22 Michaels MUST HAVES For Cricut Crafters!

Michaels Cricut/Cricut Michaels – they just go together, don’t they?!


Here are 21 ‘must have’ Cricut products from Michaels OR non-Cricut products that will support and complement your Cricut crafting habit! ?

Michaels & Cricut


table with pink, blue and white "celebrate" party decorations


Michaels and Cricut are best of friends, with Michaels often being the first to sell new product releases, such as with Cricut Infusible Ink. Michaels also has the greatest range of unique Cricut Explore Air 2 colors – at least 7!


In recognition of this great partnership, here are 21 of the best things you can get for your Cricut from Michaels!


Essex Cart


essex cart for cricut


The Essex Cart from Michaels is famous for being a great craft cart for Cricut.


It’s available in black or white, and has plenty of storage drawers for vinyl, HTV, tools, and accessories. It can hold a Cricut cutting machine, EasyPress, and more. And don’t forget the locking wheels – easily move it to where you need it!


Speedball Fabric Ink


speedball ink michaels


Speedball Screen Printing Ink is a perfect companion product for the Cricut crafter!


You can create stencils with your cutting machine and then apply the ink to your shirt that way. You can even finish the project off with your heat press, EasyPress or iron. Make stencils with vinyl or other items around the home (like these freezer paper stencils).


Blank Tote Bags


blank tote bags


Customizing and personalizing tote bags is a really fun project.


You can use cotton totes like these pictured for iron-on vinyl projects, or pick up the polyester Cricut tote bag blanks (also at Michaels) for use with Infusible Ink or sublimation projects.


Oracal 651 Vinyl


oracal 651 vinyl


You’re not a Cricut crafter without a stash of Oracal vinyl!


Oracal 651 is used for any vinyl project that you want to last. It’s a permanent vinyl for mugs, car decals, shadow box designs, tumblers, storage labels, and so on. Michaels has the whole range of permanent and temporary vinyl from Oracal.


Cricut Aluminum Sheets


Cricut Aluminium Sheets


These Cricut Aluminum Sheets are a relatively new product from Cricut.


Made especially for use with the engraving tip (requires the Quickswap housing and Maker machine), these sheets can be then affixed to other surfaces. Interestingly, you can also apply Infusible Ink Transfers to them as well!


Blank T Shirts


blank shirts michaels


Michaels stocks a large range of very cheap blank shirts!


They have the best brands, like Gildan, Bella + Canvas, Anvil, and others. The prices are extremely good, and it’s hard to resist buying 5 of every color! Every Cricut user must have a bunch of blank tees ready at all times – we’re sure there’s a rule written somewhere!


Cricut Wood Veneer

cricut wood veneer


These Cricut Wood Sheets over on Michaels are amazing!


This is real wood, and every sheet is unique. Use them to create amazing 3D projects like wall hangings, letter art, lamp shades, gift boxes, photo frames, wood models, and more!


Sewing Machines


sewing machine michaels


A sewing machine is almost a necessary accessory to a Cricut machine.


Using these two machines in tandem, make quilts, soft toys, headbands, kids garments, and clothing accessories. Michaels sell a few brands of small sewing machines for kids and moms!


Cricut Pens


cricut pen guide


There is a range of Cricut brand pens over at Michaels.


While the Cricut pens are made to fit the Cricut machine tool holders, you can adapt the holders with a Cricut pen adapter and then use other brand pens as well. Whichever you use, make sure you try out some pen projects soon!


Blank Tumblers


blank tumblers michaels


Blank tumblers are another popular Cricut project.


Michaels has a good range of blank stainless steel tumblers which are perfect for vinyl. Vinyl on stainless steel bottles are another good project, and make for well received presents!


Cricut Coasters


blank coasters


Blank Cricut Coasters are especially for use with Infusible Ink.


Whether you cut a design out of the ink sheets and apply it, or do an Infusible Ink Pen project with them, just do them! It’s so satisfying using these creations each day in your home!


Michaels HTV


siser electric


Michaels has the best range of iron on vinyl (HTV).


You can pick up the entire range of Cricut iron on, of course, but they also stock Siser. We personally think Siser is a better vinyl, and it’s the only brand we really use (other than when we’re testing out other brands). Siser has many types of HTV on offer.


Canvas For Reverse Canvas


canvas for reverse canvas


Michaels is well known for their canvas range.


The best Cricut canvas project has got to be the reverse canvas, right? Cut out the canvas, paint the frame, use vinyl to make a design and apply on canvas, then staple it back on in reverse! Just make sure you don’t get a canvas with cross framing.


Cricut Fabric Packs


fabric michaels


Michaels stocks a lot of fabric, including the Cricut packs.


The Cricut Fabric packs are cotton, and made for use with the Cricut Maker. They usually include five 12 x 26 inch sheets of fabric. You can really use them for any small Cricut sewing project.


Blank Face Masks


michaels face masks


Face masks are the hot item for 2020… and apparently 2021 also, so why not decorate your own?


Michaels has these 10 packs of blank black cotton masks which are suitable for HTV. If you want to use Infusible Ink or sublimation transfers to decorate them, see these blank face masks.


Cricut BrightPad


light pad


The BrightPad will be a good friend of any vinyl weeder!


It helps to illuminate cut marks so that it’s easier to see what to weed, and what to leave. Some vinyls are especially difficult to weed, like glitter HTV, but this makes it so easy! See this Cricut BrightPad review for more info.




michaels cardstock


Cardstock is another must have for every Cricut crafter.


This can be used in any number of ways, from making boxes, cards, gift tags, scrapbooking bits and pieces, and everything else. You’ve got to have some on hand, and Michaels have a large range of different colors, sizes, weights, and volumes.


The Joy


cricut machines michaels


The Cricut Joy is the newest Cricut machine, and Michaels has all the accessories.


We see this as a great companion machine to the larger 12 inch cutters. It’s perfect for card making, labeling, making small vinyl decals, and other small Cricut projects. The portability of this machine is another big reason to consider getting one!


Shadow Boxes


blank shadow box


Shadow box crafts with Cricut = another great gift (especially for mom)!


You can really do all sorts with a shadow box and a Cricut: vinyl, HTV, paper, or cardstock projects. Check it out on Pinterest to see all the amazing things people have done!


Cricut Felt


cricut felt


Cricut Felt Samplers have got to be tried at least once!


We used one recently to make a Montessori game for our 2 year old, and found the felt to be excellent quality. Both the Maker and Explore Air 2 can cut this material, and you will find it does a good job!


Shrinky Dinks


shrinky dinks


Shrinky Dinks!


This fun kid’s product can be used with Cricut. Usually, you would cut the Shrinky Dink sheets with scissors after printing your designs. BUT, you can do it through Cricut Design Space and get your machine to do the hard work for you!


Magnifying Lamp

A magnifying lamp is a must for any Cricut crafter who wants the flexibility to create whenever they want to. 


Lighting at night can be tricky for weeding very detailed designs and a lamp like this one makes all the difference! I’ve 20/20 vision and I still love using my magnifying lamp to make the work easier.

Cricut & Michaels


So those are our 22 picks for Cricut from Michaels.


We hope you’ve found some new items to have a think about and perhaps purchase and try out. Let’s hope the Michaels Cricut partnership lasts for many more years to come!



(Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy here.)

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