11 Cricut EasyPress Tips & Tricks!

How can you get the most out of your Cricut EasyPress?


Here are 25 Cricut EasyPress tips and tricks to get you pressing effective, long lasting heat transfers with your Cricut heat press.


Cricut EasyPress Hacks


tips for using the cricut easypress


Some of these tips are very straight-forward, and you are already likely doing them. I include them for the benefit of those just starting out!


Whatever stage you are at, I hope you learn something new from at least one of these EasyPress tips.


1. Pre-Press Your Garment


It’s important to pre-press your t shirt, tote, or other substrate before you apply the heat transfer.

This removes wrinkles and moisture, and prepares the garment for a better transfer.

More about pre-pressing here.


2. Work On A Firm Surface


Flimsy craft tables are no good for heat pressing!

You need a solid bench or strong craft table that won’t move or wobble in any way. You need to apply a bit of pressure, and you don’t want to be interrupted!



3. Use Cricut EasyPress Mat


Using a mat with your EasyPress will give you a better transfer.

The mats have materials inside of them which redirect heat back up and gives better adhesion of your transfer.

More about EasyPress Mats here.


4. EasyPress Heat Settings Guide


Use the interactive EasyPress guide to know what time & temp to press your transfer.

The time & temp will vary depending on:

  • if you have the EasyPress 1 or 2
  • whether you are using the EasyPress mat or something else
  • the type of iron-on vinyl you are pressing
  • the substrate (aka surface) you are pressing onto

You can visit the interactive guide here.



5. Use A Protective Sheet


Use a Teflon sheet between your EasyPress and heat transfer to protect the heat press platen.

This way, if you somehow accidentally touch some vinyl, it’s not going to melt onto your EasyPress. Especially if you are doing an ink transfer with sublimation ink or infusible ink.

See a huge range of Teflon sheets here.


6. Update EasyPress Firmware


The EasyPress 2 requires updates to the firmware (not possible with original EasyPress). There is a USB slot at the back of the Easy Press for it to connect with your computer.

Full instructions on how to update EasyPress here.


7. Cold, Warm, Or Hot Peel


Before you press a transfer, determine whether you should peel the carrier sheet away while it is hot, warm, or cold.

Every type of iron on and transfer paper is different, and while for some it doesn’t matter when you peel back the sheet, for many it is very important.

For example, standard Siser EasyWeed is hot or cold peel with the EasyPress.



8. Make Sure Transfer Is Centered


The last thing you want is a beautiful heat transfer that is skewed on your t shirt. Watch this short guide on how to center a transfer on your t shirt.



9. Don’t Use EasyPress Like An Iron


With some iron on transfers, an ordinary home iron can be moved about over the transfer, just as if you were ironing a piece of clothing.

It’s not a good idea to do this with the EasyPress. Just apply the required pressure (firm, medium, or light), and keep it in one place.


10. Re-Hit Back Of Tee


Especially if you don’t have an EasyPress Mat, but are using a towel or something similar, it’s a good idea to flip the t shirt over and re-press the tee from the back.

This does not need to be done for the full time again, just half the original time or less.


11. Care Instructions


There are a few washing and care instructions that are important to remember if you want your transfer to last.

  1. Wait 24 hours before washing the garment for the first time
  2. Turn clothing with vinyl inside out
  3. Do not use bleach & avoid harsh detergents


Easy Press Tricks & Tips


easypress tips and tricks


Those are all the Cricut EasyPress Tips that we have for you today.


If you have any others you would like to share, then please do so in the comment section below. If you haven’t yet got one, check out this post comparing the EasyPress & a heat press. You’ll also see the different colors of the EasyPress and where you can find them!


Also, have you heard about the Cricut EasyPress Mini? It’s a tiny (iron-like) heat press great for pressing small transfers in awkward places (shoes, caps, etc).


Thanks for visiting!



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