Cricut Iron On Vinyl – The Cricut Range + Tips For Best Application

Cricut Iron On Vinyl is one of my favorite heat transfer vinyls.


While it took me a while to learn how to get the best results from it, I’m very happy with the quality. Previously, I mostly used Siser EasyWeed HTV, but Cricut Iron On Vinyl acts slightly differently and you’ve got to get familiar with it!



The full range of Cricut HTV includes:

  1. Cricut Everyday Iron On
  2. Cricut Iron On Lite
  3. Cricut Sportflex
  4. Cricut Glitter Iron On
  5. Cricut Foil Iron On
  6. Cricut Holographic Sparkle Iron On
  7. Cricut Patterned Iron On


I’ll tell you all about them and then I want to share with you my tips for how to best apply it.


Cricut Iron On Vinyl


Cricut Iron On can be applied using:

I use all of these machines and can happily state that Cricut Iron On Vinyl can be applied very well with all.


Also, not only can Cricut Iron On be cut with a Cricut cutting machine (what is the best Cricut machine?), but it perfectly suits Silhouette and Brother cutting machines as well.


In the following list of all the types of Iron On vinyl for Cricut, I will link to both Amazon and Cricut.com – make sure you compare prices to get the best vinyl deals!


Cricut Everyday Iron On Vinyl


cricut everyday iron on vinyl

Everday iron on vinyl for Cricut is the standard HTV in Cricut’s range. This is a strong wearing heat transfer vinyl that can last over 50 machine washes. This iron on is great for a range of HTV projects, including wooden signs, backpacks, reverse canvases, and so on.


It comes in over 25 different colors, including:

  • Neon orange
  • Ocean
  • Lilac

Try It Out


Cricut Iron On Lite

cricut iron on lite heat transfer vinyl for cutting machine

Cricut Iron On Lite is another of the standard Cricut HTV vinyls. Iron On Lite differs from Cricut Everyday Iron On in that it is a matte finish HTV, rather than having a semi-gloss finish. It is also more suited to clothing than the Everyday HTV.


It is available in over 20 different colors, including:


I’ve always got some white and black Cricut Iron On Lite in my vinyl store and make sure I never run out. I admit I need to experiment with the other wonderful colors a bit more though! You can see a recent project I made with Cricut Iron On Lite here.





Cricut Iron On Glitter


Cricut iron on glitter vinyl cutting machine heat press

I love Cricut Glitter Iron On… well, let’s be honest, I love any glitter heat transfer vinyl! Glitter vinyl is thicker and harder than other vinyls.


Cricut’s range includes many colors that you won’t find elsewhere, including the Florescent Pink color above! Other colors of Cricut glitter vinyl include:


Sounds interesting, huh!? I can picture my friend asking, ‘hey, what color glitter HTV is that on your new tee?’ And then I get to say, ‘Eggplant!’





Cricut Iron On Foil


cricut iron on foil HTV heat press easy cutting machine


Another awesome HTV is Cricut Foil Iron On. The image above is showing the Iron On Foil Bejeweled Sampler pack, which comes with 4 12 x 12 vinyl sheets for Cricut.


The colors are:

  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Violet
  • Emerald Green


They also have many other colors of Foil Iron On, such as Rose Gold, for sale in individual rolls.





Cricut Holographic Sparkle Iron On


Cricut Iron On holographic sparkle cutting machine easy press

Cricut Holographic Sparkle Iron On is a relatively new addition to the Cricut HTV range – and I’ve personally not yet tried it! However, I do need to get myself some to try it out.


It is sold in a 12 x 24 inch roll and is great for decorating bags, pencil cases, baby onesies, and of course t-shirts! It’s not just holographic, and it’s not just sparkle, it’s holographic sparkle!





Sportflex Cricut Vinyl Iron On


Cricut iron on sportflex heat press cutting machine crafts

Cricut Sportflex Iron On is made especially for those stretchier garments: polyester, nylon, sportswear, etc. It is a really thin and flexible heat transfer vinyl – my preferred type to be honest! The image above is of the Sportflex Sampler Pack containing 3 sheets of vinyl.


Sportflex comes in many colors:


There is also the Sportflex Metallics Sampler Pack which contains 3 Iron On vinyl sheets of Lavender Metallic, Rose Gold Metallic, and Ocean Metallic. Sounds nice!





Cricut Patterned Iron On Vinyl


cricut patterned vinyl

And last but most pretty! Cricut Patterned Iron On HTV. Pictured above is the In Bloom Pink Sampler.

I absolutely love patterned HTV – it’s so different from having single colored vinyl. It is especially good if you are using it with animal SVG files or something like that – projects where you have thicker sections of the patterned iron on to show off.


You can see the patterned iron-on project I made using the In Bloom Pink Sampler.





So that is the range of Cricut Iron On Vinyls. They are always working on new and wonderful things and so I’ll update this list as necessary.


There used to be a product called Cricut Flocked Iron On as well, but they seem to have stopped making this for the time being because I can’t find it anywhere! Flocked vinyl is a fluffy or furry heat transfer vinyl that is a lot of fun to make t-shirts with!


Another buying option is Cricut Bulk Iron On. You are able to buy large rolls of Cricut Iron On at heavily discounted prices. If you have a big run of garments coming up then this is a way to get cheap Cricut Iron On vinyl. Take a look and see for yourself.


Now let me give you some tips on how to apply Cricut Iron On vinyl.



Cricut Iron On Vinyl Application Tips


Doing a Cricut iron on transfer is a lot of fun – at least until something doesn’t go quite right! It’s heartbreaking when you’ve spent all this time designing, cutting and weeding a design, for it to go wrong when it comes time to press.


I’ve had that happen a few times, but I’ve worked out what my problem was.


Each different type of vinyl listed above is going to have it’s ideal time and temperature setting, so you need to read the instructions first and follow them, but if you are still having trouble try out the following ideas.


My Iron On vinyl would melt in different areas – like it would almost turn liquid! Most of the transfer would be perfectly good, but then there would just be one small section of the design that would be melted.


If this occurred while I was using my iron, the problem was twofold:

  1. I had my iron set to too high a temperature. For my particular transfer I needed to set my iron to halfway between linen and cotton, and I was setting mine more towards the cotton side thinking that ‘the hotter the better the transfer’. Not so – it melts it!
  2. I was using thin parchment paper that did not adequately protect the Cricut iron on transfer. When I also put a thin dish towel over the transfer, I stopped having this issue. I have also got some new Teflon sheets on the way – these are thicker and better than parchment paper.


For the full guide on how to apply Cricut Iron On (with all the varieties) see the guide ‘Working With Cricut Iron-On’. I’ll leave you with that, but please leave any questions or comments in the box below. Thanks!


IRON-ON VINYL FOR CRICUT: From Cricut.com OR From Amazon.com


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