The Best Craft Tables: With Storage, Folding, Sauder, For Kids…

What is the best craft table?


The perfect table will help you to keep your craft area organized and under control… Well, at least, that’s the idea!

Craft Tables


diy craft table


Whether you are looking for a new sewing table, or like I was recently, a table for Cricut crafting & t shirt making, I’m sure we’ll have one that will suit your requirements.


These options have a range of different features from being able to fold away, to having lots of storage, or being able to transport easily. We’ve got some picks for kids, for standing, and for corners.


Let’s get into them!


Craft Table With Storage


These storage tables for crafts are good especially for sewing and other crafts where you are sitting down a lot.


When I’m working with my Cricut machine, I find it’s better to have a slightly higher work surface as I’m standing up a lot.


Mainstay Work Tablesauder sewing and craft table

This table has a small amount of storage, but it is also able to fold to a smaller cabinet size.

Corner Table

corner craft table

This craft desk can be used for both work & crafts – small amount of visible storage area.

Craft Shore Table

best table for crafts

This quality craft table has a ton of storage for all those little bits & pieces – drawers, shelves, & cupboards.


Sauder Harbor View Craft

craft cabinet with drop down table

This craft cabinet with drop down table is great for when you need everything to just disappear when you’re finished!

Mainstays Cube Deskcraft table and bar

A small craft table with minimal storage – great for a Cricut machine & computer.

Venture Horizon Craft Station

counter height table for crafts

The Venture Horizon Table is a solid US made option with plenty of storage. Being slightly higher makes it great for crafting.


Sauder Sewing And Craft Table


sauder sewing and craft table multiple finishes


The Sauder Sewing Station is super popular among crafters. It’s a great table with just the right amount of storage, and it folds up into a tidy looking cabinet.


What’s more, it has:

  • castors to move from room to room (or just into the corner!)
  • adjustable height shelves
  • storage bins on doors
  • a hinged table (drop leaf)
  • US based customer service


For more info see this Sauder Craft Table review.


Folding Craft Table


Sometimes, if you’re short on space, you only need a folding craft table!


Some of the craft tables that are listed above already fold to some degree (like the Sauder tables). These tables are fully fold-able, and are able to be easily stored away when not in use.


Sew Ready Table

counter height craft table

This folding table has a good amount of surface & storage space, and can be totally collapsed!

Portable Table

craft table for kid

Steel frame, durable surface, some storage underneath. A great portable craft table.


Large Craft Table


This is my favorite category - large tables for crafting!


When you've got a sublimation printer, cutting machine, heat press, computer, and everything else, you just need space!


Here are some large craft tables that will allow you to spread out. Personally, my dedicated craft table is an 8 seater dining table (pics here). I can fit everything on it!


Farmhouse Craft Table

craft cabinet with table

Is your craftroom farmhouse style? This could be the one for you!

White Farmhouse Table

white crafting table

Another beautiful idea – two tone natural wood top.

Basic Black Table fold down craft table black

This basic large black table would also make for a suitable craft desk.


Kids Craft Table


Only needing a small surface for your kids to craft on?


While it's great to have a dedicated craft area for kids, it's also a lot of fun to have them crafting up the table with you! Also consider the large crafting tables as an option for both you and the children.


But if they need their own space, check out these craft tables that are a bit lower for children.

Tot Tutors Solid Table

craft table for children

A super popular kid craft activity table – solid wood & 4 chairs.

Millard Kids Table

kid arts and craft table

A kid’s craft desk with storage (albeit a small amount) – wooden chairs & table.

Melissa & Doug Craft Desk

kids craft table with storage

A basic kids desk with storage. Teach the kids to put everything away!


Best Sewing Tables


So there you have it, a collection of the best tables for your craft room.


To determine which one might be best for you, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much space do you have?
  2. Is it a permanent table, or does it need to fold away?
  3. What is your budget?
  4. What is the style of your house?
  5. Do you have to have a specific color?
  6. Would you like a craft table with storage?
  7. Do you have a preferred retailer?
  8. Buy online, or go to the store?


Most of these options come in flat packs and are really easy to assemble. However, if you want your table to come already made, it's probably best to head into a local store and pick one out. If you don't mind a bit of "construction", shop online and save yourself the hassle!


The better quality tables are always going to cost a little more, so work out your budget and then go about getting the best table at the price.


We also have a post dedicated to heat press tables and stands. These tables are much sturdier than most of these picks because heat press machines weigh a lot and often require pressure to be applied. If you need something even sturdier than what we've got listed here, then head on over and check out that selection!


We hope you've found something you like, or at least got a better idea of what you might need and like. Please leave any comments or questions down below and we'll get back to you asap.


Thanks for visiting!



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