Vevor Heat Press Reviews – Vevor’s Top 5 Machines

After hundreds of hours of heat press research, we bring you these Vevor heat press reviews. Vevor sell a number of heat press machines in a range of sizes, styles, and functions. We’ll take a look at the whole range so that you can decide which, if any, is best for your needs.


The Best Vevor Heat Press Machine Reviews


Here are the top 5 Vevor heat press machines for sale on Amazon. You will see that there are another two or three Vevor heat press listings on Amazon, but these are either duplicates, or out of stock. We’ll keep and eye on further Vevor machines and update this list as necessary. So let’s take a look at what we’ve got!



1. Vevor 5 in 1 Digital Multifunction Heat Press


vevor heat press 5 in 1 multifunction


This machine is one of Vevor’s best selling t-shirt presses. It is a multifunction heat press which means that it comes with attachment platens (heat plates), and an attachment press.


The Vevor 5 in 1 T-shirt Press Includes:


  • The standard t-shirt press platens (12 x 15 inches)
  • Cap press platens (6 x 3 inches – curved)
  • An attachment mug press (11 oz or 3 – 3.5 inch diameter)
  • Two sizes of ceramic plate press platens ( 1.5 inch diameter & 6 inch diameter)


Features And Specs


All of the following features are very standard to most cheap heat press machines. The main stand out feature of this package are the attachment presses and platens. The standard features are:

  • Digital temperature and time controller
  • Swing-away style
  • Displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Adjustable pressure knob to allow for projects of varying thickness
  • An “adjustable multi-spring balancer” – these are the springs you can see on top of the press, enabling a more even pressure
  • Temperature range of 0 – 480ºF
  • Timer range of 0 – 999 seconds
  • Comes with an instruction manual


Who Should Get This Press?


These multifunction presses are good for craft users and curious people! If you just love playing around with machines like this, trying out all sorts of different projects, then this machine will satisfy you. Most people tend to use the t-shirt press the most, and only dabble in plates, mugs and caps. If you have a feeling you won’t actually use the attachments, get a 15 x 15 heat press. Otherwise, the Vevor 5 in 1 could be just right for you.


2. The Vevor 8 in 1 Multifunction Heat Press


vevor heat press 8 in 1 multifunction


The next Vevor heat press is this 8 in 1 multifunction. This machine is almost identical to the 5 in 1 press listed above. The only differences are:

  1. The main t-shirt heat press is 15 x 15 inches (as opposed to 12 x 15)
  2. That it comes with additional attachment presses

The other features of this heat press are the same as the machine listed above.


The Vevor 8 in 1 T-shirt Press Includes:


  • A 15 x 15 inch t-shirt heat press
  • Heating plate (small): 5″
  • Heating plate (large): 6″
  • #1 Mug press – 4.7 – 9.25 inch diameter (11 oz mug)
  • #2 Mug press – 4.7 -7.7 inch diameter (7 oz mug)
  • #3 Mug press – 12 oz cone shape (latte mug)
  • #4 Mug press – 11 oz cone shape (latte mug)


Who Should Get This Heat Press?


The 15 x 15 t-shirt heat press makes larger t-shirts and transfers easier, but the 4 sizes of mug press seem a bit extreme. If this is just a heat press for home use you are unlikely to use all of them often. Unless you know you want to use all the various sizes of mug press, stick with the 5 in 1 multifunction.


3. The Vevor 16 x 20 Draw Clamshell Heat Press


This is Vevor’s largest heat press machine. The other stand out feature is the draw feature. A draw heat press has a lower platen that pulls out toward the user for greater accessibility. It opens and closes as a clamshell press, but you are not limited on space because you can just pull it out.

Features And Specs


  • The 16 x 20 inch platen is great for those making larger t-shirts
  • Digital temp and timer display
  • Platen is coated with a non-stick coating
  • Weighs almost 80 pounds
  • Comes with a silicon pad for the base (can be glued down)


Who Should Get This Vevor T-shirt Press?


  • Someone who is going to be doing large custom t-shirt transfers
  • Someone with a slightly larger budget, as it is not the cheapest heat press machine
  • If you don’t like putting your hand under a regular non-draw clamshell press


4. The Vevor Hat Press Heat Press


The entry-level Vevor hat press heat press is a standalone machine. It does not attach to another unit, nor does it take attachments. The heat platen cannot be changed out and swapped with other sizes.

This press is (obviously) curved, and has a pressing size of 7 x 3.75 inches. It is suitable for pressing regular baseball caps. This is a hat press for heat transfer vinyl or sublimation.


Features And Specs


  • Clamshell style hat press
  • Digital time & temperature display
  • Temperature range of 0 – 750°F
  • Weighs approx. 34 pounds


Who Should Get This Press?


And the other question I often get is, ‘Is it better to get a multifunction or a standalone cap press?’


A standalone press is good for those who will be focusing on cap projects. If you’ve got a particular interest in making your own custom caps, then definitely go standalone.


Multifunction cap presses are:

  • A bit more awkward to use
  • And you have to spend the time switching platens in and out


If cap transfer projects will be an irregular project, you would be better going with the multifunction option. That way you’ve always got the cap press when the mood strikes you, but you have other options like the t-shirt press which you will use more often.



What Is The Best Vevor Heat Press?


As you will now know, it depends on your budget and your needs. All of these heat press machines have something different to offer, and I hope you are now clear as to which is best for you. It is a difficult quest, figuring out which is the best heat press machine for t-shirts. If you don’t think any of these machines are for you make sure you read our article ‘13 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Heat Press‘.


And now, finally, our fifth and final Vevor heat press…


5. The Vevor Manual Oil Press!

…but it’s not going to help you make your own custom t-shirts! If you’re into squeezing the oil out of your nuts and seeds, be sure to check it out.


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