ePhotoInc Heat Press Review | Should You Get An Ephoto Heat Press?

Should you get an ePhoto heat press machine?


They are always near the top of Amazon’s best selling heat press list. Let’s take a closer at the ePhoto heat presses on offer, and consider if they are worth going for!

ePhoto Heat Press Machines



Ephoto have a range of 15 x 15 inch heat press machines. The features and technical specifications are all very similar (if not identical) from press to press. They also have a 12 x 9 inch heat press.


15 x 15 ePhotoInc Heat Press


ephoto heat press machine review


If you have the space, 15 x 15 inch heat press machines are best. You can easily press most sizes of t-shirt and transfer. With cheap heat press machines, the larger clamshell style tends to be stronger than the smaller swing-away style as well.



  • A 15 x 15 inch pressing area
  • Clamshell style – great for smaller spaces
  • Strong steel frame construction
  • Adjustable pressure knob – raises or lowers the platen depending on how thickness of substrate
  • Digital time and temperature display
  • Completed press alert



  • A temperature range of 0 – 500
  • A timer range of 0 – 999 seconds
  • Voltage of 110V
  • Weight of approximately 50 pounds
  • 1500 watts


This machine also comes with a 3 month seller warranty, which can be extended at checkout with a 3rd party warranty.


9 x 12 ePhotoInc Heat Press


9 x 12 inch ephotoinc heat press machine review


There are also a ton of projects you can do with small presses. You are not even limited to small transfers, because they can simply be done in stages.


This 9 x 12 inch ePhoto heat press machine is more for craft and hobby use, rather than the Adidas t-shirt factory. It is a fun machine to make t shirts with and, as I always say, a good way to make heat press gifts for your friends and family.



  • The ePhotoInc 10 x 12 is a swing-away style press
  • A small heat press, size 10 x 12 inches, making it good for doing smaller transfers on smaller items
  • This machine has a Teflon coated heat platen which makes it non-stick – still use a Teflon sheet to be safe
  • Adjustable pressure knob to accommodate substrates of different thicknesses
  • It arrives ready to plug and play



  • Reaches a top temperature of 500℉
  • The timer can be set up to 999 seconds – though I don’t think there’s any transfer which takes even a tenth of that amount of time!
  • This is a 1200 watt machine
  • With a 100 volt power input
  • A weight of 33 pounds – about the weight of an average 3 year old child


The warranty on this small press is 3 months long – so make sure you get it up and running as soon as it arrives! You want to be sure there are no issues before the warranty expires. There are always extended warranties available fairly cheaper through Amazon as well or add the 2-Year Protection Plan as you check out (it’s so cheap it would be rude not to!).


What Heat Transfers Can I Press?


These machines will press all your standard transfers:


What Can I Press Onto?


This is not an extensive list, but substrates you can press onto include:

  • Cotton and polyester garments
  • Canvas tote bags
  • Ceramic tiles
  • T-shirts or sweatpants
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Mousepads
  • Baby onesies or kids clothes


Some of these items are specialty products for heat pressing. For example, in order to do a successful sublimation transfer onto jigsaw puzzles or ceramic tiles, these items must have a special polymer coating. Ensure you are purchasing the appropriate item for your transfer.


What Do These Heat Presses Not Do?



Who Should Buy An ePhoto Heat Press


These are great machines to start heat pressing with – fantastic to practice and learn with.

  • great for making Christmas and birthday presents – once you’ve paid for the machine you can make very affordable gifts for your loved ones
  • if you are into arts and crafts, this is perfect for you
  • If you want to start a business with one of these machines, but you’re not totally sure if it’s the right thing to do, it might be best to do some tests with a cheap machine


This ePhotoInc 15 x 15 heat press is a good machine, along with the 9 x 12 heat press.


You get what you pay for, and so keep in mind as you buy this, or any other cheap machine, that they may not be flawless. Of course, in terms of parts and labor they should be faultless, and you have a 3 month warranty against that, but what I mean is that they are not perfect top-of-the-line heat presses. You should not expect them to be as good as a US made machine.


Thanks for reading this review, we’re always keen to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Goodbye!


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