Cricut Easy Press Review: 35 Pros & Cons Of The Cricut Heat Press

Is the Cricut Easy Press the right machine for you?


The EasyPress is a unique way to press heat transfers – it’s not quite an iron, and not quite a heat press machine. It’s the Cricut heat press… in its own category!


We personally own 3 EasyPress machines (the original EasyPress, the 6 x 7 EasyPress 2, and the EasyPress mini), and so we write with a bit of experience!


Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Cricut EasyPress Review
  • Find the cheapest Cricut EasyPress
  • Compare EasyPress Vs Iron
  • Compare EasyPress Vs Heat Press
  • EasyPress Pros & Cons
  • Alternatives to the EasyPress


The Cricut Easy Press


Cricut EasyPress Review
  • User Experience
  • Specifications
  • Design
  • Community
  • Value For Money

Cricut EasyPress Summary



The Cricut EasyPress is a machine for pressing heat transfers onto t-shirts and other garments and surfaces. You can press transfers made from iron-on (HTV), inkjet transfers, and even sublimation transfers with the EasyPress 2.

You are able to set the exact time and temperature on the machine, things which set it apart from an ordinary household iron. It is compact and easy to store, while being an effective means of achieving quality transfers.

The EasyPress is VERY easy to learn how to use – trust me, if you can use a Cricut cutting machine, you can use this, no trouble.

Compare prices to make sure you get the best price on the Cricut EasyPress.




  • larger pressing area than iron
  • easy to use
  • digital time & temp display
  • fast to reach temperature
  • flat pressing surface
  • auto shut-off
  • safe to use
  • press on many surfaces
  • compact, light, & portable
  • great support
  • even better community
  • good manuals & resources



  • manually press down
  • 12 x 10″ is the largest press
  • costly


The Cricut EasyPress 2 (which is an improvement on the first) is available in 4 sizes.


The 4 sizes are:


Cricut EasyPress Colors


There are 7 great Cricut EasyPress Colors. Here they all are, along with where you can get them!


Raspberry EasyPress

  • Available in all three EasyPress sizes
  • Original color of the EasyPress 2
  • Raspberry
View On AmazonView On CricutView On Michaels

Mint EasyPress

  • Available in all three EasyPress sizes
  • Choose the size that suits you best
  • Mint
View On AmazonView On CricutView On Michaels

Lilac EasyPress

  • Only in 10 x 12 inch model
  • Largest EasyPress size
  • Lilac
View On CricutView On Michaels

Blue EasyPress

  • Only in 10 x 12 inch model
  • Largest EasyPress size
  • Blue
View On CricutView On Michaels

Rose EasyPress

  • Only in 10 x 12 inch model
  • In support of breast cancer awareness
  • Rose
View On CricutView On Michaels

Vanilla EasyPress

  • Only in 9 x 9 inch model
  • Martha Stewert EasyPress Bundle
  • Exclusive to Michaels Stores
View On Michaels

EasyPress Mini

  • Only in Raspberry color
  • Small press for tiny transfers in awkward spots
  • Expected in new colors
View On AmazonView On CricutView On Michaels

Sky Blue EasyPress 1

  • Only in 9 x 9 inch model
  • Original Cricut EasyPress
  • The 2nd gen EasyPress has better features
View On AmazonView On Michaels

EasyPress Features & Improvements


There are some significant differences between the original blue EasyPress, and the EasyPress 2. These include improvements in technology, added features, and other refinements to make the product better.


Here’s what changed:

  • It is now in 4 different sizes, instead of the one 9 x 9 EasyPress
  • The new machine remembers previous press time
  • The EasyPress 2 has a higher max temp of 400°F
  • It can press more materials and transfers
  • The new machine heats up to 25% quicker than the original
  • It has a thicker heat plate with less temperature variance
  • A much improved safety base that protects the surface underneath better
  • EasyPress 2 has a USB port for firmware updates
  • The color has changed from sky blue to raspberry red (and Mint, etc)


easypress 2 what is different


With EasyPress 1, each time you pressed you needed to reset the time and temperature. EasyPress 2 remembers the previous press settings, speeding up production when pressing multiple shirts at a time.


What Can You Make With The EasyPress?


What sort of projects can you do with the Cricut EasyPress? T-shirts, t-shirts, and more t-shirts!


Here are a bunch of EasyPress projects that I have done over the past year or two. Just click on the picture and you’ll go to the full tutorial.


using the cricut easypress

Foil Iron On

cricut explore air 2 projects

Transfer Paper

cricut easypress patterned vinyl project dress on black top

Patterned HTV

cricut easypress review

Cricut Sportflex

reverse canvas project with cricut easypress 2

Reverse Canvas

what can i make with the cricut explore air 2

Throw Pillow Covers

storage ideas for cricut explore air 2

Cricut Storage

cricut easy press projects

Kids Tee


And while I tend to only make t-shirts, you can press on all sorts of other garments and surfaces. Other cool ideas are:

  • Cardstock
  • Wood
  • Silk
  • Canvas
  • Burlap
  • Jersey mesh


There really are a ton of things you can do! Compare today’s prices on Michaels, Cricut, & Amazon.


