The Silhouette Heat Press – 5 Things You Need To Know

Is there a Silhouette heat press?


A Silhouette heat press machine was displayed at the 2019 Silhouette Summit in Hawaii, along with the NEW Silhouette Cameo 4 (now available to order).


While it was only a prototype (that was not functioning), there were some details made known which we’ll get into below.


If you were just wanting to know which heat press might be best with your Cameo, check out these recommendations (more options at the end of the post):


Silhouette Heat Press



This image was taken by Silhouette School at the most recent Silhouette Summit.


Here are 5 things we know about it at this stage!


1. Looks Like A Steam Press

silhouette heat press

There’s no denying that the new Silhouette heat press looks a bit like a steam press (without a handle), though the look may change before release.


As an aside, I thought the Cricut EasyPress 2 looked like a sandwich press when it was first released (see #2 in these Cricut memes)!


2. Temperature Range


silhouette heat press


The Silhouette heat press is expected to have a max temperature of 350°F.


This means that while it will be suitable for iron-on (heat transfer vinyl) and most transfer papers, it won’t be suitable for sublimation transfers or Cricut Infusible Ink.


These require temperatures nearer to 400°F.


3. Silhouette Heat Press Size



The Silhouette Press is expected to be 11 x 17 inches. You can see it in this video from Kens Kreations at the 16 minute mark (it’s set up to play from there).


This is not a standard size, but it is reasonably large – quite a bit bigger than the largest EasyPress (at 12 x 10). It wouldn’t be considered a small heat press!


This will have its pros and cons… For example, you’ll be able to do larger heat transfers, but storing it is going to be more of a mission.


4. An Additional Small Press


For some reason, the Silhouette press will come with a tiny hand held heat press (which you might have seen in the video above).


This is for doing small transfers in difficult areas, but it doesn’t seem all that valuable to me… it’s too small! A lot smaller than the EasyPress Mini even!


5. Silhouette Press Price



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The price is expected to be around $200 – though this is most definitely subject to change!


That makes it a bit more expensive than the usual sale price of the 12 x 10 inch EasyPress, and also more than other popular Amazon heat press machines such as the Power Press heat press.


Silhouette Cameo 3 Bundle With Heat Press


Did you wind up on this page looking for a heat press to compliment your Cameo 3 or Cameo 4?


If you’re not keen (or interested) in waiting for the Silhouette heat press release, check out these bundle deals instead!



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Silhouette Heat Press Vs Cricut EasyPress


I imagine it will be some time before the Silhouette heat press can measure up to the EasyPress. The latter is on its second edition, with most of the kinks worked out.


From what we know about the Silhouette press at this stage, the EasyPress looks A LOT better, has better functionality, is a better price, and there is just more to choose from (versions, sizes, colors, etc).


Those are my thoughts, leave yours down below – thanks for stopping by!


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