The New CURVE TEXT Feature In Cricut Design Space – Get Curving!

Cricut Design Space now has a curve text feature. It’s very easy to use and it makes the coolest designs! You will find the Curve tool on the text edit bar once your Design Space has updated or refreshed. This should happen automatically.


We’ve got some great video tutorials to share, all the things you need to know, and see my first curved text project with Design Space!


how to curve text in cricut design space


Cricut Design Space New Curved Text Feature!


The following video was livestreamed by Cricut from their official Facebook page. I’ll pull out the main points and jot them down below as well, before giving a curved text project a go myself.



What you need to know:

  • When creating a text design in a circle, if you want the text to be the right way up, you need to create two different text boxes. The text curving upwards in one box and the text curving downwards in another.
  • You are given a measurement of the curve (the diameter) in each box so that you can match the curve on the top and bottom perfectly.
  • Text does not need to be heavily curved – you control the curve! Sometimes you just want a slight curve around another design feature, or to put it on a banner.



The new curved feature allows you to:

  • Curve text around other design elements.
  • Curve text in a full circle (where the text on the bottom would be upside down), or curve text in two stages to have all the text readable.
  • Curve a long quote into a circle.


The curve feature:

  • Is not available on Cricut Apps, only on the desktop/laptop version at this time. You will not be able to find a curved project that you’ve created on desktop on your mobile. However, if your design has been welded or flattened, it will be there. Using these tools causes your design to be treated as an image.
  • This feature can’t be used after text has been welded or flattened – you need to curve before using these other tools.
  • If the curve feature is grayed out when you try to use it, this is likely because you have multiple lines of text in the same text box. The feature will enable when there is only one line of text in a particular text box.


My First Cricut Curved Text Project


For my project I found a palm tree SVG cut file from thecraftchop.com. I used the free fonts ‘The Only Exception‘ and ‘Lemonade Stand‘ that I downloaded from dafont.com.


I found the curve feature in Cricut Design Space very easy and simple to use.


To curve text, first type some text, then in the edit text panel click the Curve button. Move the point to the left or right depending on if you want your text to curve upwards or downwards. You can also type in the exact diameter you want the inside circle of your text to be, which is great to get your top and bottom text to line up perfectly.


For this project I started off trying to make my two curves the same diameter (although one + and one -), however because I used two different fonts it didn’t look right. I wanted my total design to be no bigger than 5 inches wide. So instead I started off by deciding how curved I wanted both my text boxes to be and then made the width of each 5 inches. I didn’t want the top text to be as curved as the bottom otherwise the script font would have been too difficult to read.


In the end my diameters were completely different, and my font sizes were different, but the widths of both text boxes were the same and that’s exactly how I liked it. Most of the time you will probably want your diameters to be the same though, unless you do something a little wacky like me. 🙂


To finish off I sized my palm tree accordingly to the inside of my text. I created a weeding box with the shape tool and attached the box and every other component of my design together. This ensures my design is cut exactly the same way as is shown on the canvas.


Here’s what my final design looked like in Cricut Design Space:

Cricut Design Space curve text feature


And of course, I always like to add a weeding box to make weeding a breeze…

Cricut Design Space curve text feature


Here’s what my mat looked like. I mirrored my design as I’m using heat transfer vinyl.

Cricut Design Space curve text feature


Here’s my design all weeded and ready to be pressed. I’m using Siser EasyWeed HTV in gold from this bundle.


how to curve text in cricut design space


More Cricut Curve Text Tutorials


This short video from Angie Holden at The Country Chic Cottage.




This LONG video from Melody Lane at Melody Lane Designs.




Tay-Tay from auntietay.com teaching how to curve text in both Design Space and Illustrator.



Get Your Curve On!


That’s it for this article, but now you’ve got to go and give it a try yourself. As I’m sure you see now, it’s very quick and simple to do. A great new tool from Cricut to supplement all the others.



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