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Patterned heat transfer vinyl has got to be the best iron-on, doesn’t it? At least, it’s a toss up between that and glitter HTV for me!


It makes everything and anything much much prettier and cooler!


In this post I want to share with you some really beautiful and fun patterned iron-on for your t shirt and craft projects.


The Best Patterned Iron-On Vinyl


As with all varieties of heat transfer vinyl, each brand has their own offering, but this is especially so with patterned iron-on.


I’ll link to a couple of my favorite designs of patterned HTV from each brand. Look out for the strange designs down the bottom!


All of the patterned HTV in this post will work with:

And all of the vinyl below is heat transfer vinyl, not adhesive. It must be applied with:

Now, let’s take a look!


Cricut Patterned Iron-On


Cricut Patterned Iron On in Bloom Pink

Cricut Patterned Iron On Sheets – In Bloom Pink

Cricut’s In Bloom Pink patterned iron on bundle is a favorite for cute girls clothing. This is my ‘pretty’ pick for Cricut. I also like how they sell their pattern HTV in bundles – it works out a bit cheaper than buying single sheets.


Want to see the In Bloom Pink sampler in action? I used it for this patterned iron-on project.


Cricut Patterned Iron On Nature Walk Basic

Cricut Patterned Iron On Sheets – Nature Walk Basic


The Nature Walk Basic pack is a really fun patterned HTV. These patterned sheets would also suit boys clothing! Black and white often looks better for some projects rather than the colorful floral patterns.


CRICUT RANGE: On Amazon OR Cricut.com


Siser Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl


Siser Patterned Heat Transfer 12 Inch x 12 Inch Sheet Tropic Dream Pink

Siser Patterned Heat Transfer Sheet – Tropic Dream Pink

Siser Tropic Dream Pink HTV is another super pretty patterned vinyl. Its beautiful flowers with the bold pink background really stand out whether you’re cutting text or a silhouette image.


Siser Patterned Heat Transfer 12 Inch x 12 Inch Sheet Rainbow Swirl

Siser Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet – Rainbow Swirl

Siser Rainbow Swirl patterned vinyl is a super funky HTV. Make a tee for your hippy-ish buddy and they will love it. I just hate having to throw away all the excess vinyl from weeding when it looks this cool!


THE SISER RANGE: Huge Variety On Amazon


Expressions Vinyl Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl


expressions vinyl patterned heat transfer vinyl for t shirts

A Great Range – Displayed Prices May Vary


Expressions Vinyl have a ton of great patterned vinyl designs which I have got to try! I love the look of the Mermaid Wishes and the Vintage Floral patterned HTV! Expressions Vinyl are one of the most trusted sellers of vinyl, and I can really recommend them.


CSDS Patterned Iron On


patterned heat transfer vinyl CSDs HTV

Floral Prints 2

CSDS sell big bundles of patterned vinyl with 5 sheets. This Floral #2 Prints Pack is one of the prettiest packs available (in my opinion). There is a good variety of colors on them which would suit different colored clothing.


CSDS patterned heat transfer vinyl HTV

The Alcohol Ink Prints Pack


And another cool HTV with this Alcohol Inks Pack from CSDS. Sometimes the pattern doesn’t look that great while it’s in sheet form, but once you cut out the design and apply it onto a t shirt, it looks amazing!  


Happy Crafters Patterned Vinyl


happy crafters patterned heat transfer vinyl for crafts

What A Funky Design!


And finally, Happy Crafters also have a stunning array of heat transfer vinyl patterns. Just take a look at the fish design above! They have many patterned HTV choices for boys and girls. Well worth taking a look – they also have a billowing American flag patterned HTV design.


The Best Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl


That’s all that we have to share with you today (and it’s probably way more than you can ever take in!). What do you think is the best patterned heat transfer vinyl? Which are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below ?


Pin this for later! 🙂



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