What Is The Best Mug Press Machine? Mug Heat Press Review

What is the best overall mug press? And, what is the best mug heat press for you?


Because it all depends on the stage you are at, and what you’re going to be using it for… The best mug press for home use is going to be very different to the best mug heat press for business.


And, it all depends on your budget!


Whether you’re wanting to put your friend’s and family’s faces on mugs for a laugh, or you have a serious heat press mug business in the works, we’ll find the right mug press for you.


Best Mug Heat Press


The home craft & beginner mug heat press machines are the cheaper option, while the business machines run at a much higher price.


For those of you in a hurry, here are 2 mug press recommendations, before we get into greater detail (and more options) below.


Best Cheap Mug Press

mpress heat press machine HPN mug cup press


I believe the best cheap mug press is the MPress Mug Press from Heat Press Nation. This machine is better than the slightly cheaper Amazon units, and comes with the quality HPN support.


Best Business Mug Press

heat press mug


And as for the best mug heat press for business, you can’t go past the Geo Knight DK3. However, this is reasonably pricey, and isfor the more advanced business (a $700+ budget).


Best Sublimation Mug Bundle

sublimation bundle for mug home use


HPN stock a range of Sublimation Mug Bundles!


The sublimation package pictured above comes with:

  • The HPN Signature Series Automated Mug Press
  • The SawGrass Virtuoso SG400 Sublimation Printer
  • SawGrass Ink Install Kit
  • 110 sheets of quality sublimation paper
  • 11 oz white ceramic mugs
  • Heat Resistant Tape
  • Parchment Paper


It’s everything you need to get started heat pressing mugs, at a much lower price than if you were to buy it all separately!


Mug Heat Press Machine


And now here is a greater range of mug press machines.


They are in general order of least expensive and lowest spec, to most expensive and highest spec.


The Mpress Mug Heat Press

  • Great for beginners and home craft use
  • For 11 ounce coffee mugs
  • Complete full wrap mug sublimation transfers (temp range 0 - 400°F)
View on Heat Press Nation

The TC Home Press

  • One of the cheapest mug presses
  • For 11 ounce coffee mugs
  • For the very low budget and limited home craft use
View on Amazon

HPN Signature Series Mug Press

  • Four buying options available
  • 11 & 15 oz mug press, 2 in 1 , 4 in 1, & 6 in 1 options
  • 4 point pressure adjustment
View on Heat Press Nation

HPN Signature Series Fully Auto Press

  • Good mug heat press for entry level business
  • For 11 ounce coffee mugs
  • Fully automatic mug press
View on Heat Press Nation

HPN Sublimation Mug Bundle

  • Choose bundle with Mpress or Sig Series mug press
  • Comes with SawGrass SG400 sublimation printer
  • Includes inks, sub paper, blanks, heat tape, etc.
Sublimation Bundle For Home UseSublimation Bundle For Small Biz

F2C Multifunction Mug Press

  • Multifunction heat press with mug press
  • For 11 ounce coffee mugs
  • Good for home craft use - unsuitable for business
View on Amazon

HPN Signature Series Multifunction

  • A much higher quality multifunction mug press machine
  • 8 in 1 for doing mugs, t shirts, caps, plates
  • For pressing various sizes of mugs
View on Heat Press Nation

HPN Sublimation Mug & T Shirt Bundle

  • Comes with the HPN 8 in 1 multifunction heat press
  • 15 x 15 t shirt press
  • Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 Printer & everything you need to get started
View on Heat Press Nation

Geo Knight Mug Press

  • The best mug press for business
  • US made mug heat press for the best quality heat transfers
  • Fully adjustable, solid steel, great warranty
View on Heat Press Nation

Hix Sublimation Oven

  • The ultimate way to sublimate mugs - a sublimation oven!
  • Uses wraps to apply pressure & the oven for heat
  • Built to order
View on Heat Press Nation

If you are only really looking for a mug press for the odd job here and there, one of the cheaper machines in the table above is best for you.


