How To Convert JPEG To SVG In Inkscape


How can you convert JPEG to SVG in Inkscape for use in Cricut Design Space?


That’s what we’re going to share with you in this post. We’re making Peppa Pig ‘color me t shirts’ by converting a coloring page in Inkscape into a cuttable SVG for Cricut!

Convert JPEG To SVG In Inkscape


convert jpg to svg inkscape


We found and downloaded a Peppa Pig coloring page that was perfect for this coloring shirt project. These files are usually JPEG, so we need to convert it into an SVG to use with the Cricut Maker, and we’re using Inkscape! FYI there’s really no difference between a JPEG and a JPG file, so don’t stress and know that this method works for both!


Inkscape is a free design software that has far more features than Cricut Design Space. It offers better customization and design options when it comes to preparing SVGs for Cricut. We’re focusing on the Trace Bitmap feature in this post.


If you’ve used Design Space (or other design software), then you will already be familiar with many of the features in Inkscape, they just have different names!


The Trace Bitmap feature isn’t available in Design Space, and is well worth learning about. You can use this feature for so many different kinds of projects!


Inkscape Trace Bitmap

inkscape trace bitmap not working

What is Trace Bitmap in Inkscape?


The Trace Bitmap feature copies, or traces an image and converts it into a cleaner, more usable SVG cut file.


Sometimes you can convert JPG images into SVGs in Design Space, but usually only with very simple images with little to no detail. Trying to convert a complex image in Design Space would mean A LOT of cleaning up of the image.


Inkscape on the other hand, converts your image into an SVG instantly, with barely any work on your part.


Inkscape Vs Design Space


I’m going to share some screenshots below showing this process in Design Space.


After you have uploaded your JPEG image, you have to spend a long time removing every piece of background. This is OK if you’re image is very basic, but not with an entire coloring page!


how to make an svg file in inkscape


Even after removing the background, the cut lines can be very jagged and unusable. Inkscape cleans up your image entirely, giving you nice smooth cut lines, and a completely usable SVG cut file.


create svg in inkscape


So that’s why I prefer to use Inkscape, and I’m sure you will too!


How To Trace Bitmap In Inkscape


Now I’ll go through the entire process of how to take your coloring page JPEG image, use the trace bitmap feature to copy it, and convert it into a usable SVG cut file. Afterwards, I’ll also show you how to make the actual coloring t-shirt with black iron on vinyl and the Cricut Maker.


Once you’ve found a coloring page of your choice, and downloaded it to your computer, continue with the following instructions.


Open up Inkscape. Click file, then import.


how to use inkscape to make svg files


Find your coloring page download on your computer and select it. Click open.


cricut design space vs inkscape


When this box pops up, click OK.


how to trace bitmap in inkscape


Your JPG image will now appear in Inkscape. Now click ‘Path’, and select ‘Trace Bitmap’.


inkscape convert jpg to svg


This Trace Bitmap box will show up. ‘Smooth’, ‘Stack scans’ and ‘remove background’ should be selected. Click update to preview the image, and then click OK.


inkscape convert to svg


Now your traced image will appear on top. Move it aside, and delete the image underneath, which was your original JPG image.


convert jpg to svg in inkscape


Now all you need to do is save this traced image as an SVG cut file. Click File, then Save As.


inkscape cricut


Write the file name, and for the save as type, click the down arrow and select ‘Inkscape SVG’. This will save your image as a cut file.


jpg to svg inkscape


Uploading Inkscape SVG to Design Space


In Cricut Design Space, click Upload Image.


convert image to svg inkscape


Click Browse.


cricut design space svg inkscape


Find your Inkscape SVG file and click open.


convert photo to svg inkscape


Write a name for your image and click save.


inkscape cricut tutorial


Now select your new SVG and insert it into a new project.


inkscape convert to svg


Re-size the image for your t-shirt blank.


inkscape svg


Coloring Book Shirt


In the mat preview, select to mirror your mat (for heat transfer vinyl).


coloring book t shirt


Set your material to Everyday Iron On.


cricut coloring t shirt


Place Iron On shiny side down on your StandardGrip Cricut cutting mat. Load the mat into the machine and click go. I’m using Siser EasyWeed HTV for this project.


cricut maker how to cut siser easyweed


Once the design is cut out, weed away the excess Iron On from the carrier sheet.


coloring book shirt


Turn on your heat press and let it heat up. Set the temperature to 305°F and the time to 15 seconds. Pre-press your t-shirt for a few seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture.


how to make coloring book shirt


Press your design for 15 seconds with medium pressure. Use a Teflon sheet between the design and the heat press platen.


how to heat press siser easyweed


Peel the carrier sheet away hot or cold.


t shirt coloring page


Remove the carrier sheet slowly, just in case the HTV needs more pressing time.


color me shirt


DIY Peppa Pig Shirts


Here are the finished coloring in t-shirts for my two daughters.


cricut childrens shirts peppa pig


The designs are very similar, but slightly different!


markers for kids shirt


Medieval Peppa family vs modern day Peppa family!


DIY peppa pig t shirt cricut


Your kids can color in these t-shirts with washable markers, wear them, and reuse them again and again.


kids gift idea cricut


My 4 year old’s tee colored in!


Coloring In T shirt cricut


My 2 year old’s t-shirt – so cute!


Peppa Pig coloring in shirt


So that’s how you convert JPG to SVG in Inkscape. Whatever you’re using the process for can be done in the same manner, whether coloring pages for shirts, or other JPEGs you’ve downloaded.


These coloring in shirts make great gifts, and you can completely customize them with any images you like.


Let us know what you would put on them in the comments below!


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