DIY Preschool T-Shirt | Glitter HTV & Cricut Maker *PROJECT*

My little girl is starting preschool soon, so I’ve made her a cute DIY preschool t-shirt.


In this post you will see how to:

  • prepare an SVG in Cricut Design Space
  • cut and prepare a glitter iron-on design with the Cricut Maker
  • heat press a glitter HTV design onto a kids t-shirt


How To Heat Press A Kids T-Shirt


how to heat press kids preschool t-shirt


For this project I’m using Siser glitter HTV, the Cricut Maker, and the PowerPress heat press (links to product reviews).


I’m using this SVG from Creative Fabrica for my t-shirt.


Machines & Supplies (links to purchase):


How to cut Siser Glitter HTV:

  • Mirror design in Cricut Design Space
  • Select Glitter Iron On in custom material settings
  • Place Glitter HTV shiny (colored and glittery) side down on the cutting mat
  • Once cut, weed away any excess HTV that is not part of your design


How to press Siser Glitter HTV with a heat press:

  • Open heat press before turning it on
  • Set temperature to 320°F and allow to heat up
  • Pre-press your t-shirt for 2-3 seconds (check and adjust the pressure while pre-pressing)
  • Place design onto shirt, cover with a Teflon sheet and press with firm pressure for 15-20 seconds
  • Peel carrier sheet warm


First Day Of Preschool Shirt


To get started, I’ve uploaded the SVG to Cricut Design Space.


Next, I need to decide on the size I want it for my toddler t-shirt. The design I’m using comes pre-welded, which is a good thing to check before cutting it out. If the design is not welded, it will not cut as one, and will not be suitable for transfer.


The downside to a pre-welded design is that I do not have the option to ungroup the words and change them into different colors. So I’m stuck with using one color of HTV (unless I want to use the contour tool and separate all the elements in the design… but that’s a tutorial for another day).


Nevertheless, I think this design will look awesome in a single color anyway!


how to make a custom preschool t shirt


Since I’m just using one color of HTV, I’ve just got one mat. I’ve selected the mirror option so that the Maker will cut my design in reverse.


custom preschool t shirt with glitter heat transfer vinyl


To cut glitter HTV, just search for glitter in your custom material settings and select ‘Glitter Iron-On’.


cricut glitter htv t shirt


Place the glitter heat transfer vinyl shiny (glittery) side down on the mat. Leave plenty of room behind your machine if you’re using a Maker, as it will scan through the whole mat before cutting. You won’t need to worry about this if you’ve got an Explore machine.


cricut maker glitter htv vinyl for tshirts explore air 2


Glitter iron on is a bit challenging to weed…can YOU see any cut lines?! Light pads for weeding are especially handy for these jobs (other weeding tricks).


glitter htv preschool tshirt weeding


It’s a very easy type of HTV to work with though, barely any resistance at all! All done!


cricut maker glitter htv vinyl for tshirts


To press glitter HTV I turned on my heat press and set the temperature to 320°F and allowed it to heat up. Make sure you always OPEN your heat press before you turn it on!!


how to heat press tshirt with glitter htv


As well as setting the temperature, I’ve also set my timer for 15 seconds (Siser glitter should be pressed for 15-20 seconds).


cricut maker glitter htv vinyl for tshirts


Next I pre-pressed my shirt for a couple seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture from the fabric.


how to heat press power press heat press machine


I placed my design onto the shirt, covered it with a Teflon sheet and pressed it for 15 seconds at 320°F using firm pressure.


glitter htv instructions heat press machines


I allowed it to cool for just a few seconds. The carrier sheet is a warm peel.


glitter iron on instructions siser easyweed cricut


Looking good!


peel htv away glitter siser cricut heat press


An easy heat press project = a very special first official day of preschool for my little girl!


finished glitter iron on project with cricut machine


Siser Glitter HTV always comes out looking fantastic.



Leave a comment below and let me know if you decide to make this project as well! It’s the perfect preschool t-shirt SVG, isn’t it?


Cute Preschool T-Shirt


glitter htv preschool t shirt ideas


Please let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Here are some further resources you might like to check out:


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