The Ricoma EM-1010 Embroidery Machine – Read Before You Buy!

Should you get the Ricoma EM-1010 Embroidery Machine?


That’s the question we’re going to help you answer in this Ricoma embroidery machine review.


This is a top of the line home embroidery machine, that is not cheap, so you want to make sure it is best for your needs, and that there is not a better alternative.


Ricoma EM 1010 Review


ricoma em-1010



The Ricoma EM-1010 is one of the best multi needle home embroidery machines, if not the best! It is a 10 needle machine, allowing you to save time not having to re-thread and change colors.


The EM-1010 is everything you could want or need in a home embroidery set up, coming with 4 different sized hoops and a hat attachment, 20,000 stock designs, a movable stand, and Ricoma’s incredible support.


We can wholeheartedly recommend this machine for those who want quality without compromise.



  • 10 needle embroidery machine
  • 24/7 technical support
  • excellent warranty
  • a wealth of online training videos
  • comes with stand
  • 4 hoop sizes
  • cap & hat attachment
  • design software


  • too expensive if only for craft & hobby use


Ricoma Embroidery Machine


The EM-1010 is designed for:

  • embroidery beginners & veterans alike
  • embroidery hobbyists & crafters
  • for home based embroidery businesses


This machine comes with 4 different size hoops (and cap attachment), and is able to embroider:

  • baby onesies & kids clothing
  • polos, robes & jackets
  • tees, sweatshirts & pants
  • totes, backpacks & denim
  • caps, hats & beanies


The following video is a helpful resource I found when researching and comparing the Ricoma EM-1010 embroidery machine. It compares the EM 1010 with the following machines:

    1. Baby Lock Valient
    2. Janome MB-7
    3. Brother Entrepreneur Pro X


Keep in mind this video is made by Ricoma, but I think it is still helpful in demonstrating the differences between various multi needle embroidery machines.



Things to keep in mind:

  • designs – how many embroidery designs does the machine come with?
  • financing – are you able to get affordable financing options?
  • attachments – how many and what type of hoops does the machine come with?


And the next video (also produced by Ricoma) gives you the best overall look at the machine. Learn more about what’s possible with this machine, and see it in action!



What Does It Come With?


Here is what generally comes with the EM-1010 – depending on where you are purchasing from, double check what is included.


4 embroidery hoops:

  • 2.8 x 2 inches
  • 4.3 x 4.3 inches
  • 7.5 x 5.5 inches
  • 12.2 x 8.2 inches


Cap Attachments:

  • 1 cap driver
  • 2 cap rings
  • 1 snap on/snap off hoop station


A Movable Work Stand:

Perfectly designed for the EM-1010, this stand on wheels makes it easy to shift it to where you need it – and it’s included in the one great price!


Also included:

  • Chroma digitizing software
  • 20,000 stock designs
  • Complete starter kit with: thread, bobbins, needles, backing, etc.
  • Online training & how to videos (eg. this playlist)
  • A limited 25 year warranty


EM 1010 Features

cheapest ricoma embroidery machine


Other features of the Ricoma EM 1010 include:

  • upload and store 20 million stitches
  • 15 different language options
  • 7 inch HD touchscreen panel (edit on screen)
  • 10 built in fonts
  • pre-set hoop options
  • one step tracing feature for best placement in hoop
  • 1000 stitches per minute max speed
  • automatic color change
  • patented thread break system prevents breakage & stops when it happens
  • go forwards & back through design
  • 1 step frame out function
  • easy thread tension adjustment
  • dual processor allows you to upload new designs while stitching
  • LED lighting system
  • auto thread trimming feature
  • connect EM 1010 to future Ricoma machines


EM 1010 Specs


  • weighs 99 pounds
  • 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz available depending on your location (US is 110V)
  • Servo motor (also used in Graphtec cutting machines)
  • wireless connectivity
  • reads multiple design formats (eg DST & DSB)
  • low power consumption


And don’t forget, there is 24 hour, 7 days a week support available for this machine. Never get stuck or caught out!


Ricoma EM-1010 Alternatives


If you’re unsure whether or not the Ricoma EM-1010 is right for you, consider some of the following multi needle embroidery machine alternatives:

  1. Melco Amaya Bravo – 16 Needle
  2. Janome MB-7 – 7 Needle
  3. Janome MB-4S – 4 Needle


If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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