Why Do So Many Amazon Heat Press Machines Look The Same?

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking at heat press machines on Amazon you’ll have noticed that many of them look very similar. In fact, many of them look identical!

This is not your eyes playing tricks on you, nor have you started to lose your mind. There is a perfectly logical and sensible reason why this is!

First let’s look at some examples of this.



Example 1


Consider the following three machines for sale on Amazon at the moment:


The Mophorn 12 x 10 swing-away heat press machine:

The Promo Heat 12 x 10 swing-away heat press machine:

The Shareprofit 12 x 10 swing-away heat press machine:

They are all the same!

And there are more 12 x 10 inch presses like them. You will see that they are the exact same machine, the only difference being some customized coloring and labeling.

The other notable difference is that these machines are selling for different prices as well, depending on the seller. They have different standard prices and sometimes one will be on sale while the others are not.

Let’s see another example.


Example 2


This is a 12 x 15 inch machine sold under various brand names:


Zeny 12 x 15 combo heat press machine:


VEVOR 12 x 15 heat press machine:


BestEquip 6 in 1 multifunction heat press machine:


Pretty insane, right!?

They are all basically the same machine, just repackaged and/or branded, with perhaps a different color here and there. The other difference between these machines is that some come with more attachments than others.

They are all different prices and have their own (mostly positive) reviews.

One final example…


Example 3


These are two 15 x 15 inch heat presses:


Super Deal PRO 15″ X 15″ Digital Heat Press:



F2C 15 x 15 heat press machine:

I assume you’re not tricked by the different photo angles – they’re identical!


What’s Going On?


These sets of machines are likely made together in the same factory in China (or at least made from the same plans) and are bought and sold by the individual sellers on Amazon.

The Amazon sellers import their machines from China through sites like Alibaba and AliExpress. They build their own brand and label the machines as they like. They can market their machine to their followers and set up and run their own campaigns on Amazon.


White Labeling


This process is known as White Labeling.

This is awesome for buyers and sellers alike. It makes it easy and affordable for sellers to start an ecommerce store and brand their own products. Buyers get the benefit of these machines being imported with a lot of competition between sellers that have similar or identical products.

This is something that anyone can learn to do. If you are interested in learning how to do it, one of the best teachers is a fellow called Scott Voelker at the Amazing Seller Podcast.

Who knows, you might see a HOWTOHEATPRESS branded machine in the future…?


Can You Buy A Heat Press Direct For Cheaper?


You might be thinking, ‘is it cheaper for me to order a heat press direct from China and cut out Amazon and the Amazon seller?’

Well, the simple answer is no, not really.

If you buy a whole lot of heat presses, a bulk buy, and ship them together, you will end up getting cheaper machines. But, if you are simply buying a single machine it will likely cost you more.


Remember our first example?

Here is the Mophorn Digital 12 x 10 Swing-Away on Amazon.

Here it is on AliExpress.  

With shipping, the machine from AliExpress will cost almost three times the price!

You are much better off buying this product on Amazon.


Let’s try one more – is example 2 cheaper on Amazon?

Here is the Mophorn Heat Press Machine 8 In 1 Combo Heat Press on Amazon.

Here it is on AliExpress.

Again, the Amazon price is much cheaper (at the time of writing, by over $100).


The Difference In Sellers


Perhaps the biggest difference between the machines which are alike is their sellers. No two sellers are alike (unless it’s the same seller with multiple brands!). Some sellers will be easier to deal with, while others more difficult.

Check the comment and review sections of a product before buying. If people have had difficulty with the seller themselves, have a look around for the same item under a different brand.

You can check to see how easy it is to get in contact with the seller. Do they have a phone number you can call? Have they got a website? Do they have an email address? The more proud and public a brand they are, it is likely that the service will be better.






Unless you are looking at importing many heat presses at once, you are better to buy one of these new heat press machines on Amazon. And remember, if you have Amazon Prime, your shipping will likely be included at no further cost as part of your membership.

I hope you are not discouraged if this has been a revelation to you. You will likely see this across many product categories now, but don’t let it ruin Amazon for you. Due to this way of commerce, you are getting great products at a great price in a great time!

Just remember to check which seller has their item going for the best price.

And if, after reading this, you’ve decided you’d prefer a unique American made heat press, see our article on US Made Heat Presses.


Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave us a comment down below!


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