The Best Heat Press Accessories – Teflon Sheets, Laser Guns & More!

Heat press accessories for craft and business use!


In this post we’re sharing a range of heat press machine accessories that will make your life easier, and your work better! From Teflon Sheets to ‘T Square It’, find out what’s on offer to help you.


The Best Heat Press Accessories


best heat press accessories


We’ve got accessories that are essential for anyone with a heat press, and other items that are for the more advanced t shirt business.


Whatever stage you’re at, take a look and see if there’s something here that might help you. For a full range of quality heat press supplies, check out the range here on Heat Press Nation!


Teflon Sheet For Heat Press


best teflon sheet for heat press


Teflon sheets are essential for heat pressing. Once you have placed your t shirt and transfer into the heat press, lay a Teflon sheet over top to protect the heat platen and your tee.


It’s too easy to have an accident and end up with heat transfer vinyl or ink from transfer paper. However, is this happens, see the heat press cleaner down below!


Telfon sheet alternatives:

  • parchment paper
  • Kraft paper
  • a tea towel

Any of these will be perfectly fine to use instead of Teflon Sheets, though personally I find nothing beats a Teflon sheet!


Digital Laser Thermometer


heat press accessories digital laser temperature gun


Another handy heat press accessories to have around is a digital laser infrared thermometer gun!


With a temperature gun you can test the heat press platen to be sure it is at the right temperature. This is best if you have a cheap heat press machine because you can’t always be sure the reading is accurate.


T Square It!


t square it for heat transfers


T Square It is a tool used to help get your heat transfer alignment perfect.


Many t shirt creators benefit from being able to correctly line up and center their heat transfer on every application they heat press. Tee Square It is quick, accurate and highly effective.


Compare prices with Heat Press Nation here (often cheaper there than elsewhere)!


Heat Press Cleaner

ex off heat press cleaner


If you do get HTV or ink on your heat platen, EZ-Off hot iron cleaner is one of the best heat press cleaners you can use.


Even if you haven’t had an accident with your press (or iron), they need to be cleaned and maintained. Over time starches and other grime will build up on the heat platen. Ez-Off is great for cleaning your machine.


Heat Press Pillows


heat press pillows accessories


A heat press pillow is a good accessory to have around if you are pressing on kids clothes, baby outfits, shirts, or other items that are a bit lumpy!


This might include garments with:

  • thick seams
  • buttons
  • zips
  • and so on

A heat press pillow helps even out the pressure of your heat press when going over the bumpy bits. You can find more info on the best heat press pillows here.


Heat Press Stand


heat press stand


A good cart for your heat press is worth its weight in gold!


Not only will it save your back by allowing you to work at the correct height, many heat press stands have other great features.

  • storage space
  • wheels/castors
  • fittings to attach heat press


Take a look at the full range on HPN for all the options at different price points!


Heat Resistant Tape

heat press accessories heat resistant tape


Heat transfer tape is another handy accessory to have on hand. While the usual flat transfers will stay in place while pressing, heat resistant tape is good when you are sublimation printing on hard substrates (mugs, coasters, photo blocks, etc).


A good quality tape will leave no residue and can be easily removed.


Vinyl Weeding Tool Kit

cricut weeding tool set heat press accessory


Not only will a weeding tool kit help you to prepare your heat transfers, they can come in handy during the heat press project.


Every now and again I spot a piece of unweeded vinyl, or a strand of hair under my HTV once it’s pressed, and I need my weeding tools!


We hope you found this article helpful. What would you add to the list?



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