Cricut Cuties! 19 Crazy Cricut Products You Never Knew Existed!

What are the craziest Cricut products!?


Ok, so some of these products you will have heard of before, but I’m sure there are going to be some that totally blow your mind!


Most of these items are official Cricut products, but a few of them are just the wonderful inventions of creative people with 3D Printers and a love of Cricut.


Let’s get into them!


1. Cricut Cutie


where to get a cricut cutie


Have you always wanted to get yourself a Cricut Cutie!? I see them all the time on crafters/bloggers sites and think they’re just adorable!


These limited edition collectible Cricut figurines are super cute, but can be hard to find. The Cuties are for sale on Ebay (often at eye-watering prices), or they can be found from time to time in different Cricut promotions.


Every now and again you will find them as part of a Cricut Mystery Box (as was the case on Black Friday), or perhaps a vinyl or iron-on bundle will include one.


2. Cricut Dry Erase Vinyl


cricut dry erase vinyl


Cricut Dry Erase Vinyl – the name speaks for itself, but had you heard of it before?


This is an adhesive vinyl that can be applied to any clean dry surface. It can then be written on with a dry erase marker and wiped clean! It is a non-permanent vinyl that will adhere well, but will also be easily removed with no residue.


Some ideas for what to make with Dry Erase Vinyl:

  • Speech bubbles with a different word for the day each day
  • Labels on pantry or fridge storage containers
  • Message boards


3. Cricut QuickSwap Tools Holder


Cricut quickswap tools holder


This is a tool holder made especially for holding the Cricut Maker tools!


It’s a great little storage container for the QuickSwap Housing and blade tips. Crafting is always more efficient when everything has its own place!


4. Cricut Acetate Sheets

cricut acetate sheets metallic vinyl


Cricut Acetate Sheets are another product which complements many projects.


These are sheets of flexible plastic that can be cut and used for all sorts of things (especially 3D projects)! They come in a range of styles, from clear sheets, to sheets with metallic foil stars (as pictured above), and many others.


Cricut Acetate projects:

  • Acetate makes great photo frame overlays
  • 3D Pinwheels (it is certainly flexible enough for this)
  • Boxes
  • Masks and other kids costume accessories


5. Cricut Pen Adapters


cricut pen adaptor


These Cricut Pen Adapters are another great Cricut Etsy creation.


They allow you to use basically any pen (hello, glitter!), marker, or crayon with your Explore Air or Maker machines. This may save you a ton of money! For more info and buying options check out this Cricut pen adpater article.


6. Cricut Self Healing Cutting Mats

cricut self healing cutting mat


‘A self healing cutting mat?! What kind of voodoo is this…?!’


Usually one’s first thought upon hearing about these mats for the first time. What are they? Self-healing cutting mats have a softer surface than the regular Cricut cutting mats. Rather than skimming the surface of the mat, you can cut slightly into the top layer, which then closes back over (or “self heals”)!


These mats are not for use in Cricut cutting machines, but they are great for other craft cutting with an Xacto Knife, or with the next item on our list – the Cricut Truecontrol Knife!


7. Cricut TrueControl Knife



The Cricut Xacto Knife aka the Truecontrol Knife!


It is a quality craft cutting knife available in three different colors: Blue, Lilac, or Rose. It can also be bought as part of a set with 5 additional blades. It’s perfect for salvaging any less than perfect cuts.


Features of the Truecontrol Knife are:

  • Blade-lock system for control and easy blade changes
  • Premium steel cutting blades
  • Comfortable grip
  • Storage cartridge with additional blade set
  • Cut thin fabrics & plastics, paper, cardstock, and more


8. Cricut Mystery Box


what is in a cricut mystery box


Cricut Mystery Boxes are a lot of fun!


These are bundles of Cricut materials collected together to celebrate a holiday or other event (like the release of a movie)! Often they come with vinyl and iron-on, along with other items like pens, or cardstock. They are a nice way to expand your DIY/scrapbooking game with a unique material kit.


Check out our Cricut Mystery Box guide for more info!


9. Cricut Totes


Cricut rolling tote bag


There are two different types of Cricut Tote Bag on display here.


Each is purchased separately and serve different purposes.

  • The upper bag is the Cricut Machine Tote which stores & carries Cricut cutting machines
  • The lower bag is the Cricut Rolling Craft Tote which carries all your tools, materials, & accessories


The stylish and heavy duty Cricut tote bags are well worth purchasing, especially if you travel with your Cricut machine. Plus, this raspberry color is so rich!


10. Cricut Printable Vinyl

cricut printable vinyl print then cut


Cricut Printable Vinyl may be a little more familiar to many of you.


Using an inkjet printer you print onto the vinyl. Your Cricut cutting machine will cut around the image to your specifications, using printed registration marks from Cricut Design Space.


