutting bonded fabrics like bonded denim and bonded felt

The Rotary Blade – is best for flexible or soft materials like oilcloth and organza

The Knife Blade – is for cutting even thicker materials like 7 ounce tooling leather or 2.4 mm balsa wood

The Scoring Wheel – single wheel is for thinner materials, double wheel for thicker materials

The Engraving Tool – can be used to engrave a variety of surfaces

The Wavy Blade – cuts with a wavy line

The Debossing Tool – does the opposite of embossing,  pressing down into your cardstock

The Perforation Blade – is used to semi-cut a line. It allows you to create a line that can be cleanly torn or folded.


You do not need to buy all of these blades to start using the Cricut Maker. The machine comes with 2 blades when you buy it: the Fine Point Blade & Housing, and the Knife Blade & Housing. For more beyond this Maker review, see our complete guide to Cricut blades.


Cricut Maker Vs Explore Air 2


cricut maker vs explore air 2


The Cricut Maker is definitely the better machine when compared with the Explore Air 2. The Maker is for those who want and need the best machine possible.


The differences between the Air 2 and the Cricut Maker include:


  • cut hundreds more materials
  • iPad or tablet stand
  • commercial grade cutting power
  • controlled completely through computer (no setting dials)
  • takes a rotary blade, knife blade, and scoring wheel to achieve a much greater range of projects


Read our Cricut Explore Air 2 review for more info!


Buying A Cricut Maker


is the cricut maker worth it


Is the Cricut Maker really worth it?


It deinitely is, if you are going to use it!


However, if you only plan to make t-shirts and cards, then you don’t really need one. For those types of projects, the Explore Air 2 is more than sufficient (it’s also an excellent machine).


However, if you want to keep your options open, and want to try other cool projects in the future, you better go with the Maker.


It’s good to have the option to cut wood, fabric, and delicate materials if I want to. Even though I’m mostly using my machine to cut vinyl, I like knowing I can branch out from time-to-time, and make something a bit more unique.


Cricut Maker Colors


While there aren’t as many Cricut Maker colors as there are Cricut Explore Air 2 colors, there is still a good range. Here are the different colors of Cricut Maker, and you can also use this table to find the cheapest Cricut Maker!


Champagne Cricut Maker

  • The Cricut Maker in Champagne
  • The original color
View On CricutView On AmazonView On Michaels

Blue Cricut Maker

  • The Cricut Maker in Blue
  • A great choice
View On CricutView On AmazonView On Michaels

Mint Cricut Maker

  • The Cricut Maker in Mint
  • Matches with the Mint EasyPress
View On CricutView On AmazonView On Michaels

Rose Cricut Maker

  • The Cricut Maker in Rose
  • Released early on
View On CricutView On AmazonView On Michaels

Lilac Cricut Maker

  • The Cricut Maker in Lilac
  • The latest color
View On CricutView On AmazonView On Joanns

If you…

  • love trying new things
  • enjoy learning new skills and are interested in personal development
  • want the best tools and equipment
  • love quality design, manufacturing, and ease of use
  • love making awesome gifts and products for friends, family, and business


… then you should defintely grab yourself a Maker!


You should also take a look at these Cricut Maker Bundles. Sometimes if you know what you’re into, grabbing a bundle can be the cheaper option.


Thanks for taking the time to read this Cricut Maker Review. We hope it’s helped you to know if you should get this machine. Please leave any comments or questions down below!



(Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy here.)


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