Cricut Iron On Lite Project – DIY Peter Rabbit Throw Pillow

How to make a custom throw pillow with Cricut Iron On Lite!


I wanted to make something really cute and personal for my daughter this week. She’s coming up 3, will soon learn to read, and has always loved Peter rabbit. What could be better than a custom Peter Rabbit throw pillow?


A great typewriter font that I found on (sponsors of this post) will be perfect for the project!


Cricut Iron On Lite


cricut iron on lite review


I’ll also be testing out Cricut Iron On Lite for this project.


Iron On Lite is very similar to Cricut Everyday Iron On, but it has a matte finish rather than semi gloss. The Lite is also said to be better for garments.


Because I want to do a text design to show off the font, I’m pressing the first sentence of ‘The Tale Of Peter Rabbit’ onto a throw pillow.


Here are a few more custom pillow cover ideas. Even use a free font from FontBundles!

  • An inspirational quote – ‘If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?’
  • The name of the giftee – ‘My Beloved Myrtle’
  • A Bible verse – ‘The Lord your God is with you wherever you go’


Travelling Typewriter Font Alternative


Peter Rabbit is a classic story, and the original book is written in a typewriter font. When I saw the font ‘Intellecta Typewriter‘ from Font Bundles, I knew it would be perfect for this project.


It’s similar to the popular ‘Travelling Typewriter Font’, and is a good alternative if you need it for commercial use.


When purchased through Fontbundles, your fonts, clipart, or other design files include a commercial use license. The free Travelling Typewriter font does not!


travelling typewriter font alternative


I ordered and downloaded the font, and then installed it onto my computer.


This is done by locating the downloaded file on the computer, opening it, and clicking ‘install’. You can read more about how to install fonts in Design Space if you need to!


travelling typewriter font commercial use


Text Design In Cricut Design Space


I copied my quote, selected the text option, and pasted it onto the canvas in Design Space. Then I selected to change the font, started typing the name of my new font, and it appeared below the search bar.


bohemian typewriter font 1950s fonts


Voila! My brand new font.


I love old fashioned book fonts and typewriter fonts – they look great. Now it’s time to play around with my text and arrange it how I would like it to appear on the pillow cover.


how to edit text in cricut design space


It was really hard to decide… left alignment or center alignment?


how to make a design in cricut design space


I decided left alignment was better as it’s more “book-like”. Next decision… should ‘ONCE’ be in all caps, or not?


Upper case ‘ONCE’ is a little more interesting!


cricut iron on lite vs regular


Next I worked out what size I wanted my design to be. My throw pillow cover is just under 16 x 16 inches so I decided I wanted my design to be 11 x 11 inches (as Cricut Iron On is only 12 inches wide anyway).


I changed the width of my project to 11 inches wide, and then simply increased the line spacing until the height was about 11 inches too. This made my project as square as possible.


Here’s a view of my mat. The mirror option is selected for heat transfer vinyl.


cricut iron on vs iron on lite


How To Cut Cricut Iron On Lite


Here’s a look at the blank pillow cover, and we’re using using black Cricut Iron-On Lite.


HTV peter rabbit crafts


Here’s the Cricut Explore Air 2 all set and ready to cut out my design.


The Cricut HTV is placed shiny side down on the mat, and the Air 2 dial is set to ‘Iron-On’. If using the Maker you can select Iron On Lite on the computer before cutting.


how to cut cricut iron on lite


Once cut, it’s time to weed out the excess vinyl.


We have a post with vinyl weeding tips, but you can see that I forgot to take my own advice – it’s much easier to weed the inside cavities of the letters first before pulling away all of the excess vinyl. That’s because the carrier sheet is so sticky!


how to use cricut iron on


How To Press Cricut Iron On Lite


Always make sure you pre-press your fabric to remove any wrinkles and moisture.


Do this for 10-15 seconds with a household iron, or 2-3 seconds with a heat press. This will help the heat transfer vinyl adhere better to the fabric.


cricut iron on vinyl instructions


And here’s the finished product. I think it was the perfect font for this project, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.


peter rabbit crafts for girls


Pick up some Cricut Iron On Lite, choose a font from Fontbundles, and make something yourself today!



(This post is sponsored by All opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy here.)


free typewriter font

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