MPress Heat Press Review – The 5 MPress Machines

The MPress heat press is HPN’s most budget friendly range!


And while the MPress series is much cheaper than other machines, that doesn’t make them second rate. In fact, we would far rather an MPress over most of the best selling Amazon heat presses!

The MPress Heat Press


M Press heat press


The MPress Heat Press is one of the best entry level heat press machines you can buy. It’s sold by Heat Press Nation, and comes with the great support and access to online resources.


Heat Press Nation machines also go through a more stringent quality control process than cheaper machines. You are less likely to have trouble with a heat press from HPN, and greater peace of mind about your purchase!


The MPress range is their cheapest series, with the other HPN brands being the Black Series and Signature PRO.


MPress Pros:

  • quality control checks
  • HPN support
  • good user manuals
  • helpful online content
  • better than cheap Amazon machines
  • good warranties & gaurantees
  • HPN community
  • peace of mind

MPress Cons:

  • not the best quality components
  • not the smoothest press to use


MPress range includes:

  • 9 x 12″ swing-away press
  • 15 x 15″ clamshell heat press
  • 16 x 20″ clamshell press
  • 16 x 24″ clamshell press
  • and a mug & cup press

General Specs:

  • Temperature range: 0 – 400 °F
  • Timer range: 0-999 seconds
  • Power supply: 1400 watts
  • Voltage: 110 volts (standard US & Canada)



And all 4 of these machines are perfect for doing all different heat transfers, including heat transfer vinyl, rhinestone, sublimation, inkjet transfers, etc.


MPress Swing Away Heat Press


mpress heat press reviews


The 9 x 12″ Mpress heat press is one of the best small heat press machines that you can buy on a budget. It’s the only swing-away machine in the MPress range.


Small heat press machines like this are good for people doing:

  • craft pressing
  • baby onesies
  • kids clothing
  • small transfers
  • labels & branding transfers


You can still press larger heat transfers as well, you will simply need to do it in 2 or 3 stages. While this is OK to do every once in a while, if you know you’ll be doing large transfers often, it would be best to go with a 15 x 15″ machine or larger.


Small presses are good for those who don’t have a lot of room! The 9 x 12″ MPress has a very small footprint, and can be stored away in a cupboard or closet far easier than a larger machine.


If this machine is your preferred size and fits your budget, I highly recommend it.


M Press Clamshell

mpress 15" x 15" high pressure heat press machine


The 3 clamshell machines are essentially the same, but are (obviously) different sizes. A 15 x 15″ heat press is considered standard size (and this is the size I use mostly); while the 16 x 20″ & 16 x 24″ machines are considered large heat press machines.


If you are looking for a machine for home use, for crafts and customizing clothes for family and friends, a 15 x 15″ machine is great. Most of the transfers you do will be under 15 x 15 inches.


The larger machines are good for those:

  • doing over-sized t-shirts & transfers
  • doing all over sublimation
  • with plenty of space & a higher budget


Mug Heat Press


mpress mug cup heat press


This MPress model is a very good entry level mug press!


It’s good for edge-to-edge sublimation transfers, while pressing HTV on mugs is not advisable (with any mug press)!


Here are the specs for the MPress:

  • Time Range: 0 – 255 seconds
  • Temperature Range: 0 – 400° F
  • Voltage: 110 V


This machine cannot take attachment presses to accommodate larger mugs (15 oz. mugs, for example, will not work). It is only suitable for 11 oz. sublimation treated ceramic mugs.


If you are wanting to do both 11 & 15 oz. mugs, take a look at the HPN Signature Series Mug Press. This machine can press both sizes.


M Press Heat Press Review


how to weed foil iron on


What’s the difference between the MPress Machines and the more expensive HPN machines?


The difference is mostly in the quality of components, ease of use, and features.


The costlier models:

  • have a smoother action – opening & closing the press, for example, is easier & smoother
  • better components – which may, for example, grant a more consistent & accurate temperature
  • more features – HPN Black Series machines, for example, have a secondary opening mechanism that makes opening the machine easier & safer


It’s going to depend on your budget as to which series of machine you go with. The MPress isn’t at all a bad press, it just doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the next-level machines.


As far as the seller goes, there is no better heat press retailer than Heat Press Nation. They offer tech support on all their machines, and are constantly creating helpful and practical online content.

  • You are able to see the MPress heat press manual online, which is a huge benefit
  • You can join the HPN Facebook Group where you can ask advice, support others, and share you work


If you have any further questions, ask away in the comments below, or chat with HPN customer service on their website.


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