Now, compare the EasyPress with an Iron.


Cricut Easy Press Vs Iron

Here are the reasons the EasyPress is better than an iron.


1. Larger Press Area


The Easy Press has a larger heat plate than an iron.

With a 9 x 9 inch pressing surface, Cricut’s press is far larger than a regular iron. This means:

  • Each press will be done quicker
  • You won’t have to press as many times all over the transfer as with an iron
  • You can be confident larger transfers are receiving equal time, heat, and pressure – essential to a successful press

The EasyPress 2 is available in 4 sizes: 6 x 7 inches, 9 x 9 inches, 10 x 12 inches, and the Mini. All are larger than your standard iron.


2. Easier To Press


You do not have to apply as much pressure as you do with an iron.

The EasyPress weighs 11 pounds (5 kgs), while the EasyPress 2 weighs between 5 & 14 pounds (depending on which size you choose), and so the weight of it provides the pressure. You only have to press down a little. The average household iron weighs 3 -4 pounds, so the EasyPress provides more weight and pressure.


3. Digital Timer


The Easy Press has a digital time display.

You can set the timer to the precise time your heat transfer vinyl manufacturer specifies and lift her up at the right time. Irons can’t count down like this! Once you have placed the EasyPress into position upon your project, you need to press the Cricut C button to start the countdown timer. The machine will beep once the set time has elapsed.


4. Digital Temperature Display


It also has a digital temperature setting!

Unlike an iron, where you’re usually setting the dial “somewhere between linen and cotton”, you can set the exact temperature. No more mystery, no more guessing. Set the perfect temperature for your HTV.

The EasyPress 1 has an adjustable temperature up to 350℉, while the EasyPress 2 has a max temperature of 400℉ (allowing you to do sublimation transfers as well).

An orange light tells you the machine is heating up, and a green light means go!


5. A Faster Press


The Cricut press is quicker than an iron.

Because it can reach higher temperatures and weighs more than an iron, it doesn’t take as long for the transfer to adhere to the t-shirt.


6. Even Heat


The Easy Press distributes heat better than an iron.

It is designed to keep a consistent heat across the platen for the purposes of heat transfer. Unlike a household iron which is there to get wrinkles out of your clothes. The hot plate of the EasyPress is made of aluminium covered in ceramic – nice!


7. A Flat Surface And No Steam Holes


The Cricut Press does not have steam holes.

Irons have steam holes (unless it’s a dry iron) which cause unequal pressure, and can result in a lower quality transfer. The HTV being pressed under a hole will not adhere as well – there’s no pressure!

For the perfect transfer you want nice equal pressure undisturbed by holes or lumps. The flatter the better.


8. A Better Press


Cricut’s machine will produce a higher quality result.

Being able to press with more pressure, a more accurate time and even temperature, the resulting product is superior to an iron on transfer.


9. Auto Shut Off


The Easy Press has an auto shut off feature.

This is really cool! How many times have you accidentally left your iron going? Or left the house and then had that horrible feeling that you’ve left it on?

The auto shut off feature turns the press off after 10 minutes of inactivity. It’s not a hassle if you are still using it either because it heats up so quickly.


10. Can Press On More Substrates


Not only does the EasyPress transfer onto fabric, but onto a range of other surfaces as well. These include the following:

  • Cardstock
  • Wood
  • Silk
  • Canvas
  • Burlap
  • Jersey mesh

And more!  View Cricut’s recommended settings for each material here.


So you can see why the EasyPress is much much better than an iron!



Now let’s compare the EasyPress with a traditional heat press machine.


Cricut Easy Press Vs Heat Press


Now we’ll compare the EasyPress with a heat press machine. These are the reasons an EasyPress is better or on par with a heat press.


1. Quick Heat Up


The Easy Press heats up faster than a heat press machine.

I often use my EasyPress over my heat press simply for this reason! A heat press typically takes 10 – 15 minutes to get to a pressing temperature of between 300 – 350 degrees. The EasyPress takes 2 – 3 minutes. It’s so much easier if you’re just doing one or two things.


2. Safer


There is less chance of burning yourself with the Cricut press.

The safety tray keeps you from getting burnt. With heat press machines you must place your hands under the hot platen to arrange the tee and transfer (especially with a clamshell heat press). But with Cricut’s machine you only have to lift it off the tray and place it down upon your project.


3. Smaller


Good for those who don’t have enough room for a heat press.

