Best Monogram Font: Cricut Monogram Fonts & Frames

Needing those perfect monogram fonts for Cricut?


Monogram projects with Cricut can be used for all sort of things. For example, make really stunning wedding decorations, or newborn baby gifts… I actually remember making a nice big sparkling monogram G for my daughter when she was first born!


At the moment, vinyl monograms are especially popular in the crafting world (or has it always been that way?). I seeing a lot of projects using both adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl.


The types of monogram fonts that seem to be the most popular are:

  • Circle monogram font
  • Vine Monogram font
  • Interlocking Monogram font


Cricut Monogram Font


What exactly is a monogram? What is a monogram font?


A monogram is:

what is a free monogram font for craft projects


You can make a monogram out of any font you want. There is no monogram font per se (excuse my Latin), but there are fonts that are popular for making monogram designs (like circle monogram fonts and vine monogram fonts). I’ll link to the best of the popular monogram fonts for craft projects. Everything I link to comes with a commercial licence, both the free and paid options (unless otherwise specified).


Lets get into these free monogram fonts for Cricut & Silhouette!


Please keep in mind that prices and freebies are subject to change – we’ll try and keep on top of changes, but you can also drop a comment below when something needs updated. 


The Best Monogram Font Bundle


best circle vine interlocking monogram font bundle


To cut right to the chase, this monogram font bundle from The Hungry Jpeg was the best I found for the price. It includes the most popular monogram fonts, which are the circle, vine, and interlocking fonts. Perfect as Cricut monogram fonts or Silhouette monogram fonts.


However, keep reading below before making your decision, for more free fonts and monogram frames.


Circle Monogram Font


free circle monogram font hungry jpeg


This free circle monogram font is available from The Hungry Jpeg. In the comment section on the page there seems to be some confusion on how to use it. I haven’t made a project with it myself, but will do so soon and update this on how it works.


circle monogram font free hungry jpeg crafts vinyl


This Monogram font bundle, also from The Hungry Jpeg, comes with the Beehive Monogram Font plus everything you need to get it framed up and looking pretty. It’s been designed for making your own custom monograms, but is also great for making logos of all sorts.


Circle Monogram Frames & Bundles


free monogram font monogram frames designbundles.net


DesignBundles.net have a huge pile of paid and free monogram frames and fonts. There are circle monogram frames, square frames, vintage frames, and everything in between. There are even flip-flop frames if you really want!


Design Bundles’ (and sister site Font Bundles) range is really very cheap, and there are always hundreds of free fonts, SVGs and frames available.


free monogram frame for crafts monogram font lovesvg

Free for personal use, but a license must be purchased for commercial use


The free monogram frames above are available at Lovesvg.com. Lovesvg has over 150 circle monogram frames for you to choose from, including the most popular designs.


Cool Monogram Fonts


cool monogram font for halloween


Here is a great monogram font for Halloween – or for anytime really… who wouldn’t want a cute bones font for their personal monogram? This bundle comes with the Bones font and 6 monogram frames.


flowered monogram font for craft projects beautiful


Quite the contrast from the Bones font, this is a beautiful flowered monogram font. Especially when used as all caps it makes a very attractive printed monogram. Not suitable for cutting in a cutting machine (though would be great for making stickers using the print then cut feature).


fun monogram font candle pin with frames


The Candlepin font and frames are a really fun and modern monogram font set. This set is for sale on FontBundles.net. I can imagine using this to make really pretty logos as well.


Monogram Font Resources


Those are all the fonts we’ve got for you today. Here are some further resources to help and inspire you as you get going on your custom monogram projects. All the best, and thanks for visiting!


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How to Upload Fonts Into Cricut Design Space – How To Heat Press

30 Awesome Monogram Letter Tutorials – Cool Crafts

Monogram Maker – JooJoobs



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