Amazon PRIME Day 2022: Cricut, Craft, & Heat Press Deals

IT’S ON! Prime Day 2021 is finally here! We’ll be updating this page constantly with the best Cricut, Craft, and Heat Press Deals from Amazon. They will go quick so make sure to check back and set your alarms to get the best deals!


The deals are just getting started. Below you can find some of the things that have been on sale for Prime Day in the past. Keep an eye out as we will update this table throughout the event with more deals relevant to your crafting and heat press needs. Have fun!






We’ve got all the best non-Prime Day deals over on our Cricut, Craft, & Heat Press Deals page, so please take a look there!


We’ll continue updating this post below as we learn more about what deals will be available for Prime Day 2020 – and than stay tuned to say check out the Cricut Black Friday Deals (coming Friday, November 29)!


Amazon Prime Day 2021


cricut cutting machine sale

Source: Cricut Sale


We can expect some other great discounts! Here’s an idea of what categories we’ll be expecting to see deals in on Prime Day June 21 and 22, 2021:


Heat Presses

Prime Day will hopefully be an excellent time to upgrade your heat press (or iron as the case may be).

The Power Press is already relatively affordable and if there’s a Prime Day deal it would be amazing!

If you're interested in a mug or hat press this could be the time to get it!

View Heat Press Deals
Cricut Maker® Machine, Rose


The holidays are such a busy time of year for Cricut crafters - we hope Amazon Prime Day will be ideal for stocking up on all things Cricut!

We'll be keeping an eye out for deals on the Maker, Explore, and Joy machines as well as the Easy Press series and accessories.

View Cricut Deals

HTV and Adhesive Vinyl

If you haven't tried one of the vinyl value packs from Amazon this is the time to do it.

We're hoping for big discounts on volume packets of both HTV and adhesive vinyl.

It's a great time to try out something new like holographic or glitter if you never have!

View Vinyl Deals
Women's T -Shirt Blank, V -Neck

Blanks for Heat Transfer

If you're a small business you probably don't purchase your blanks via Amazon but Prime Day could offer a nice exception.

There are occasionally bulk deals on things like shirts, phone cases, makeup bags, and glassware that would be ideal for stocking up.

We'll keep you posted! 

View Heat Transfer Blanks Deals

Printers & Ink

You may have noticed that printers have been short on stock due to the factory shutdowns caused by Covid.

We've heard that there is a lot of inventory 'on the water' that should be arriving any day!

Hopefully, Prime Day will feature inkjet as well as laser printers and ink refills for all of your heat transfer needs.

View Printer Deals


You honestly never know what deals will show up on Prime Day.

You might be able to get all of your holiday shopping done as well as prep your crafting for the next year all on one day!

It's important to check often as deals are often linked to a limited quantity so you need to act fast to get the best prices!

View Prime Day Deals



Check all the other Prime Day Cricut Deals here ===>


For further Prime Day 2021 deals, I’m going to speculate that we might see:


It might even be a special color Cricut Maker for the occasion… we’ll have to wait and see!


Amazon Prime Day Canada, UK, & US


Amazon Prime Day is not only celebrated in the US, but in all 17+ countries that Amazon has a presence. Those of you who visit our site are mostly from the US, Canada, and the UK. Check out the Prime Day info for those countries from the following table.


Amazon Prime Day US

  • 13 - 14 October 2020
  • The largest range of Amazon Prime Day discounts
  • The best Cricut, craft, heat press deals
US Prime Day DealsBecome A Prime Member US

Amazon Prime Day Canada

  • 13 - 14 October 2020
  • Same day delivery in select cities
  • Huge range of Cricut & craft items
Canada Prime Day DealsBecome A Prime Member CA

Amazon Prime Day UK

  • 13 - 14 October 2020
  • Best range of products in the UK
  • Awesome deals on craft & home products
UK Prime Day DealsBecome A Prime Member UK

The Prime Day deals in different countries will be different. But often there are many which are the same. For example, when there’s an EasyPress Prime Day deal in the US, there’s more than likely to be the same or similar Prime Day Canada deal.


How To Prepare For Prime Day


Here are some pointers for winding down after Prime Day:


1. Become a Prime Member

If you haven’t already, sign up to become an Amazon Prime Member here. You will only be able to access the deals if you have joined up – even if it is only the free 30 day trial!


2. Bookmark this page (Cmd + D for Mac, Ctrl + D for PC).

We’ll be updating this page throughout the day with the latest and greatest Amazon Prime Craft Deals.


3. Sign up to our email list.


Throughout the big day, we’ll send out emails with the best deals as they are being released, and you can sign up here. Don’t miss out on any Amazon Prime Day Cricut, craft, & heat press deals.


PS – If you’re into pets check out these Prime Day Pet Deals!


Heat Press Deals After Prime Day


amazon prime day heat press


Other than the Cricut Heat Press, previous Prime Day Sales have not brought us many heat press machine deals. HOWEVER (and this is a BIG HOWEVER), Heat Press Nation has just announced they are having their “Biggest Sale Of The Year” to celebrate Prime Day.


Along with the heat press machine sale, there are:

  • Sublimation printer bundles on sale
  • Sublimation paper & inks on sale
  • Quality vinyl cutting machines for Prime Day
  • Heat transfer vinyl & accessories for Prime Day
  • Mug & cup press machines discounted
  • Cap & label presses on the cheap


This Amazon Prime Day, pick up some amazing heat press deals from Heat Press Nation.


Michaels Stores Cyber Event


Michaels Prime day Sale


Michaels Stores have 40% OFF all regular priced items in your online cart (using code JULY40W).


I’m sure you know, Michaels carries a full range of Cricut & craft products. If there’s something you need that is not yet on sale for Prime Day, head to and take a look.


Amazon Cricut & Silhouette Deals



Some other products we’re hoping for great discounts on:

  • heat transfer vinyl
  • Cricut accessories and cutting machines
  • heat press machines and accessories
  • card stock, card decals and card making accessories
  • inkjet transfer paper
  • silhouette cutting machines and accessories

Let us know what you’re hoping for in the comments below.


After Prime Day Craft Deals


prime day craft deals

Prime Day Craft Deals are also to be expected.


Most years, there are a ton of deals on items such as:

  • kids crafts
  • paper crafts
  • tools for crafting
  • crafting kits
  • craft storage


Whatever you are into, craft deals on Amazon Prime Day will be your opportune time to stock up.


Amazon Silhouette

silhouette cameo 3 amazon prime day 2019


While I personally prefer Cricut cutting machines, there are those of you who love Silhouette! And for you, each Amazon Prime Day, there are plenty of Silhouette Cameo sales.


Last year, I recall there being:

  • a Silhouette Cameo 3 deal
  • discounts on blades & cutting mats
  • accessory deals


If you have been waiting to buy a Silhouette Cameo 3, Prime Day will likely be your best chance to get the best price. Often it’s a Silhouette Bundle, which is especially good if you are just starting out.



Thanks for visiting, and we’ll see you on Amazon Prime Day 2020!


(Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy here.)

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