This is a very compact, small heat press that is easily hidden away. The small size is not so imposing in your craft room, living room or bedroom.


4. Lighter


If it’s smaller, it’s a good guess to say it’s going to be lighter.

And it is! Compared to a heat press this is a very light machine. A standard 15 x 15 heat press weighs over 60 pounds (28 kgs), while Cricut’s press weighs between 5 and 15 pounds (depending on which size you get).

Obviously that’s a huge difference! It’s not a two person job getting it into place.


5. Portable


Because it is smaller and lighter, it is very portable

You can take this to your friend’s house, on vacation, or lend it to the neighbor without any hassle.


6. Easy To Store


Compared with a heat press, it is easy to store.

A heat press really needs a dedicated space because it’s so hard to get into position. The EasyPress will fit in a draw – that is, unless you don’t want to hide it away because it’s so pretty!


17. Oldie Friendly


Good for older people with arthritis and other health struggles.

The Easy Press requires minimal added pressure (at least, a lot less than an iron), and there isn’t any difficulty involved in opening and closing it (like with a heat press). Older, more frail people can keep making tees into the 100’s and beyond with this press! Haha.


8. Kid Friendly


Many have found the Easy Press good for younger children to use.

Maybe even down to an age of 10 (though adult supervision is essential!). Kids and teens can make their own t-shirts with this press because it is easy to use and quite safe. A young entrepreneur might even be able to make t-shirts to sell with the Easy Press – an awesome way to teach kids about business.


9. Great For Small Transfer Jobs


If you are doing smaller transfers, the EasyPress is great.

If you are doing lots of kids t-shirts or baby onesies then you don’t need a big clunky heat press. The 9 x 9 inch EasyPress hot plate will be plenty big enough.


10. User Manual


Comes with a great reference manual.

See the EasyPress manual here (for both the EasyPress 1 & 2). Most of the Chinese heat presses come with extremely basic instructions which are often difficult to understand. The benefit of the Easy Press is that it comes with a good guide, and there are also a huge amount of online resources available to get you going.

See How to Use Your Cricut EasyPress at Cricut’s website, along with all the Easy Press settings.


11. Better For One-Off Jobs


The Easy Press is perfect for doing one or two tees here and there.

Because it heats up so quickly and it’s easy to get out and set up, it’s not a hassle to do so just for one or two t-shirts. A heat press is going to take a whole lot of time to get going and sometimes it just doesn’t feel worth it!


12. Transfers Last Just As Long


The EasyPress performs just as well as a heat press.

When it comes to transfer adhesion and longevity,  after doing comparison tests, the EasyPress performs very well and last just as long as a transfer done with a heat press.


The EasyPress compares well with heat press machines, especially for craft applications. There are definitely occasions where an EasyPress is not as good. We’ll take a look at when a heat press is preferable below.



More EasyPress Pros


Here are some more reasons you should consider buying an EasyPress. These are further reasons that are not so much related to irons and heat press machines.


13. Huge, Helpful Facebook Communities


So many options!

There are dozens of Cricut Facebook groups with tens of thousands of members. There are general ‘ask anything Cricut related’ groups, and there are smaller niche groups inside the Cricut Community.

Here are a few to give you an idea of what’s out there:

  • Cricut Design Space – The largest Cricut group with almost 200,000 members. A very busy group of people who know what they are doing and happily answer questions, share finished projects, and give great advice.
  • Let’s Learn Cricut Design Space – Over 100,000 members. A general but passionate group of Cricuteers.
  • Cricut For The Classroom – Over 20,000 members. This group is especially for teachers looking to spruce up their classrooms!
  • All Things Cricut Wedding – Over 12,000 members. A group especially for those wanting to decorate their wedding with their Cricut!


14. Able To Press A Range Of Materials


The Cricut press can press anything that a heat press can press.

The types of heat transfers you can press with it include:glitter htv for use with the easy press

  • Regular HTV
  • Flocked vinyl
  • Glitter vinyl
  • Metallic
  • Products like EasyWeed Foil
  • Rhinestone transfers

Also possible: The Cricut Easy Press & t shirt transfer paper. You can use Avery t shirt transfer paper with the EasyPress.


15. A Great Safety Base


The safety base is what the press heats up on and can rest on between uses.

It is insulated and won’t get hot itself, and it will protect whatever it is resting upon.


16. Live Customer Support


At Cricut’s contact page you can live chat, phone (during normal business hours), or email for support.

The availability of such support is worth its weight in gold if you have any issues!


17. Amazing Amazon Reviews


Always at or near the top of Amazon’s best heat press list.

I can’t say how many reviews the Easy Press has, or what the star rating is right here because it’s always subject to change. But let me just say the reviews are amazingly good and the star rating is as good as can be!


So those are my reasons why you should buy a Cricut Press – though I’m sure there are more! Let me know your reasons in the comments section below and I’ll add them to the list.


