Siser Easy Subli Review: Sublimation On Cotton & Dark Shirts

Siser Easy Subli – is it the right choice for your business?


Siser EasySubli is a fresh new way to do sublimation transfers from Siser and SawGrass. Siser has reformulated their inks to work best with their printable EasySubli HTV, and the new SawGrass printers. Here’s what you need to know!

Siser EasySubli


sublimation printer for dark colors siser easysubli


What is Siser Easy Subli?


Siser Easy Subli is a sublimation system for shirt decoration and hard substrates. Designed in partnership with SawGrass Printers, EasySubli inks create vibrant and crisp transfers.


What’s different about EasySubli?

  1. Applies at a lower temperature to sublimation transfers
  2. Pressed for a shorter period of time
  3. Easy Subli inks compatible with regular sublimation paper


The HTV sheets are flat and soft, creating sublimation transfers that can be pressed onto a range of colored clothing and substrates. The product can be used with Cricut, Silhouette, Graphtec, and other contour cutting machines.


  • For use with SG500 or SG1000
  • Apply with heat press, EasyPress, or iron
  • Apply to color or cotton tees
  • Warm peel vinyl
  • Bright, consistent color
  • Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow inks
  • Compatible with shirt design software
  • Support and warranty
  • High stability
  • Great bundles available


The EasySubli Range


Here are the different products in the Siser EasySubli Range.

siser easysubli inks


EasySubli Inks are specially formulated for use with SawGrass printers & Siser Subli HTV. It can be used with regular sublimation transfer paper. It has long lasting color vibrancy on both soft and hard blanks. Purchased in 31ml cartridges.

siser easy subli heat transfer vinyl


The EasySubli HTV is available in packs of various sizes, including 5, 10, 15, 25, or 50 packs. Different sized sheets for the printer you have (SG400, SG800, SG500, or SG1000). Feels great, looks great, and has very good reviews.


siser subli Siser EasySubli mask is an essential part of using this product.Used for transferring multiple parts onto substrate and similar to transfer tape used with adhesive vinyl. Great for transferring text transfers. See how it’s used in videos below!


You are also able to pick up rolls of Siser EasySubli HTV and mask. Buy a huge 50 yard roll over at HTW, or pick it up by the yard at discounted rates on ProWorld.


Sublimation On Cotton


siser easysubli


Can you do sublimation on dark shirts?


Regular sublimation transfers must be applied to white polyester garments or poly coated hard substrates. The great thing about Siser Easy Subli is that it allows you to do sublimation on cotton and colors.


It’s made to be applied to light and dark cotton or poly shirts, cotton/poly blends, even fleece!



  • Sublimate onto cotton, poly blends, colored polyester
  • Feels soft to the touch
  • Low application time and temperature
  • Multiple vibrant colors without layering
  • Siser engineered
  • Quality inks
  • Easy to work with
  • Compatible with SawGrass printers
  • Use EasySubli sheets with regular sublimation ink


  • Unknown how the inks will work with other sub printers
  • Transfer sits on top of garment


Low Temp Sublimation Transfers


siser easy subli heat transfer vinyl


Regular sublimation also needs to be applied at high temperatures for longer time periods (for example, 400°F for 45 seconds). Siser Easy Subli has a much shorter press and heat time of 310°F for 15 seconds (on a shirt).


Usually, pressing sublimation transfers at 400°F really affects the garment that you are transferring onto. It is an extremely high temperature that can damage garments and other substrates.


That’s why it can’t be understated what an innovation being able to press sublimation transfers at 310°F is… your garments will thank you for it!


Regular transfers are generally pressed for 30 seconds, while Easy Subli transfers only need 15 seconds!


This is good because, again, your garments are not under heat and pressure for an excessive amount of time, possibly damaging them. But, perhaps even better, you’re saving tons of time doing transfers in half the usual time!


How To Use Siser Easy Subli


The best way to learn and understand how to use Siser Easy Subli is to watch the process. Check out these demonstrations and tutorials for the full low down.


First up, Joe from Siser gives us:

  • an overview of Easy Subli
  • how to use Easy Subli with Silhouette Cameo
  • a bunch of Easy Subli project examples (fleece, 50/50 blends, 100% cotton…)



In this next video, HPN have compared Siser Easy Subli ink with SawGrass Sublijet ink. You can see the difference on a range of substrates (caps, t-shirts, aluminum photo panel, 100% poly tees, etc.).


The results demonstrate that SawGrass Sublijet ink is better on all the usual sublimation blanks, but, of course, Siser Easy Subli is best on cotton and dark fabrics.



The Easy Subli Inks have been formulated especially for printing on Siser Easy Subli HTV, and that is where you get the best results. It’s a bonus that they can also be used for traditional sublimation.


Siser Sublimation Bundles


siser sublimation


Are you ready to try Siser Easy Subli?


Swing Design have some great bundles, or alternatively we recommend Heat Press Nation’s Complete EasySubli Kit. With this sublimation bundle you are getting a ton of value and everything you need to get started with Siser EasySubli.


Please leave any comments or questions down below, or head on over to HPN and ask away in the chat box on their site.



(Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy here.)


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