The 5 in 1, or other multifunction, is best for those who would like to experiment with different types of heat press. Not only can you heat press mugs, but also caps, plates, tees, and other flat substrates.


The downside with multifunction heat press machines is that the mug press is generally not as good as a dedicated machine. Though, the HPN multifunctions are definitely a head above their cheaper Amazon counterparts.


Best Mug Heat Press For Business


The HPN fully auto press is great for those who will only be offering 11 ounce mugs.


But if you would like to add more sizes to your offering, you’ll need to take a look at the ‘Automated Mug Cup Heat Press‘ which comes with a range of additional inserts.


And beyond that, the Geo Knight DK3 Mug Press has got to be the best mug heat press machine.


We’ll take a deeper look at each of these 3 coffee mug heat press machines now.


1. HPN Signature Series Fully Automatic Sublimation Mug Heat Press Machine


mug cup heat press transfer machine


This is the only electric fully automatic mug press – this means it can be used without a air compressor. Check out this video for more information.



  • personalize drink ware quickly and easily
  • only fully auto electric mug press (does not need an air compressor)
  • digital temperature gauge with accurate time & temp readings
  • easy to set & use
  • automatically opens when time reaches zero
  • emergency open button on top if you need to get it out quickly
  • has gone through an extensive quality control process
  • 1 year parts & service warranty


2. HPN Automated Coffee Mug Heat Press


transpro mug heat press


The other model of HPN mug heat press can come without attachments, and will press 11 & 15 ounce mugs, or it can be purchased with a range of attachments, up to the listed 6 in 1 model.



  • durable thick steel framework
  • good for home or commercial use
  • 4 point pressure adjustment for top edge to edge sublimation transfers
  • easy to use digital time & temperature display
  • beeps when press is completed
  • heat press counter to keep track of how many you have pressed
  • can do travel mugs and beer steins (with appropriate fittings)
  • checked for quality before shipping
  • one year warranty on parts & service


3. Geo Knight Mug Press


geo knight mug heat press


The Geo Knight DK3 is the best mug press in most people’s book.


Geo Knight make heat press machines in the US, and are well known for their top quality machines. We have a full post on the Geo Knight Mug Heat Press with a ton of further information.


If you are serious about making your own sublimation mugs, that is the machine for you.


What Else Do You Need?


Here are the other supplies you will need (besides a mug press) to start printing your designs onto mugs:


How To Heat Press A Mug


Check out these tutorials for how to heat press a mug. These are some of the best that I have found on YouTube!


1. Using the HPN Signature Series mug press.



2. How to use the mug press on a cheap 5 in 1 multifunction heat press.



3. Intro to the Geo Knight mug heat press from Conde Systems.



Mug Press Alternatives


What other ways can you do sublimation transfers onto mugs? Because there are alternatives to using a mug press.


Using a mug press is probably the cheapest way to get it done, but here are another couple of methods you can consider.


1. Sublimation Oven


best sublimation oven


This is the HIX SubliPro CT Countertop Sublimation Oven.


The mug is put in a sublimation mug oven wrap (the orange piece in the picture) and then placed into the oven. The mug wrap provides the pressure while the oven provides the heat. It’s an effective way to do many mug transfers in one go.


WARNING: A very old & poor video from many years ago!



2. 3D Sublimation Vacuum

mophorn 3d sublimation vacuum heat press
This is the Mophorn Pneumatic 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press.


It can sublimate everything from mugs, to t-shirts, to plates & coasters. However, I’d be very hesitant about getting a machine such like this. I am aware that they are prone to having problems and faults.


Best Heat Press For Mugs


There you have it, the best mug presses for both home and business use. I hope this has helped you discover the best machine for your budget and purposes.


Let me know what machine you’ve got your eye, or if you would like to know anything else, in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you.


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