Freezer Paper Stencil T-Shirt With Speedball Ink *PROJECT*

Thanks so much to Jenny C for submitting these fun freezer paper stencil projects, made with her Cricut Maker!


Using Speedball Screen Printing Ink and freezer paper stencils is a great way to make custom DIY t-shirts. We’ve got a whole range to share with you in this post!


Freezer Paper Stencils With Cricut


DIY star wars t-shirt freezer paper project speedball screen printing ink


Materials needed:


Optional materials:

  • Weeding tools
  • Sponge brush (different texture)
  • Hair dryer (for faster drying times)


The Method:

There are multiple ways of making t-shirts with freezer paper and screen printing ink. The following method was used for all the photo examples below. We’ll share another method after the video at the end of the post.

  1. Choose a design (free SVGs here) & reverse the image
  2. Place a sheet of freezer paper onto heat transfer tape with the shiny side up
  3. Place the freezer paper/heat transfer tape combo onto the mat with the transfer tape at the bottom
  4. Load into the machine and cut image – using the paper setting on a Cricut machine should work, but do some test cuts first (you only want to cut the freezer paper layer, without cutting the transfer tape)
  5. While still on the mat, weed out the parts of the image you want to appear on the shirt
  6. Place baking paper and/or a Teflon sheet inside the t-shirt to prevent ink going through onto the back of the tee
  7. Lift the transfer tape and freezer paper from the mat and position onto your pre-ironed t-shirt
  8. Iron the freezer paper into place
  9. Peel away the heat transfer tape
  10. Paint over stencil
  11. Allow to dry (make take 2-3 hours to air dry, or can be sped up with a hair dryer on warm)
  12. Peel away the freezer paper stencil
  13. Cover with baking paper and iron for a further 2 or 3 minutes to set the screen printing ink


Check out the video at the end of the post to see a very similar but alternative method. But for now, check out these awesome freezer paper stencil projects!


1. Disney T-Shirts


To start, the freezer paper and heat transfer tape are placed onto the mat, freezer paper on top. The design is cut out of the freezer paper (in reverse) with the Cricut Maker.



The parts of the design that will appear on the shirt are weeded away to reveal a Cricut Mickey Mouse, Goofy, & Daffy! (Disney fonts & SVGs for Cricut here).


cricut mickey mouse freezer paper stencil speedball screen printing


The stencils are removed from the mat and placed down (freezer paper against the tee) and pressed onto the t-shirt.


mickey mouse cricut freezer paper stencil speedball screen printing ink


When the stencils are in place, the heat transfer tape can be peeled away. The stencil is then painted with Speedball screen printing ink.


mickey mouse cricut freezer paper project with speedball screen printing ink


The painted stencils can be blow-dried to help them dry quicker.


cricut mickey mouse disney speedball ink freezer paper project


When the fabric ink is dry, the freezer paper is peeled away and the t-shirt is complete! Use a heat press machine or iron to set the ink.


diy disney t shirts cricut speedball ink & freezer paper


Here’s another Disney freezer paper stencil being ironed into place. You can see the heat transfer tape over top.


Disneyland 2019 t shirt custom DIY cricut freezer paper project


This is a great way to make colorful DIY Disney t-shirts for all the family.


Cricut disney t shirt mickey mouse freezer paper project with speedball ink


And here is another very intricate freezer paper transfer, using multiple colors. How long did this take to weed?!


disneyland 2019 speedball ink transfer for fabric with freezer paper


2: DIY Star Wars Baby Onesie


Reynolds freezer paper is used to make this Star Wars stencil.


reynolds freezer paper stencil project with Cricut


Speedball screen printing ink is awesome for t-shirt stencil projects, and is available in at least 14 different colors.


black speedball ink star wars t shirt with freezer paper stencil


The image is cut out and weeded, and then painted with the fabric ink.


custom star wars t shirt made with freezer paper stencil and speedball ink


When the stencil is dry the freezer paper is peeled away… to reveal the coolest little baby bodysuit you could have! You can grab the Star Wars Storm Poopers SVG here.


storm pooper svg for cricut freezer paper project


And another cute baby onesie with stars and stripes (SVG here).


DIY stars and stripes baby onesie with freezer paper SVG fabric ink


3. Large Freezer Paper T-shirt Transfer


Here are all the materials used for this next t-shirt stencil project.


materials needed to make a freezer paper transfer for a custom t shirt


The design is cut out with the Cricut, weeded, and ironed onto the t-shirt.


press the freezer paper stencil onto the t-shirt with an iron or heat press machine


The stencil is securely in place and the heat transfer tape is peeled away. The stencil is painted over with Speedball fabric ink.


paint speedball screen printing ink onto the freezer paper stencil


The stencil is dried with a blow-dryer to help it dry quicker.


use a hair dryer to dry out the ink on the freezer paper stencil for cricut


Once the stencil is all dry, the freezer paper is peeled away. The t-shirt is finished. This method works great! (Water was accidentally dripped onto the ‘O’ ?).


finally remove freezer paper stencil and press ink to set


Alternative Method Of Stencil Transfer


The following video is excellent at showing how to make a t shirt with freezer paper, with all the instructions captioned throughout the process. I’ll outline the slight differences from the previous method below.



The differences:

  • only the freezer paper is applied to the cutting mat, the design is weeded, then the heat transfer tape is used to transfer and apply the design to the t-shirt
  • you do not have to mirror your design if doing it this way
  • the benefit of this method is that you don’t have to worry about cutting through the transfer tape underneath the freezer paper
  • the benefit of the other method is that it’s easier to move an intricate design (such as the large Disneyland transfer) off the cutting mat and onto the tee


Leave us a comment down below and let us know if you’ve tried these methods, or if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!



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