Silhouette CAMEO Project Ideas & Inspiration – For Beginners & Sellers

Are you stuck for inspiration and want some new Silhouette project ideas?


Sometimes it feels like you’ve done it all before! I often feel that way, but after a spot of Instagram or Pinterest surfing, I realize there are still so many crafts to be crafted. Join me and let’s get inspired!


Fun Silhouette CAMEO Project Ideas


While this post is titled ‘Silhouette projects’, you can make all these projects with your Cricut as well. Just use whichever cutting machine you’ve got, they will all do the job!


For this post we’ve curated a bunch of awesome Instagram posts – make sure you like and follow the pages to get more great ideas like the ones we’ve shared below.


Make Custom T-Shirts


OK it’s an obvious project idea to start off with, but they’re my favorite things to make: custom t-shirts.


Whether they are for myself, my children, my friends, family or neighbors, I don’t care! I just love designing and making amazing t-shirts. It’s so satisfying creating a design, cutting it out, and pressing it to make my own t-shirt.


If you’re a bit bored with making t-shirts you could change things up by using foil HTV, making a multicolored HTV project (as I did with my Cricut recently), or making a t-shirt for your kids stuffed animals (see picture below)!


Here are some of the types of t-shirts you can make with your Silhouette Cameo 3 OR with the NEW Cameo 4.


Using A Free SVG File


A simple but effective (and highly cool!) rabbit t-shirt. The text is not actually a font, *surprise*, but is a hand drawn and digitized design. You can find this SVG file for free at kimberdawnco.com, or find more free SVG files for Silhouette here.



Make A Text T-Shirt


This is another simple but really cool t-shirt with a plain font. However, if this was my t-shirt it would say:




Though that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…


A post shared by SVGdesignary (@svgdesignary) on


Make A Multicolored HTV Design


A multicolored HTV design – so cool! You will need to layer the vinyl to create this project. You can purchase this SVG file through the link in svgdesignary’s Instagram bio.


A post shared by SVGdesignary (@svgdesignary) on


Make A T-Shirt For A Teddy Bear!


T-shirts are not only for humans – here is one for a teddy bear. You could make matching t-shirts for both your children and their soft toys! You can buy the wee fellow on the right (with a blank tee!) on Amazon. So cute! It might even make a nice custom gift for your spouse!




Use Paisley Patterned Vinyl


Patterned HTV is another amazing vinyl product you can use to make amazing custom tees and tops. It’s so pretty! And it works especially well when making your own monograms. Find the best Pattern heat transfer vinyl here. Just make sure it is heat transfer or iron on vinyl if you are wanting it for a t-shirt. You don’t want patterned adhesive vinyl for this project.



Make A Reverse Canvas


Reverse canvas projects are a lot of fun and something a bit different. There is a bit of work involved cutting away the canvas and reattaching it afterwards, but they make for a great gift or a new custom piece of art for your wall.


Most reverse canvas projects tend to be quippy sayings in a stylish and pretty font, but you can make them with all sorts of designs. My advice is not to do the same quotes and sayings as everyone else – try and come up with your own! Or at least find a more obscure quote, haha.


Notice as well, that all the frames in the following examples have been painted or stained to make them extra special. You don’t have to do this, but it does make for a nicer finish!


Reverse Canvas In Progress


Today IS a good day for a good day! In this picture you can see the canvas has been cut away, the adhesive vinyl has been applied, and the canvas is ready to be re-stapled or glued back onto the frame (in reverse!).


A post shared by Megan (@megancrlsn) on


Reverse Canvas With Patterned Vinyl


This is a reverse canvas project with patterned vinyl. Unlike with the t-shirts above, you don’t want heat transfer vinyl for this project, you want adhesive vinyl. You will just be transferring the design with transfer tape, not heat pressing.

Oracal 651 patterned vinyl (pictured right) is my favourite adhesive vinyl.



A Non-Text Reverse Canvas


Here is an example of a reverse canvas project without text! We’ve got a goaty reverse canvas. Let me know if you can find this SVG file!



A Mix Of Design


And here is one with both text and other design elements. You can buy this SVG file very cheaply at thehungryjpeg.com. Once purchased, it can be used commercially, as all the fonts and SVG’s over at The Hungry Jpeg can be.


A post shared by Amber Jones (@short.round15) on


A Great Reverse Canvas Gift Project


And the last example of a reverse canvas project that you could make with your Silhouette Cameo 3 (or any cutting machine). A true saying indeed:



Which Is Best? Heat Transfer Vinyl Vs Adhesive Vinyl


Farmhouse Signs


Farmhouse signs might be even cooler than reverse canvases – I haven’t decided yet. Where can you buy blank farmhouse signs? Amazon of course!