Remember to always compare prices!



8 Easy Press Cons


Well, there were 27 pros and now there are only 8 cons – if it were a numbers game, the Easy Press would be winning! But honestly, this press is not perfect for everybody and every job. Here are the Easy Press Cons.


I’ll break them into sections again:

  1. Iron vs EasyPress
  2. Heat press vs EasyPress

And then some more general reasons why the Easy Press may not be for everybody.


Iron Vs EasyPress


Here are some of the reasons an iron is better than the Cricut EasyPress.


1. Size


An iron is even smaller than the EasyPress!

If you are super limited in your space then an iron would be better – it’s smaller and easier to store.


2. Cost


An iron is much cheaper than the Easy Press, and you probably already have one.

The cost of Cricut’s press is not much less than a cheap traditional heat press. Some people think that it is overpriced. I think for what you are getting it is a fair price.


Heat Press Vs EasyPress


Nearly there… here are the reasons a heat press is better than an EasyPress.


3. Larger Transfers


A heat press is better for larger transfers.

9 x 9 inches (or 10 x 12 inches as the largest EasyPress) is much bigger than an iron, but it is still a small pressing area. If you intend on doing large transfers on larger t-shirts, you will be better off getting a 15 x 15 inch heat press machine instead.


4. More Pressure


A heat press can produce a higher pressure than the Easy Press.

It clamps shut and maintains pressure until opened again. The Easy Press needs to be pressed down. A transfer that calls for medium pressure can be pressed gently with one hand, while one calling for firm pressure will need a firm two handed press and hold.


5. Quicker


Most heat press transfers are completed in 10-15 seconds with a heat press.

The Easy Press can take a bit longer than this, especially as Cricut recommends hitting the back of the transfer with a press as well to seal the deal.


6. Pressing Around Seams


The Easy Press may not be as good around seams as a traditional press.

Maintaining equal pressure is extremely important for the best heat transfer. Seams, pockets, etc. can cause inconsistent pressure. This is an issue with heat press machines as well, although the use of a heat press pillow helps.

There is also a trick to using the Easy Press around seams which involves pressing over a towel. Read Cricut’s instructions on this topic here.


7. Cost (Again)


The price of the EasyPress compared with a cheap heat press is very similar.

The EasyPress is a bit cheaper, but some may prefer to pay the additional cost for a traditional heat press as pictured below.


8. Made For North American Power Supply


This machine CAN now be used outside of North America. The Easy Press CAN now be used in New Zealand, Australia, UK, etc. You can generally purchase it in your country of residence.


Canada, Mexico and the US are all on 120 volts so the US EasyPress will work fine in these spots.


  • New Zealand electricity is supplied at 230/240 volts
  • Australian electricity is supplied at 230 volts
  • United Kingdom’s power is supplied at 230 volts


Cricut EasyPress 2 Review


Well what can I say after all that, but that this machine rocks! In a recent post all about heat press machines, I re-categorized the EP as a Heat Press Iron. It’s not an iron,  it’s not a traditional heat press – it’s a heat press iron!


I think in light of the pros and cons, the Easy Press would make a great addition to the craft room. To an extent, it is also good for small business. However, if your business is very busy, a quicker option would be better and you should consider a heat press machine.


If you’re like me, you always want to know what exactly a purchase is going to come with. So let’s check that out.


Cricut Easy Press Unboxing


What comes with the Cricut EasyPress?  Along with the machine, here’s what’s included:

  • The safety base is included
  • A quick time and temperature reference for pressing various transfers (can also be found here)
  • A welcome booklet (can also be found here)
  • Some practice project materials
  • Warranty
cricut easypress 6 x 7
Cricut EasyPress 9 x 9
Cricut EasyPress 10 x 12


What Else Do You Need?


There are always going to be additional expenses when you buy a product like this. Here are other things you need to get with an Easy Press:

  • The Cricut Easy Press Mat – Place the mat under your project and press on top of it to protect the surface underneath. Cricut will be putting out their own pad at a later date.
  • A Cricut cutting machine – The Explore Air 2 is the affordable option. Consider the Maker if you have money to invest. Want more info? What Cricut Should I Get?
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl – Be sure to keep a good supply of the best heat transfer vinyl on hand.


Where To Buy EasyPress


Compare prices between Amazon, Cricut, & Michaels to see who has the best deal on the Cricut EasyPress.



EasyPress Resources


Here are a few final resources for more information and guidance:

Cricut EasyPress help page – EasyPress settings and how-tos

Cricut EasyPress Tips & Tricks – How to get the most out of your machine

Weekly Cricut Coupons & Promo Codes – new Cricut discounts & sales

The Home Dweller – buyer’s guides for all your household needs


Pin for later! 🙂



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