Cricut Maker Tools – Engraving, Debossing, Perforation, & More!

The Cricut QuickSwap Housing is here, bringing with it the Cricut Engraving Tool (and more)!


Until now, we’ve had to buy a new housing with each new type of blade that comes out. Now, we only need to buy a new tip, and they will all fit on the same housing.


Right now there are 4 new tips that can be used with the single QuickSwap Housing. Use the contents to jump to the one that interests you most!

Cricut Maker Tools



The QuickSwap Housing is only for use with the Cricut Maker, and cannot be used with the Explore Air 2.

new cricut blades


It has actually been out for sometime now, and has been in use with the Scoring Wheel Tips. That’s great news, because if you already have the Scoring Wheel & Housing, you will only need to purchase the new tips that you want.


The ‘new’ part is the four tips that have just become available (with more to be released in the future).


These new tips are selected from an updated Cricut Design Space canvas:

  1. You will need to make sure the Design Space machine setting is on ‘Maker’ (top right)
  2. Choose the linetype for the tip you would like to use


how to use engraving tool in design space


There has been a lot of noise about the Cricut Engraving Tool, as this is perhaps the most exciting tip which the QuickSwap Housing can take (I’m sure opinions differ)!


We’ll start by taking a closer look at that, before checking out the other 3 tips.


Cricut Maker Engraving Tool

new Cricut engraving tool


The Cricut Maker Engraving Tool is used to engrave! Surprise, surprise. It leaves professional results that you can use for family and friends, as well as business.


This can be used to engrave on all sorts of surfaces, including (but not limited to):

  • aluminium sheets
  • anodized aluminum
  • acrylic sheets
  • other soft metals
  • leather
  • plastic


Here is a closer look at it in action.



Cricut Debossing Tip


cricut debossing tip


The Cricut Debossing Tip is used for debossing!


This is a little more obscure than engraving, but it is the opposite of embossing. The smooth tip pressing down into the cardstock (or other material), and makes the perfect indent of your design.


You can use this on the likes of:

  • cardstock
  • poster board
  • kraft board


Take a look at the debossing tool finish!



Cricut Perforation Blade


cricut perforation blade


The Cricut Perforation Tool is a fantastic new addition to the Cricut blade range.


For those who aren’t familiar, perforation is just the process of semi-cutting a line. It cuts a row of small holes, as postage stamps are often found, so that a part can be torn off easily.


Who would have ever thought making your own perforated projects from home would be so easy?!


Among other materials, this blade can be used on:

  • paper & cardstock
  • acetate
  • poster board


Here it is doing its thing… so much fun!



Cricut Wavy Blade


cricut wavy blade


The Cricut Wavy Blade is very easy to understand… it cuts a wavy line!


This blade will give a unique finish for card making, gift tags, kids crafts, and more.


You can use the Wavy Tip on a huge range of materials, including:

  • vinyl & iron-on
  • cardstock & paper
  • fabrics


Here is an example of what you can use the new Cricut Wavy Blade Tip for:



Other Cricut Blades


So those are the four new tips that can be used with the QuickSwap Housing. If you want to learn more about the other Cricut blades, check out our post here.


In the future I think we can expect to see:

  • different sizes of debossing tips (current one is 2mm)
  • different types of wavy blade (currently 2.0 mm L/0.8 mm H)
  • new perforation blades (currently has 2.5 mm teeth/0.5 mm gaps)
  • and new sizes of engraving tips


At least once we’ve got the QuickSwap Housing, we don’t need to buy that again, and the individual tips are much cheaper.


These new Cricut Blade tips open up a whole new range of projects and activities that can be made with the Maker. You’re only as limited as your imagination!



Thanks for visiting, please leave any comments or questions below!


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