The Pink Craft Press – The Small 9 x 12 Heat Press Review

The Pink Craft Heat Press is one of the best small heat press machines for home and business. 


This machine is much higher quality than the cheaper heat press machines:

  • it is very smooth to use
  • it is strong and durable
  • it is incredibly high quality
  • and it comes with great support

Read the review below and find out if it’s the best small heat press for you. And, if you read to the end, you can find out how to rent and test this heat press for only $75 a week – postage both ways included!


The 9 x 12 Inch Pink Craft Press Review


the stahls pink craft press for making your own t shirts


This machine is sold by the likes of Stahls’ Hotronix, so you can be sure of its quality. They are able to to offer a one year warranty with the Pink Press.


It is relatively small heat press at 9 x 12 inches, which is great if:

  • you want to be able to store it away
  • you don’t have a lot of room
  • you’re going to be doing small heat transfers
  • you want to transport it

Let’s check out some of it’s features.


Pink Press Features


Clamshell Style: This is a clamshell style heat press. It opens and closes up and down, and does not swivel. This is a great space saving style. 


9 x 12 Heat Platen: I’ve already mentioned some of the benefits of a small heat press above. I should also mention that you are still able to do large heat transfers, you just need to do them in stages. See how in the following video (skip to 2:25 for the press).



Over The Center Pressure Adjustment: This machine features what is called ‘over the center pressure adjustment’ and an ‘upper floatational platen’. This means that the pressure is being applied from the center if the heat platen, giving you the most even pressure for the heat transfer.


Light Weight: This press weighs 35 pounds – much lighter than the likes of a 15 x 15 heat press machine weighing around 55 pounds. Many people use this machine for craft shows and fairs because it is so light.


Other Features:

  • The clamshell press opens wide to grant easy access to the work space
  • A non-stick coated heat platen – though you should still use a Teflon sheet when you are pressing for extra protection
  • A live digital time and temperature display


Take a look at the next video to see the Pink Craft Heat Press in action:



Craft Press Specs


Here are the technical facts and figures:

  • Weight: 35 pounds – the perfect weight if you don’t like lifting heavy things!
  • Dimensions when closed: 12.75 x 17.25 x 12.5 inches – one of the more compact heat press machines
  • Volts: Standard US 120 volts / 6.5 amps
  • Temperature range: 205 – 425℉
  • Time range: 0 – 999 seconds
  • Warranty: Stahls’ machines come with a limited 1 year labor and parts warranty
  • Thickness of substrates: You can press appropriate items up to ¾ of an inch thick
  • Tech support: Free lifetime support
  • UL/ULC/CE/RoHS approved
  • NRTLCO approved


What Can You Press Onto?


There are many items (up to ¾ of an inch thick) that you can press onto with this machine:

  • T-shirts and other fabrics
  • Drink coozies/coolies
  • Baby onesies and children’s clothing
  • Sweaters and sweatpants
  • Bathing suits (see video below!)
  • Tote bags
  • Metal (such as dog tags or license plates)
  • Wood (like wooden plaques)


And you will be able to press all of your standard heat transfer vinyl and other ink transfers or rhinestones with this heat press. Just be sure to follow  manufacturer’s instructions for the best result.


What The Pink Press Does Not Do


This machine:

  • Does not take attachment heat presses (like a mug press attachment, for example)
  • Cannot switch out and use interchangeable heat platens of different sizes
  • Cannot press caps
  • Does not have a digital pressure reading like the Hotronix Fusion heat press – with a bit of use you will learn where to set your pressure (light, medium or heavy pressure, depending on the transfer requirements)


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Who Is This Craft Press For?


This is a heat press for women (simply because it is pink), and especially for women who are actively into their crafts.


This machine is perfect for the beginner wanting a quality entry-level heat press. It is very simple to learn how to use it – simpler than learning how to use cutting machines anyway! If you are thinking of starting a t-shirt or kids clothing business, the low price and high quality are a win-win.


There are many reasons for buying this heat press, including:

  • This press is sold by the top sellers and manufacturers – they must have confidence that it’s a great press
  • Better and longer lasting heat transfers
  • Relevant info on how to use the Pink Craft Press in Stahls’ TV craft corner
  • Quality instruction manuals


Craft Press Projects


In this video from Stahls’ you will see how to press a glitter heat transfer onto a tote bag:



Decorating a bathing suit with the 9 x 12 craft press! It’s little but it can do it all. 



Where To Buy The Pink Craft Press


The Pink Craft Press is for sale at many heat press retailers. You can compare the prices of the four retailers below (though the price is about the same), or go with your favorite seller. All four of these online stores have great support, shipping, and return processes.


The Pink heat press for sale on Amazon.


pink heat press from heat press nation

The Pink Craft Press for sale at Heat Press Nation.


happy crafters pink heat press

It is also available to buy at Happy Crafters, or as a rental (see more below).


pink craft press ebay

Or the Pink Press Bundle on Ebay. It comes with 12 sheets of Siser EasyWeed and a $100 So Fontsy Voucher.


Rent The Pink Heat Press


And, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you can also RENT the Pink Press from Happy Crafters. This is a great way to see if it’s the one for you.


stahls pink craft press 9 x 12 inches small heat press machine$75 for a week and easy to add on extra days if needed. And if, at the end of the week, you want to keep it, you can! Happy Crafters will be able to sort you out special pricing to hold onto it for good.


I hope this extensive review of the Pink 9 x 12 craft press has answered any questions. If there is anything else you would like to know, please ask away in the comments section below. So long for now!


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