Best Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl – Siser, Cricut, & Sparkleberry Ink…

What is the best patterned heat transfer vinyl?


We’re taking a look at the huge variety of patterned HTV out there. It’s such a fun product to work with, making ordinary designs come to life!


In this post, we’ll share a range of what we consider to be the best patterned HTV, and where you can get it.


Best Patterned HTV



best patterned heat transfer vinyl


As with all types of heat transfer vinyl, each brand has its own unique features. However, this is especially so with pattern heat transfer vinyl!


Each brand has their own range of designs that can’t be copied, and there are some really awesome selections out there!


Some types of Patterned HTV are applied using a Heat Transfer Mask. This is the same process as transfer tape for vinyl, and means you do not need to mirror the design before cutting. More on masks below.


Buy Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl


Here are a selection of the best spots to buy patterned HTV online. I have indicated which types require a mask for application.


Siser EasyPatterns HTV

  • Available in sheets or rolls, 12 inch wide or larger
  • Featuring Sparkleberry Designs
  • Requires heat transfer mask
View On AmazonView On Michaels

Cricut Patterned Iron On

  • 12 x 17 inch rolls
  • Best designs - Disney pattern vinyl, Hello Kitty, Marvel, Star Wars...
  • No mask needed for application
View On AmazonView On CricutView On Michaels

Sparkleberry Ink Patterned HTV

  • 15 different designs in standard or glitter finish
  • Siser HTV in colorful paisley patterns
  • Requires Siser high tac mask for application
View Latest PriceView Mask

Happy Crafters Patterned Iron On

  • Gigantic range of designs in 12 x 20 inch sheets
  • Seasonal designs - fall, winter, etc.
  • Requires an HTV mask for application
View Latest PriceView Mask

Expressions Vinyl Patterned HTV

  • Wonderful range of 12 x 12 inch sheets
  • Animal Awareness, Camo, Dots & Stripes, Florals, Geometric, Paisley, etc
  • Does not require a mask
View Latest Price

Siser Patterned HTV


siser easypattern htv

Siser EasyPatterns HTV is a quality patterned vinyl you can trust.


This product requires a heat transfer mask for application. This is a heat resistant transfer tape for lifting the non-mirrored design off the backing sheet and onto your t shirt.


This is needed because the patterned HTV design is face up on the carrier sheet. Therefore you do not need to mirror your design before cutting.


The mask does involve an added cost that you need to factor in, but it can be reused multiple times.


Some of my favorite Siser Patterned HTV designs are:

  • Mermaid Scales
  • Baseballs
  • and Cheetah Pop Pastel!

See how to use Siser EasyPatterns in the following video!



Cricut Patterned Iron On


disney patterned heat transfer vinyl


Cricut has by far the most fun range of patterned HTV!


I don’t know of anyone else who has collaborations with other big names and brands like Cricut – the Martha Stewart Cricut Collection even includes a patterned iron on bundle!


Other varieties in the Cricut pattern iron on range include:

  • Multiple Star Wars Designs
  • Monsters Inc Iron On
  • Micky Mouse Iron On
  • Spider Man Patterned HTV
  • Anna Griffin Iron On Samplers


Along with these special and unique types of patterned HTV, there are many more floral, paisley, and geometric designs – the hardest part is not just getting one of everything!


For cutting and application instructions, check how to use Cricut patterned iron on!


Expressions Vinyl Patterned HTV


expressions vinyl pattern htv


Expressions Vinyl also have a good assortment of cheap patterned iron on – over 100 designs!


I love the look of ‘Mermaid Wishes’, ‘Vintage Floral’ and ‘4th of July Flag’ patterned HTV!


This selection of vinyl from Expressions Vinyl does not require a separately purchased heat transfer mask – it is already attached.


The design will need to be mirrored and applied in the same way as Siser EasyWeed, with the patterned side placed down on your cutting mat. More details in this video.



Happy Crafters Pattern HTV



And finally, Happy Crafters also have a stunning array of heat transfer vinyl patterns – take a look at that fish design!


They have many patterned HTV choices for boys and girls. Well worth taking a look at – they also have a billowing American flag patterned HTV design (see it here).


Patterned HTV Vinyl


There are also alternatives to patterned heat transfer vinyl.


You could get a vinyl printer and make your own patterned vinyls. Or, consider Cricut Infusible Ink – this can be used in a similar way to pattern iron on.


What are your favorite designs?!


Pin this for later! 🙂



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