Baby Yoda SVGs For Cricut (and some Star Wars SVGs)!

Where can you get the best Baby Yoda SVGs?


The same place where you’ll find all the best Disney, Harry Potter, and Fortnite SVGs – ETSY!


Etsy has the best range of Baby Yoda SVG Files for Cricut – so let’s check them out!


Baby Yoda & Star Wars SVG Files

best free baby yoda svg

You might have heard recently how Disney has been taking down a lot of unlicensed/unofficial Baby Yoda plush toys and products on Etsy.


This attention seems to have mostly been directed at the makers of physical products, rather than digital downloads such as Baby Yoda SVG files.


baby yoda eating frog

‘Baby Alien Plush Doll’ from 100 Acre WoodShop on Etsy


One way people are getting around the listing removals is by renaming their products as ‘baby aliens’ – as long as you’re not calling it a Baby Yoda, you’re alright!


There is some official Baby Yoda merch available for pre-order on Amazon. However, because Disney didn’t want to start manufacturing the products before the launch of The Mandalorian, there isn’t a lot!


That’s why we’ve got to make our own Baby Yoda Shirts & Merch using these fantastic Baby Alien SVGs on Etsy ?.


Baby Yoda SVGs


So what types of Baby Yoda SVGs are over on Etsy?


Obviously you can head on over there yourself and see, but here is what you will find!


best baby yoda svg for cricut


There are so many cool designs, including:

  • Baby Yoda SVG bundles with other Star Wars SVGs
  • Baby Yoda written in the Star Wars font
  • Color versions for print and cut projects


There’s even a Baby Yoda – Starbucks Logo design!


baby yoda frog You’ll also be able to find designs with Baby Yoda eating frog – one of the more popular options!


Though it can’t be cuter than this Baby Yoda Frog plush toy from this seller!


Star Wars SVGs


Etsy is also the best spot to go for quality Star Wars SVGs.


There is such a huge range to choose from, and the Mega Bundles are incredible.


You will get SVGs of all the characters, Star Wars fonts, Star Wars silhouettes, and so much more.


best star wars svgs


Head on over and check them out for yourself.


Free Baby Yoda & Star Wars SVGs


If you are looking for free Baby Yoda SVGs, or free Star Wars SVGs, you might be able to find the odd one through Google.


However, often the quality of the file is not as good as what’s on Etsy (incomplete cut lines, and that sort of thing), or it’s another site reselling from Etsy.


The best option, in our opinion, is buying through Etsy. It’s super cheap anyway, and this way you’re supporting small creators and businesses doing what they love!



(Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy here.)


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