Cricut Rotary Blade Guide With Felt Flowers Project!

The Cricut Rotary Blade is a great tool for the Maker!


Today, we’re using it to cut felt flowers and then apply them to headbands and hair clips. These DIY hair accessories are great for kids and are great as gifts!

Cricut Rotary Blade



The Rotary Blade is used for cutting all sorts of soft materials, and is perfect for cutting fabric with Cricut. This blade is one of the Cricut Maker Tools that is exclusive to that machine, and cannot be used with the Explore Air 2 or Cricut Joy.


cricut rotary blade review


The Rotary Blade and housing comes included with your purchase of a Cricut Maker machine, so you shouldn’t need to buy one separately. If you need replacement blades, they can be purchased through the links above. Make sure to check the sale link at the top of the page!


What does the Cricut Rotary Blade cut?

  • Cashmere
  • Cotton
  • Crepe Paper
  • Delicate Fabrics
  • Denim
  • Faux Suede
  • Felt
  • Heavy Fabrics
  • Lycra
  • Mesh
  • Nylon
  • Organza
  • Sailcloth
  • Satin Silk
  • Spandex
  • Tissue Paper
  • Tulle
  • Vellum


Cricut actually lists 124 different materials that can be cut with the Rotary Blade, so that selection is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many different materials you can use this blade on, it’s not only for fabric!


How To Use The Cricut Rotary Blade


We’re going to be making felt flowers using the Rotary Blade.


Along with the Cricut Maker (on sale now!) we’ll be using the Fabric Grip Mat. The Rotary Blade should only ever be used with the Fabric Grip Mat, as this is made from a stronger, denser material that will withstand the cutting pressure. Other Cricut mats may be damaged or broken by the Rotary Blade.


We are using Cricut brand felt, which you can learn more about in this post on cutting felt with Cricut. And we picked up some hair clips and elastic/plain headbands to attach the felt flowers onto!


Felt Flowers SVG


Here’s the rolled flowers SVG bundle from Creative Fabrica. It includes the SVGs for 15 different types of flowers. There are a lot of other flower SVGs available from Creative Fabrica, but this bundle has some pretty good options!


In this Rotary Blade felt flower tutorial, I’ll be demonstrating how to make flower 11.


felt flower svgs


I’ve uploaded all of the files to Cricut Design Space and inserted them into a new project. I’m going to make flower 11 first, so I’ve clicked the eye symbol to hide the others away for now.


Flowers are super easy – all you need to do is decide what size you want it to be. For the hair clips I made the flowers 5 inches wide, and for the headbands, I made them 8.5 inches wide. The flower in the screenshot below is for a headband, so it’s 8.5 inches wide.


how to make flowers in design space


Next, have a look and see if everything looks O.K. in the mat preview, then click continue. No need to mirror this project.


cricut flower tutorial


Set Rotary Blade


Set the material to felt. It should appear as one of the popular materials, but if it doesn’t, click ‘browse all materials’ and search for it.


cricut rotary blade housing


Click ‘edit tools’ and select the rotary blade.


rotary blade cricut


Place a sheet of felt onto your Fabric Grip mat. Load the mat into the machine and click go.


cricut maker felt flowers


The Rotary Blade will now do the hard work!


The cutting wheel is perfect for this type of material and design, cutting precisely and sharply around those curves. Using the Rotary Blade with Cricut is much like using any of the other Cricut blades – you just have to select the correct settings, load the material into the machine, and it does the rest!


Once the flower is cut, unload the mat and peel away the excess felt.


what is the cricut fabric grip mat used for


 DIY Felt Flowers


Remove the felt flower from the mat. Plug in your hot glue gun and get it heating up.


Starting from the end of the flower, apply a small line of glue to the straight edge. Start rolling the flower up quickly, before the hot glue has a chance to dry.


cricut felt flowers


Apply a small line of glue at a time, roll the flower up a bit, apply more glue, and roll it up a bit more. Continue this process until the whole flower is done.


DIY felt flowers


It can be a messy process, but don’t worry! You can tidy it all up at the end. When the glue is dry, it is easy to pull away the stringy bits of glue.


felt flower tutorial


I cut some elastic the right size to fit my daughter’s head, and glued it onto the underneath of the flower.


I actually cut off the small circle at the end of the flower and decided to cut a bigger circle by hand, so that the entire underneath of the flower would be hidden. This makes it look very neat, and feels nicer on a child’s head! I applied lots of hot glue, to make sure everything was secure.


cricut hair accessories


Easy Felt Flowers


Here’s the finished headband. This flower (#11) is my favorite out of all of them!


how to make felt flowers no sew


I also made another headband with flower #8, and some flower hair clips. From left to right for the hair clips, I used flowers #11, #9, and #1. I think the flowers definitely look a bit better when they are larger though!


how to make felt flowers


For the hair clips, I glued the felt circle on the underside of the flower first, and then hot glued the clip onto the bottom. Use a good amount of glue and the clip will be nice and secure.


I also tried out making some bows with Cricut felt as well. My daughter loved the big bows, she’s worn them everyday since!


everything you need to know about cricut rotary blade


So those are a few examples on how to use the Cricut Rotary Blade, along with some ideas on what you can make with it! We’ll have some more projects coming soon!



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