Best Small Heat Press Machine For Craft & Business

What is the best small heat press?


Small t shirt press machines fall into three categories: very cheap starter craft presses, mid-priced craft presses, and pro-level business machines. We’re going to share the best with you today!

Small Heat Press



There are many reasons you might want a small heat press for shirts:

  • easy to store, transport, or shift about the house
  • cheaper than larger machines
  • when you only plan on doing small transfers (kids clothes, etc)


Here are our recommendations for a small craft heat press. The Amazon units are the cheaper, lessor quality machines, but are still good for DIY shirt decoration. The Heat Press Nation and Pro World machines are much better, and suitable for small business. The US made machines are the very best.


The Cricut EasyPress

  • Heats up very quickly
  • Easy to set the time & temperature
  • Very easy to apply transfers with
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Fancierstudio 9 x 12 Heat Press

  • Swing-away design
  • Small 9 x 12 inch pressing area
  • Digital time and temp display
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MPress 9 x 12 Machine

  • Strong pressing handle
  • Durable heating platen with full range of heating coils
  • 0 – 400 F temperature range
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The TransPro Mini

  • 9 x 12 inch heat press from Pro World
  • Adjustable height, press items 1 inch thick
  • Press all types of heat transfers
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Heat Press Nation Range

  • The Black Series 9 x 12 inch press
  • The Signature Pro 9 x 12" press
  • Plus 10 other small craft presses
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US Made Press Hotronix Maxx

  • Clamshell style press which opens wide to 65°
  • Cast in tubular heating element
  • Superior features
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Not everyone wants a big heat press hanging around the home. As already mentioned, sometimes there isn’t the space, sometimes there isn’t the money for a larger one, and often there just isn’t the need.


Mini heat press machines can still do most things a larger machine can do, simply on a smaller scale, or in more stages. You can still do larger transfers in two or more stages.


We’ve included both standard clam shell machines as well as portable heat presses. If you’re looking specifically for a handheld portable heat press check out our portable heat press review.


See an example of this with the Pink 9 x 12 Craft Press in this video.



What can I press with a small t-shirt press?


Apply all types of heat transfers with these recommended small heat press machines onto:

  • T-shirts & sweatshirts
  • Kids clothes
  • Baby bodysuits
  • Pillows & cushions
  • Metal and wood plaques and tags
  • Canvases


Cricut Easy Press 3




The Cricut EasyPress is our top pick for ‘best small heat press’, especially for home and craft use.


We own three of these machines in different sizes, and use them all the time when we’re only doing one or two shirts at a time. The EasyPress is available in 9 x 9, or 10 x 12, or if you want a really small press – there is the EasyPress Mini!


The EasyPress can be used for applying all types of heat transfers, even sublimation transfers. See Cricut heat press vs standard press here.



  • heats up very quickly
  • easy to set time & temperature
  • easy to apply transfers with
  • light weight
  • affordable
  • looks great


  • you must apply pressure


Fancierstudio Small Heat Press


cheapest home craft heating press


This small Fancierstudio machine is a top rated option for the budget conscious. At 9 x 12 inches it’s not going to take up as much at all, and will be super easy to store away when not in use!


This is one of the cheapest options for those who want a traditional press over the Cricut EasyPress.



  • swing-away design
  • adjust pressure for different items
  • good for all transfers


  • lower quality components
  • won’t last forever


HPN Small Craft Heat Presses

cheapest home craft heating press


Heat Press Nation have 12 different small heat press machines on offer.


The HPN range includes the 9×12 inch MPress, 9×12 inch Black Series machine, 9×12 inch Signature Pro, and the 13×9 inch Craft Pro. All of these machines are very good, and improve in features and specs as the price rises.


The Craft Pro Press, pictured above, is pull out drawer style, and includes many other helpful features for those wanting the best experience. Find out more about the benefits of buying from Heat Press Nation.



  • high quality machines
  • suitable for business
  • improved features
  • tech support
  • online resources


  • more expensive


TransPro Mini Heat Press


transpro mini heat press machine


The TransPro Mini heat press is a popular starter press for crafters.


This basic 9×12 inch model from Pro World’s TransPro Series is similar to the Amazon models, but ultimately superior. There is greater peace of mind when purchasing direct from a retailer over an Amazon seller.


This mini heat press is very affordable, at a little over $150, and comes with reward points that can be put towards other purchases in the future.



  • high quality machines
  • suitable for business
  • improved features
  • tech support
  • online resources


  • more expensive


Small US Made Heat Press


small us made heat press machines


American made machines are the best you can buy.


There are 4 US heat press manufacturers: Stahls, Insta, Geo Knight, and Hix. Each of these brands have small heat press machines for shirts, along with even smaller units for labels, tags, etc.


US designed and made machines have the best components, features, and can be expected to outlast a cheap machine x 10! The heat platens on these machines are what set them apart – they evenly heat and distribute pressure for the best heat transfer results.


For those wanting a heat press for small business, get an American made machine for best results and less disruption to business.



  • best components
  • best features
  • smoothest action
  • top results


  • more expensive


Best Small Heat Press


All of the small shirt press machines listed above will be perfect for someone. It will depend on what you’re using it for, what your budget is, and the types of features you need as to which press is best for you.


If you are still unsure after having a browse of all the options, we always recommend getting on a chat with HPN. They can help with any technical questions, payment plan options, or anything else you need help with.


Think about how often you’ll be using the machine, and whether you can justify spending more for something you’ll use often. If it’s just for craft use, we really do think the EasyPress is great. It’s just so quick to get going, and the transfers still last a long, long time. We’ve never had any fail!


Thanks for reading this article, we hope it’s helped! Leave your comments and questions below!


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