What can you make with Printable Vinyl?

  • Colorful stickers for kids
  • Stickers and decals for a planner or journal
  • Labels for storage containers
  • Labels for cupboards and doors
  • Print and cut photos on vinyl to be applied anywhere!


11. Cricut Infusible Ink


best cricut products


Cricut Infusible Ink is one of the coolest products!


The process of using these transfer sheets is not that different from using Cricut Iron On. You still use a Cricut Easypress or other heat press to apply the design. However, because this is a type of sublimation printing, the result is very different


The ink transfer becomes one with the fabric and colors the garment, rather than sitting on top like HTV. There are a large range of patterned designs or solid colors. Infusible Ink review here!


12. Cricut Kraftboard

Cricut Kraftboard 12 x 12 natural pieces


Cricut Kraftboard is a thicker card that can be cut with your Cricut Explore or Maker machine.


It is for sale in 3 colors: Natural, Black, or White (combo packs with all 3 colors also for sale).


What can you make with Cricut Kraftboard?

  • Tougher cards
  • Tags and labels
  • Boxes and other small decor items
  • Diary covers, photo frames, and whatever else your imagination can come up with!


13. Cricut Pebbled Faux Leather – Patina Sampler


cricut leather


Did you know Cricut have their own range of Faux Leather? This sample pack comes with 5 sheets of 12 x 12 inch pebbled faux leather in 5 colors: Black, Cafe, Copper, Sapphire, and Peacock (Cricut have a great knack for naming colors!).


Other than the Sampler Pack, you can purchase:


Faux leather is great for card or scrap-booking embellishments, small fashion accessories (a girl’s purse), dolls clothing, and so on.


14. Cricut Window Cling


cricut window cling


Cricut Window Cling is a great product for holiday window decorations, especially Christmas! Last Christmas we made a ton of window decorations with Window Cling.


It is a thin vinyl that is applied to the inside of your windows, and which can be easily removed. It can also be stored and re-used.


Other ideas for Cricut Window Cling:

  • Place on vases for temporary decorations
  • Can also stick to fridges or mirrors
  • Use on vehicles


15. Cricut Explore Air 2 Colors


Cricut colors


The Cricut Explore Air 2 isn’t the crazy part here, it’s the huge range of Cricut Colors that you can choose from!


I recently discovered that there are  22 different Cricut Explore Air 2 colors , with different colors available through different retailers. Can you believe it!


Some of my favorites include Periwinkle, Boysenberry, and Wild Rose. If I had to choose my Air 2 again, I don’t know how I would decide now that I know all the options!


16. Cricut Sewing Kit

cricut sewing kit


The Cricut Sewing Kit is a great little set and contains 7 sewing essentials.


The Sewing Kit includes:

  • 8 Inch fabric shears for cutting through leather, denim, or multiple layers of fabric
  • Thread snips to easily cut threads
  • A seam ripper for removing small stitches
  • A good pin cushion and pins
  • Measuring tape for measuring curved and flat surfaces
  • And a leather thimble to protect fingers while hand stitching


Keep this set in mind as we take a look at the next fun Cricut product…


17. Cricut Quilt Kits


cricut quilt set


Cricut Quilt Kits are a foolproof method of making your own baby quilts and are only for use with the Cricut Maker.


You are required to choose a pattern from Design Space (get Cricut Access), which will then lead you through the process. The quilt kits do not come with batting or backing, this will need to be purchased separately.


18. Cricut Heavy Chipboard


Cricut heavy chipboard 2mm 5 sheets


Cricut Heavy Chipboard is 2mm thick and can only be used in the Cricut Maker with the Knife Blade. The official Cricut Chipboard comes in a pack of five 11 x 11 inch sheets.


What can you make with Chipboard and the Knife Blade?

  • Christmas ornaments
  • Photo frames and puzzles
  • Wooden animal cut outs
  • Home decor items


Check out Pinterest for ‘Cricut Chipboard Projects’ and you’ll see some stunning ideas!


19. Cricut Chalkboard Vinyl


cricut chalkboard vinyl bulk


If you haven’t heard of and tried Cricut Chalkboard Vinyl then it’s an absolute must. Great for applying to all sorts of surfaces and then writing on with chalk, of course!


Where might you use chalkboard vinyl?

  • On the fridge
  • Apply to a board (for a menu board or meal planner)
  • Apply some to the front door to state ‘baby is sleeping!’
  • Kids bedrooms or playroom


Check out this Chalkboard Vinyl project we did recently!


Best Cricut Products


You have to tell me in the comments section, which were your favorite new Cricut tools and accessories that you’ve just found out about? Or are you some kind of Cricut nut (or employee) that knows everything there is to know about Cricut?


Either way, let us know your favorite new Cricut product below!


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