Stahls’ Hotronix Fusion 16×20 Swing-Away Heat Press Machine Review

So you’ve heard about the Hotronix Fusion and are wondering if it’s the heat press for you? If it’s within your price range, it likely is. Let me tell you all about it to help you make your decision.




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Who Is This Press For?


This press is a major step up from the likes of the Power Press or the Stahls’ Hotronix craft press – which is of course what you’d expect if you’re paying 10 times the price!


It is not designed to be used as merely a hobby press, but is built for commercial use. This is great for a small or large t-shirt business wanting an easy to use and high quality machine. It has various features, such as threadability and preset functions, which make it one of the fastest presses to use on the market. It is likely that any extra money you spend now on a press of this quality, you will save in time before long.


If you are a hobbyist and have it in your budget, this is an excellent press for you too. You will be buying a top notch press that has proved to be reliable and will play a fundamental role in your success – check out some reviews here.




  • 16 x 20 heat platen with the option to purchase other sizes
  • Quick change for swapping platens
  • Can be used as a swing or draw press
  • Threadable for best pressure
  • Touch screen display
  • Auto on/off
  • A twin set timing ability allowing you to preset preheating and application
  • A beautiful cast aluminium alloy frame
  • Finished with a durable powder coat
  • Made in the USA

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Threadability is a feature that enables you to slip your garment over the bottom plate of the press. This means you are able to press only the side of your t-shirt or jumper that is receiving the transfer.


Why is this good? Because it means there is less likelihood of seams or zippers disrupting the pressure of the press. If there are lumps and bumps in your garment, or it is not completely flat, the pressure is unlikely to be even. This could mean a less than best adhesion of your transfer.


Thankfully, the Hotronix Fusion has this feature and will help you to achieve top quality results.




The Fusion comes with a 16 x 20 base plate which is suitable for pressing all of sizes of garments. It can also be inserted either way, for example, with the 20 inch side to the front or to the side (in portrait or landscape position) – a handy feature allowing you to adapt the press to your garment.


There are also other sizes of lower platen that you can order:


  • 7 inch round
  • 6 x 10
  • 8 x 10
  • 11 x 15


A smaller sized plate is good if you are pressing smaller garments. For example, a smaller fitting women’s sized top may not slip over the standard 16 x 20 inch plate – and an infant’s onesie most certainly will not! Of course you can still use the original plate to do these, it is only if you are wanting to make use of the threadability feature that you would buy a smaller size also.


If you have unusual or oddly shaped items to press on, you are also able to order a custom platen from Stahls’ for use with any Hotronix press.




This is a dual style heat press – it can be used as a draw or swing-away press, or as a combination of both! Each are excellent styles that can be used as best suits your situation and preference. The style you decide to use on a given job may depend on the item you are pressing. Perhaps a thick sweatshirt would be better done threaded and draw style, while a commemorative dish towel would be done unthreaded and swing-away – don’t ask me who’s getting commemorative dish towels made up though!


The benefits of both are that you are not having to have your hands under the heat of the top platen. It is also much easier to lay out and prepare your garment when you have that extra space – especially if your press is at a lower level.


This particular press has a beautiful swing motion, it is very smooth and glides like a duck onto a still pond.


Please see our article comparing styles of press here if you would like to know more, or see the demonstration in the following video.



Setting The Time, Temperature & Pressure


If you watched the above video, you will have seen that the time and temperature setting is done on a gourmet touch-screen display.


What is displayed on the screen?


  • The temperature you have set it to
  • The temperature it is currently at
  • The time you have set the press for
  • The pressure the machine is currently at
  • The name of the preset function you are on
  • A press counter (literally, how many presses and pre-presses you’ve done)
  • The date and time


It is really easy to choose a preset function for your job depending upon your garment and transfer, or just as easy to manually enter the required details yourself. You can also save your favorite custom settings!


The pressure is set, as with most machines, by turning a knob on the top of the press while it is open. This press is better than many though, because you get a digital read as to what pressure the machine is set to. With inferior machines, you cannot easily tell what pressure they are set to, leaving a lot of guesswork to your press.


What Comes With This Machine?


Along with a silver Hotronix Fusion 16 x 20 heat press, you will receive:


  • A power cord (120 volts,1750 watts, 14.5 amps)
  • A stylus for use on the touch screen




Bought through Amazon, the Hotronix Fusion comes with the following warranty:


  • Lifetime heating element warranty
  • 5 year warranty on major components
  • 2 year warranty on circuitry board
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor


Returns are a simple process through Amazon’s Online Return Center.


Price Of The Hotronix Fusion


Click here to view the Hotronix Fusion 16×20 Swing-Away heat press on Amazon.




This is an excellent heat press. The major majority of people who have bought and used this machine have been over the moon. There have been no short-cuts taken in designing and manufacturing this high quality heat press. After much research, I can highly recommend this machine for anyone with room in their budget and grand designs in their head!


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Thanks for reading this review, please leave us a comment below if you have any questions or comments regarding the Hotronix Fusion heat press.


Happy pressing!


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