Oramask 813 – Get The Real Thing, Not A Knock Off!

Oramask 813 – should you use this stencil film or try another?


Oramask is one of the most popular stencil films on the market, and arguably the best (if you know how to use it)!


It’s often used for making stencils for wooden signs, terracotta pots, or wall decals. You can use it to stencil on any flat surface!


Oramask 813



Oramask 813 is made by the creators of Oracal 651 and Oracal 631.


It’s generally bought in larger rolls than standard craft vinyl because many people are using it to make farmhouse signs. You use a large amount of product when making stencils because you are weeding out the part that you would usually keep to make the stencil.



The difficult thing when making a stencil can be avoiding bubbles while laying down the length of vinyl on top of the wood.


On the Oramask 813 listing on Amazon you will read a lot of one star ratings and reviews from people saying it bubbles a lot. However, this is likely due to their method of application. It can be tricky doing these large vinyl projects, and there are definitely some tricks to getting the best result.


Where To Buy Genuine Oramask 813


real oramask 813
There are many stockists of Oramask 813, but you want to make sure you are getting the real deal!


This listing on Amazon is the real deal, being sold by Oracal themselves. You may want to avoid third party listing on Amazon, as some of those are likely to be counterfeit.


Here on Expressions Vinyl: EV often has great deals on Oramask, and stock it in 12×12″ or 12×24″ sheets for smaller projects, or in 12″ x 5 yard rolls.


Here on Swing Design: Swing has a much greater range of sizes in stock. They sell everything from 12×12 inch sheets, all the way to 150 foot rolls.


Difference Between Oramask 810, 811, & 813


Oramask 813 is a low-tack, translucent stencil film that allows you to better see where you are applying the vinyl. It’s the best choice for painted signs (when you’ve got a smooth surface), and most other craft stencil applications.


Oramask 811 (see examples here on Swing) is non-translucent and is best for etching. It can be used with waterbased paints.


Oramask 810 is made for uneven and rough surfaces. It will apply better and help prevent paint bleed.  Oramask 810s has a solvent based adhesive that can be used with oil based paints.


Oramask Alternatives



One alternative to Oramask 813 is Cricut Stencil Vinyl.


We recently use this product to create this Farmers Market stencil. You can see the project in our Cricut Stencil Vinyl review. It’s only available in 12 x 48 inch rolls, so if you were creating multiple signs and needed yards of it, best to stick with Oramask.


Let us know if you have any more questions down below!



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