Cricut Easy Press Vs Heat Press Vs Home Iron

Which is better: the Cricut EasyPress, a heat press machine, or an iron?


We personally use all three of these machines to make heat transfers at home. We’re sharing the pros and cons of each of them in this post.


Most people want to know ‘what’s the best, Cricut EasyPress vs heat press?’ when looking to upgrade from an iron, so that’s what we’ll focus on!


Cricut EasyPress Comparison


cricut easy press 2 vs heat press


A quick intro, if you haven’t read our Cricut EasyPress review, of the basic features of the EasyPress 2.


The EasyPress 2 reaches 400°F, and is used for pressing iron on heat transfers onto shirts, baby onesies, and other garments. You can also use it for pressing sublimation or Infusible Ink transfers onto hard substrates (like ceramic coasters).


Before the EasyPress came along, most crafters just used their iron to make t shirts at home. That’s if they weren’t willing to shell out for a bulky heat press machine.


We’re going to compare the EasyPress with a heat press and an iron, and give you all the pros and cons of each method. Hopefully that will make your decision easier!


Cricut Easy Press Vs Heat Press


cricut easy press vs heat press
Here are our reasons why the EasyPress is better than a heat press machine. Then we’ll take a look at the reasons a heat press is better than the Cricut heat press.


1. Quick Heat Up – The Easy Press heats up faster than a heat press machine. A heat press can take 10 – 15 minutes to reach 300 – 350 degrees. The EasyPress takes 2 – 3 minutes.


2. Safer – There is less chance of burning yourself with the Cricut press as you don’t need to put your hands under the heat platen.


3. Smaller – The Easy Press is a small, compact heat press. It’s easy to hide away, unlike a regular machine.


4. Lighter –  The EasyPress is a lot lighter, weighing between 5 and 15 pounds. A 15 x 15 heat press weighs over 50 pounds.


5. Transportable – Because it’s small and light you can take it anywhere – it’s super easy to transport.


6. Small Transfers – The EasyPress is best for small transfers for children’s clothing.


7. User Manual – Unlike many of the cheap heat presses, the EasyPress comes with a great user manual and online support.


8. Easy – There is less of a learning curve with the Cricut heat press.


9. Quality transfers – In iron-on wash tests, EasyPress transfers hold up just as well as heat press transfers.


For these reasons, we believe the Cricut EasyPress is the best choice for home crafts. If you are making t shirts for friends, family, and neighbors, grab an EasyPress.


Heat Press Vs Cricut EasyPress


heat press vs cricut easy pressHere are the reasons we think a heat press is better than an EasyPress…


…Though it does depend on the quality of your heat press. A good US made heat press for example, will out perform the EasyPress any day. A cheap heat press may not be as good as the EasyPress by any metric. Keep that in mind!


1. Larger – A heat press is better for larger transfers. Although the largest EasyPress is 12×10 inches, this still may not be big enough for large adult tees.


2. Pressure – A heat press clamps shut for the best and easiest pressure. It’s difficult to achieve the same level of pressure with the EasyPress, especially for applications that require firm pressure.


3. Quicker – The heat transfer time is much shorter with a heat press machine, usually 10 – 15 seconds. The EasyPress transfer time can be 25 seconds+.


4. More Reliable – A good heat press will produce more reliable, longer lasting, heat transfers.


5. Features – A decent heat press will have better features than the EasyPress can offer. For example, the auto-open feature or threadibility.


For these reasons we believe that a heat press machine is the best choice for business. If you are going to be selling t shirts with heat transfers on them, grab a heat press.


Cricut Easy Press Vs Iron


cricut easy press vs iron
Here are the reasons an EasyPress is better than an iron!


1. Larger – A larger pressing pad means your transfers will be done quicker and easier.


2. Easier To Press – It’s easier to apply pressure with the EasyPress because of the larger surface area and heavier weight.


3. Timer – The Easy Press has a digital timer that you can set to accurately count down the transfer time.


4. Temperature – The EasyPress 2 also gets a lot hotter than an iron, allowing for Infusible Ink transfers.


5. A Faster Press – Transfers will be done quicker with the EasyPress than with an iron.


6. Even Heat – The EasyPress more evenly distributes heat than an iron


7. No Steam Holes –  The EasyPress is flat – steam holes on an iron mean that part of the transfer isn’t being pressed.


8. Auto Shut Off – Unlike an iron, the EasyPress has an auto-shut-off feature after 10 minutes of inactivity.


9. More Options – The EasyPress transfers onto fabric, cardstock, wood, canvas, burlap, ceramic, and more.


Overall, the Cricut EasyPress will give you a much better result than a home iron. An iron for heat transfers is best if you will be using it very irregularly. No point spending the money on an EasyPress if you aren’t going to use it!


Cricut EasyPress Pros

easypress vs heat press
Here are some further reasons you should consider the EasyPress.


1. Facebook Groups – There are dozens of Cricut Facebook groups with tens of thousands of members. You can ask any and all questions you might have and get a quick reply.


2. Materials Press all sorts of heat transfers from regular HTV iron on, heat transfer paper, sublimation transfers, and more.


3. Safety Base – An insulated base that will protect the surface underneath from the heat.


4. Customer Support – Cricut customer support can be emailed or phoned for help.


5. Reviews – The EasyPress is one of the best reviewed heat press machines on Amazon.


As well as having other specially designed accessories like the EasyPress Mat, the EasyPress machine is set up for easy and exciting DIY crafts.


Best Heat Press For Iron On


cricut easypress or heat press machine


So what should you get, a Cricut Easy Press or a heat press?


If you are wanting a machine for pressing the odd heat transfer at home, we recommend the Easy Press. It’s great for making t shirts for the family, and gifts for friends.


The EasyPress is easy to use and there are a ton of supporting resources. Also, there are plenty of awesome Cricut materials and products that are created especially for use with the EasyPress!


If you are wanting to get into t shirt business, a heat press machine is better. The heat transfers are more reliable (at least if you get a good machine), and you can have more confidence in selling your shirts.


The EasyPress is best for the casual user, while a heat press will be better for the more serious user!




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