What Is the Best Mug Press Machine? Mug Heat Press Review

Which mug press is the best overall? And what is the best mug heat press for you? Because it all depends on the stage you are at, and what you’re going to be using it for.


The best mug press machine for a bustling business is going to be different from the best machine for home crafts. And of course, it’s also going to depend on your budget!


Whether you’re wanting to put your friend’s and family’s faces on mugs for a laugh, or you have a serious mug business in the works, we’ll find the right mug press for you.


The Best Mug Press


signiture range HPN mug press


We’ll take a look at this in 2 sections:

  • the best mug press for home crafts and beginners
  • the best mug heat press for business


The home craft and beginner mug presses will be the cheaper options, while the business machines are more expensive. To save you the suspense, I believe the best all round mug press is the Geo Knight DK3. However, this is for the more advanced business (or whoever has a $700+ budget).


There are plenty of cheap mug press machines for sale that are also very good, but are limited in how many different mug sizes they can take, etc. But enough chatter, let’s get into it!


Best Mug Press For Crafts & Beginners


Mug PressFeaturesBest ForFind Out More
The HPN MPress
mug heat press machine HPN mpress
Full wrap
For 11 oz mugs
0 - 400°F
20 pounds
Home crafts & gifts
Learning how to sublimate mugs
For the low budget
At Heat Press Nation
The TC Home Press
Cheap mug press
For 11 oz mugs
10 pounds
One of the cheapest mug presses
For limited use (not daily)
For crafts and making gifts
For the low budget
At Amazon.com
HPN Signature Range
signature range HPN mug press
Auto open/close mug press
For 11 oz mugs
0° - 415° F
15 pounds
Good for crafts
Entry level business
Gifts and novelty items
For the slightly higher budget
At Heat Press Nation
The F2C 5 in 1 Press
5 in 1 heat press
- t-shirt, plate, mug press
For 11 oz mugs
59 pounds
For those wanting a multifunction heat press machineAt Amazon.com


If you are only really looking for a mug press for the odd job here and there, one of the cheaper machines in this table is best for you.


The 5 in 1 set-up might be best for those who would like to experiment with different types of heat press. However, the mug press attachment that is part of these multifunction machines is generally not as good as a dedicated machine.


Heat Press Nation machines come highly recommended, and they provide FREE lifetime tech support on all of their heat press brands.



Best Mug Heat Press For Business


Mug PressFeaturesBest ForFind Out More
HPN Fully Auto Press
signature range HPN mug press
Auto open/close mug press
For 11 oz mugs
0° - 415° F
15 pounds
Good for crafts
Entry level business
Gifts and novelty items
For the slightly higher budget
At Heat Press Nation
HPN Mug Press
hpn best mug press machine signature range
For 11 & 15 oz mugs
Can take further sizes
Small business wanting to offer both 11 & 12 ounce mugsAt Heat Press Nation
HPN 6 in 1 Press
6 in one heat press machine for mugs best mug press
11 & 12 oz sub mugs
12 & 17 oz latte mugs
Sublimation water bottles, mini mugs, shot glasses
For offering a range of sublimation drinkwareAt Heat Press Nation
Geo Knight DK3
geo knight dk3 best mug press machine
American made
Fully adjustable for all sizes of mug, bottle, beer stein, etc.
Solid steel
Great warranty
Those who are going to have a steady flow of mug ordersAt Heat Press Nation


The HPN fully auto press is great for those who will only be offering 11 ounce mugs. But if you would like to add more sizes to your offering, you’ll need to grab one of the other machines.


The other model of HPN mug heat press can come without attachments, and will press 11 & 15 ounce mugs, or it can be purchased with a range of attachments, up to the listed 6 in 1 model.



The Geo Knight DK3 is the best mug press (in my opinion). Geo Knight make heat press machines in the US, and are well known for their top quality machines. We have a full post on the DK3 Mug Press with a ton of further information. If you are serious about making your own sublimation mugs, that is the machine for you.


What Else Do You Need?


Here are the other supplies you will need (besides a mug press) to start printing your designs onto mugs:


Get Mug Pressing!


There you have it, the best mug presses for both home and business use. I hope this has helped you discover the best machine for your budget and purposes. Let me know what machine you’ve got your eye on in the comments below!


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