Cricut Holographic Iron On Vinyl – Review & Project!

Cricut Holographic Vinyl is our new favorite type of vinyl!


Cricut sells both holographic iron-on and holographic vinyl. We’re taking a look at the iron on in this post, and will show you how to get the best results!

Holographic Vinyl


best holographic vinyl for shirts


Holographic vinyl is basically what you would expect! It’s an extremely fun and vibrant vinyl that changes color depending on the light and angle.


The iron on vinyl looks stunning on shirts, while the adhesive version makes for great wall decals – everyone should try it!


cricut holographic vinyl review


Cricut have several different types of Holographic Iron On available for sale. It is available in a whole range of colors. Make sure you take a look at Cricut Holographic Sparkle, and Holographic Crystals Vinyl as well – they are something else!


Here’s what you’ll need if you want to give this project a go:

  • Cricut Holographic Iron On
  • Blank t-shirt
  • Teflon sheet


You will also need a good vinyl cutting machine for cutting out the iron on – we’ll be using the Cricut Explore Air 2 this time. And you will need a heat press machine – we’re using the PowerPress for this project.


Holographic HTV Design


quote svgs


We got the SVG cut file for this project here on Creative Fabrica. It’s part of a bundle of inspirational quote SVGs!


Download the file, then upload it to Cricut Design Space, and insert it into a new project.


Next, decide how big you would like the design to be, depending on the size of your t-shirt. 9×9 inches is a great size for a fitted women’s t-shirt.


I made the design 8.3 inches wide so that I could fit it all on a 12×12 mat, since the design is pretty long! But, you can always use a 12×24 inch mat (or two mats taped together!), if you would like the design a little bigger.


It’s a good idea to weld the entire design together so that the placement of everything is cut exactly how it is shown on the canvas.


holographic vinyl fabric


For Holographic Iron On (or any heat transfer vinyl), select to mirror the mat.


holographic vinyl cricut


If using an Air 2, set the dial on your Cricut to ‘custom’ and search for ‘Holographic Iron On’ in the material settings and select it. If using the Cricut Maker, you can simply search through the materials and select Holographic Iron On.


cricut holographic iron on


How To Cut Cricut Holographic Vinyl


Here’s the Cricut Holographic Iron On we’ve got for today’s project.


how to cut cricut holographic iron on


The sheets change color depending on the angle from which you look at them!


holographic iron on review


Holographic Iron On goes face down (colored side down) on the cutting mat. Load the mat into your machine and click go!


cricut explore air 2 holographic vinyl settings


Remove the mat from the machine. Now you can weed away all of the excess heat transfer vinyl so that only the design is left behind.


hot to cut holographic HTV


The design is all weeded and looks great. Now you can peel the carrier sheet up from the mat and get ready to press the design.


holographic heat transfer vinyl review


How To Heat Press Holographic Iron On


Turn on your heat press (or Cricut EasyPress) and making sure it is open, set the temperature to 320°F. Let it heat up for about 10 minutes. Set the timer to 15 seconds.


Pre-heat your t-shirt for a few seconds to remove moisture and wrinkles from the garment. Run a lint roller over the t-shirt to remove any lint.


If possible, place the neck and sleeve seams of the t-shirt off the back and sides of the heat press, so that they do not interfere with the pressure applied to the design. If you have a heat press pillow, you can place this inside the t-shirt to give you optimal pressure when pressing.


holographic iron on heat settings


While pre-pressing you can also check the pressure and make sure it is set to medium pressure.


Position the design onto the t-shirt. If you like, you can fold the t-shirt in half and press a line down the middle of it. Then, fold the carrier sheet of the design in half. Match up the two lines to position the transfer perfectly in the middle of the shirt.


holographic htv for shirts


Place a Teflon sheet over top of the design. Press the design for 15 seconds at 320°F.


power press heat press iron on settings


For EasyPress instructions, check out the Cricut heat guide.


Peel the carrier sheet away cold. Peel it away slowly, just in case any part of the design has not adhered and needs more time. 15 seconds worked perfectly for me, but better safe than sorry!


DIY inspirational womans shirt


Cricut Holographic Vinyl Review


The finished t-shirt! Love how the colors change depending on the lighting and the angle from which you look at it.


cricut holographic sparkle vinyl


Such a cool design too – a quote to live by!


is holographic vinyl iron on


Cricut Holographic Vinyl is really easy to use, and has the most amazing finish. It looks great, and feels really nice on the shirt as well. It has a slightly raised feel and effect – more so than regular Cricut Iron On.


There is a range of other holographic iron on vinyls available, but we can highly recommend the Cricut version. Order some today and give it a go for yourself!



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