My Rustic Signs is an Amazon seller that sell a large range of blank rustic farmhouse signs. They come in a variety of different stains, colors and finishes. Check them out for yourself.

Alright, enough of the chatter, let’s see some examples!


A Vintage Farmhouse Sign


I love this sign – it looks amazing! Someone needs to let me know where to buy these framed blank farmhouse signs…



Single Word Signs


What’s important to you? Let everybody know about it by chucking it up on a sign. Family, coffee, fishing, or cooking! My sign would say ‘crafting’. Though that might be a bit too simple… maybe it would say ‘Le Olde Crafte Roome’ in French farmhouse style.



Wedding Welcome Signs


Custom wedding signs will make your day extra special. You can make bold and effective signs for a variety of purposes.



Silhouette For Weddings


Custom signs at your wedding can help people know where to put the gifts, which table they are seated at, encourage them to sign the guest book, and much more. Of course you can use your Silhouette to make all sorts of special things for your wedding. The invitations, name tags on the tables, decorations, menus, the signs… go crazy!



Custom Mugs And Cups


Custom mugs and cups are another cool gift idea. I actually made mugs for the entire extended family last Christmas! They are easy to make and cost effective, but also unique and personal. If you have a mug press you can sublimate mugs, but if not you can just use Oracal 651 adhesive vinyl.


Announcement Mugs


Had something special happen lately? Why not announce it on a mug with patterned vinyl? Haha… Nice nail polish as well, if you don’t mind me saying.


A post shared by Handmade by Lee (@1048designs) on


Mr & Mrs Mugs


Make Mr & Mrs mugs for yourself or for a cool wedding present that the bride and groom will treasure forever (or at least until they break!).



SVG Files For Mugs


You don’t just have the option to have text on a mug, you can use any SVG file that can be brought down to size. You can find the SVG on the mug below at sofontsy.com.


A post shared by So Fontsy (@sofontsy) on


Try Holographic Vinyl


Another way to pimp your mug (or other vinyl project) is to use holographic vinyl. It’s just something a bit different that you don’t see everyday.


A post shared by Handmade by Lee (@1048designs) on


Custom Door Mats


Custom door mats are another great project you can make with your Silhouette or Cricut cutting machine. The idea with these is to create a stencil with your cutting machine and then use an outdoor paint (spray or brush) to leave the design on the blank door mat.

Expressions Vinyl sells Oramask 813 Stencil Film (or Amazon) which is what you use to cut out the stencil.


The ‘Funny But Serious’ Doormat


Sometimes the obvious needs to be stated – as is so with this mat!



The Door Mat Greeting


How do you make your guests feel welcome before they’ve even knocked on the door? Greet them with your door mat of course! You could say ‘hello’ or ‘welcome’, ‘konichi wa’ or ‘kia ora’.



A Range Of Custom Door Mats


If you can imagine a stencil, you can probably make it with your cutting machine and make any design for a door mat. The Adorable Mat Co’s post shows a range of mat ideas – greetings, quotes and even a really intricate design!



A Colorful Custom Mat


You can do different colors as well, it doesn’t all have to be black. Just buy whatever paint colors you think are going to look great and go for it!


A post shared by Ellen (@ln_calligraphy) on


Random Silhouette Project Ideas


In this final section I’ll just give some more random project ideas. If you find some more awesome Silhouette project ideas on Instagram, let us know in the comment section below and we’d love to add them to the list.


Custom Pillows Or Cushions


Pick up some blank pillow case covers and pillow inserts and make your own custom cushion designs with your Silhouette. These are easy projects to make (although a bit costly for the blank cushions) which really stand out and look amazing. See the custom pillow I made recently.



Custom Tote Bags


Another cool Silhouette project? Tote bags! These make cool gifts, business promotional devices, gourmet shopping bags for customers, or just a nice tote for you and your family. Amazon sells blanks in bulk (12 packs) if you want to go crazy.


A post shared by Rohani Store (@rohanistore) on


Make A Baby Onesie


I made this one for my baby!



Custom Water Bottles


And the last idea I’ve got is custom water bottles. These stainless steel water bottles look great with a design made with Oracal 651 adhesive vinyl.



That’s all the inspiration I’ve got time for in this post. I’d love to hear where you go for inspiration and ideas. Leave a comment below and let everyone know the best spots on the web. As I’ve mentioned above, I love Pinterest and Instagram, but also find the many Silhouette and Cricut Facebook groups super helpful too.


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